Filinvest City Endurance 12-Hour Trail Run/MTB Weekend

It’s rare that we have races based on a certain time you have to complete rather than on distance and i can only think of ultra icon Jon Lacanlale’s Fat Ass Run held every January at Clark in Pampanga where he conducts 24, 12 and 6 hour runs that has become a mecca for ultra runners.

Now, a similar endurance run is going to be held at Filinvest City in Alabang wherein a 12-hour trail run will be in the offing on September 14 and on the following day, a similar race will be conducted for mountain bike enthusiasts who are also going to compete for the 12-hour bike race. This is the Filinvest City Endurance Week-End (FCEW) 2013.

Although the Fat Ass run is organized purely for the camaraderie, get together and pleasure of the runners (no registration fees, no awards, no aids, self-supporting), the FCEW will be more of a competition, where runners and bikers will compete for prizes based on the number of loops one can complete within the given 12 hours time.

Each loop on the FCEW will be 3.2 kms of mostly trails and some paved roads within the Filinvest City Area.

So to all you trail runners and mounatin bikers out there, the trails of Filinvest City are waiting!

Here are the details of the race:

Here’s a sneak peek of the Filinvest City Trails :

With Race Director Thumbie Remigio (c) and Jingo Hervas of Cycling Zone (L)


“FILINVEST ENDURANCE WEEKEND 2013”: A RACE THROUGH PICTURESQUE SIGHTS Whether running on foot or wheezing by through a mountain bike, the racer, once in a competition, seems to be oblivious to the surrounding sights. But participants to “Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2013” will be hard pressed not to take stock of the view enveloping the course of this one-of-a-kind run.

On September 14 and 15, 2013, running and racing enthusiasts, both men and women, will be treated to one of the most picturesque race courses within the metro as they go through Filinvest City‟s varied terrain. Participants may compete in several age groups as well a mixed category in the mountain bike race. The registration fee includes a race packet (consisting of a bib number, pins, bike number, bike and helmet sticker), race shirt, finisher‟s medal, hydration, and lunch.

Filinvest City‟s well-planned environment presents a variety of relaxing sights. There are grassy hills with tended foliage that serves as parks and pocket hubs of greenery. The course will also take them to hiking trails and promenades lined with trees of mostly Philippine hardwood, and avenues lined with stately palms and shady trees.

“By staging the „Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2013‟ we believe we are encouraging more people to go out and give the body some form of physical activity—which is a healthy way to de-stress, In the process, we hope we are fostering a more respectful regard for nature” says Filinvest City‟s project head, Mr. Don Ubaldo.

9 responses to “Filinvest City Endurance 12-Hour Trail Run/MTB Weekend

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  2. Sir, how many members are allowed per Team. Thank you so much, this is challenging and we hope we can create and boost the Trail Running and MTB community in our country and we can attract more local and even international communities to join in! Sana the organizers can also do a quick evaluation of the race and share to the community.

    • Naomi, a team shall consist of three racers. For the mixed category, at least one member should be female. You can have as many teams as you want!

      All-Men Category – Each team will have three (all men) racers (for amateur and novice racers only)
      Mixed Category – Each team will have three (men and women) racers (for amateur and novice racers only)
      Solo – Individual category, MEN ONLY (open for professional, amateur and novice racers)

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