MILO Apex Running Academy Season 7: Starts On 9-11-13

One of the most enduring and successful running clinics in the country, the MILO Apex Running Academy will start Season 7 of its continuing running program starting next Monday, September 9 until November 30, 2013. The Milo Apex Running clinic has transformed dozens of ordinary week-end joggers into formidable runners who have conquered and PR’ed  in races ranging from 10k up to marathon and even ultra-marathon distances!

The Milo Apex clinic uses concepts that include running form drills, functional core strength, speed work, sports nutrition, dynamic-static stretching, injury prevention and a full blown running and conditioning program to suit every individual needs.

The fun part of this clinic is training with those having the same physical fitness level as yours that encourage you to push and motivate each other for your success.

For more details of the Milo Apex Season 7, you can contact Coach Jackie Gutierrez at 09277398583 or 09297714455. You can also send her an email at


CHANGING THE WAY RUNNERS TRAIN! The Milo-APEX Running Academy is REVOLUTIONIZING the RUNNING CLINICS in the country! Using elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles, you will become STRONGER, FITTER and FASTER RUNNERS!


We’ll help you become better, faster and smarter runners
We’ll provide an educational and inspirational experience for all runners of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

From first time runners to experienced racers who want to improve their PR — All runners will finish the program with better running knowledge, new friends, and an enhanced love for the sport.

Coach Jim Saret with Coach Jackie Gutierrez


Company Overview

MILO + A.P.E.X + the Country’s Top Runners and Coaches = A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH IN THE SCIENCE of RUNNING!

3 camps

Weekly Schedule of Training

  • Bonifacio High Street, BGCTuesdays and Thursdays (6:30 pm-8:30 pm)Saturday LSDs (5:30 am-7:30 am)
  • Quezon City Memorial CircleMondays and Wednesdays (6:00pm-8:00pm)Sunday LSDs (5:30am-7:30 am) at UP Abelardo Hall
  • SM Mall of Asia Bay AreaMondays and Wednesdays (7:00pm-9:00pm)Sunday LSDs (5:30am-7:30am)

Program of Training

  1. Recovery and Rehab (injury prevention)
  2. Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  3. Cardio-Endurance Training
  4. Running Mileage
  5. Speed and Power
  6. Crosstraining
  7. Aqua Training
  8. Yoga and Pilates
  9. Trekking and Adventure Racing
  10. Trail Running
  11. Pre and Post Milo Marathon Race Group Carboloading

Please Contact:

Jackie Gutierrez

09277398583 / 09297714455

or email:


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