Moments With Soleus

The GPS Fit 1.0 and other Soleus GPS Watch Launch. With the blogging ambassadors

When Soleus Watch Founder and President David Arnold visited the Philippines about 2 years ago to introduce his first ever Soleus GPS watch, little did he know that it would make a tremendous impact here in the local running community. It enabled many runners to buy a very affordable GPS watch offering an alternative to those who couldn’t afford other, more expensive sports watches.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those first recipients of the GPS 1.0, thanks largely to Ms. Judith Staples, the maverick Sales and Marketing Manager of Truegears Marketing and for the past two years, this watch have been my guide to my training and racing. It’s a simple, no frills watch which had a sensitive GPS receiver, measures distance, pace and speed, calories burned and all the basic requirements needed by average runners like me. At about P5,500 a pop, it’s the most affordable GPS watch.

The first Soleus i had, the GPS 1.0 which is 2 years old and still using it till now. Talk about durability!

Since then, Soleus has expanded into other sports like cycling and fitness exercises and are adding new products into their GPS line-up for various types of run related activities. I really like David’s vision for the company of injecting joy in a playful environment with their timing devices and not be too overly serious with the technical aspects of it.

The Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 (Photo by Rodel and Blas)

My old GPS 1.0 (right) and its advance version, the GPS Fit 1.0

Figuring out the subtle differences

In another product presentation made by Mr. David Arnold who again made a short visit last week, he updated us on the latest Soleus GPS models, among then the sleek GPS FIT 1.0, an upgraded version of the GPS 1.0 model and their top of the line watch, the GPS TOUR which should come out of the market in a few weeks time.

Here’s a quick look on their product DNA:

A simple but aggressive DNA

Product inspiration comes from runners themselves who are consulted what features and colors they want. Here, it’s based on the color of the shoes they wear

Another fun aspect of Soleus Watch

The brand expression of joy and close running community

Soleus moments!

Here is a preview of their products:

GPS Fit 1.0 / Price at P6,150.00

Their top of the line GPS, the Tour valued at about P16,000.00

The GPS Mini. Smaller version of the Fit GPS 1.0

GPS Cross Country with Altimeter and Compass

GPS 3.0

Soleus will continue to innovate as they add new features, yet simple to use products. Yet, they just don’t make watches for the sake of it, track times for us runners, make colorful watches for us to choose nor sell affordable watches so we can afford so but to give us, the runners our MOMENTS, embracing it as one of our basic necessities, to activate passion and build a better running community.

To sum up their brand expression, here is what Soleus is trying to build:

“There are moments when we are working out or competing when the sense of accomplishment, joy, kinship, and community all come together. These are moments that can change us, inspire us, moments of accomplishment or just moments with friends. It’s in this moments when we realize we have become part of a larger experience, part of a community of athletes that know exactly how we feel.

Every second of every run, ride, or workout has the potential to be one of these moments. These are Soleus moments”.

Soleus President and Founder, Mr. David Arnold (R) together with Ms. Judith Staples, Sales and Marketing Manager of Truegears Marketing, local distributors of the Soleus GPS watches

(Thanks to Rodel Montejo and Blas Tianco for the pictures)

4 responses to “Moments With Soleus

  1. Hi Sir! I was also fortunate to buy this really affordable gps watch: GPS Fit 1.0
    I was in the RUPM the other weekend and then LTimeStudio at MOA was selling it at 15% discount so yeah, lucky me! And it’s a really great watch sir.

    I’m planning to write a race review about it. and please send my thank you to the Soleus people out there. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Wow, great buy! At about P5,200.00 for the FIT–it’s a steal! I’ll link them to your blog! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Likewise our Soleus GPS 1.0 had been durable and accurate not to mention the competitive price at P6,150. However our concern is the after-sale spare parts that seems expensive. The lens cost me 2-weeks waiting period and P1,500 to replace.

  3. Perhaps the biggest limitation of the Soleus GPS 1.0 is that it currently has no mechanism for uploading data to a computer. This is the main deal-breaker for me as I upload all of my workouts to Sporttracks – doing this manually gets old quick. However, in his recent (excellent!) review of the Soleus watch, DC Rainmaker reports that uploading support should be coming soon (unfortunately at additional cost for a peripheral connector, but should still probably cost less combined than other GPS watches on the market).

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