Safeguard-2XU: The Last Leg at Nuvali

That last 4km detour of connect-the-dots-like route before the finish line sure made my head spin, like a pin-ball that kept bouncing back and forth. I felt i was entering into a maze, trying to keep my wits and wondering when i could finally see the exit and the final straight to the finish. Even though i knew it was just a matter of time, i felt i was moving in perpetual motion towards a mirage in the vision of a finish line arc. And it finally came!

Still, Runrio’s last leg of the Safeguard-2XU Sole running was every bit a success, taking me for the first time to an all-road route at Nuvali, ditching the trails which i was accustomed to running during past races here. The route was pristine, mostly cemented while navigating the rolling terrain of long uphills and downhills with lights emanating from large floodlights that the organizers had set-up at dimly-lit roads.

Nuvali seems to be a perfect race venue to stage races except that it’s quite inaccessible specially to those who live in the metro. Nevertheless, i was one of those who truly enjoyed the ambiance and the cool weather–yes, it was cold and in Nuvali at that, was great for racing!

The mood was upbeat, hydration stations were abundant with Gatorade and ice-cold water given on every stations, saw some portalets along the course and a shout out from Coach Rio who despite looking drawn and haggard was able to acknowledge me and other runners at a dead-end corner.  The distance was on the mark too (21.1k per my Suunto Gambit2).

A hundred meters away from the finish line (Photo by Jazz Run)

Everyone left with a wide smile on their faces and i’m sure many runners will come back for these series of races if they stage it again next year!

A big thumbs-up to Runrio and staff!

Check here for the Race Results:

A hearty breakfast with friends after the race! (Photo by Noel C.)

At the ponds in Nuvali

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