Vanj Endaya Test Runs the Cavinti Trails

As the 1st Cavinti Road and Trail Adventure Marathon winds down on its final 3 weeks, registration is at fever pitch with the 21k and 42k distances already running out of race bibs! Race Director Joseph Prince Baltazar had to reconsider requests to open up more slots and with the Cavinti Mayor’s go signal decided to add an additional 100 slots for the 21k and 50 more slots for the 42k distances.

I’m a bit surprised how this trail run has attracted huge interest considering that the venue is located remotely away from Metro Manila where travel time takes about 2 to 3 hours to get there and the limited time it took for the organizers to launch the race.

Already, registrants numbered to 445 from the day registration opened 2 weeks ago and is about to exceed the limit of 500 runners for the four (4) distances offered.

Part of the allure of this race might be its scenic course, a combination of roads and trails that winds down to many interest facets of Cavinti like its natural forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and its brown trails and fire roads. Together with other trail runner friends, I was fortunate enough to document the route of the race during a test run we did a few weeks ago which best describes on a blog i wrote:

Mild temperatures, expansive views of surrounding mountains, rolling hills, moderate elevation gains, a beautiful lake and wildflower meadows are the highlights of running in Cavinti. It reminded me of running up the mountain passes of Miyamit in Porac, Pampanga but here, they were shorter and the rolling terrain was more tolerable.

The dirt roads and wide-track trails offer everything from gentle loops to challenging climbs with sweeping views of the Sierra Madre Mountains…

(Complete story and pictures here: cavinti-test-trail-run/):

Just recently, no less than runner and triathlete A-Lister Vanj Endaya took to the trails of Cavinti and tested its waters, so to speak.

Vanj is such a popular multi-sports figure in the local community that when she posts her pictures on Facebook while either running, biking or just lounging around at home or at work on a selfie shot, chances are that in just an hour or two, the picture would garner anywhere from 150-200 “likes”, more if she’s in close-up shots wearing those body-hugging tri-suite of hers!

She’s sexy, to put it bluntly and she attracts what any red-blooded male (or even female) runner wants to see in a female athlete… fast, fierce and a beautiful competitor!

Unless any conflict of schedule gets in the way, Vanj is running the 12k or 21k of this race on November 30.

Let’s get to see some of her pictures during her run in Cavinti a few days ago:

Whether in a trail or road shoe, it sure looks good on her

Getting ready for the run

At the spillway

At the Bumbungan Eco Park

At a fire road in the innermost side of Cavinti (This pic attracted 510 likes as of press time)

She gives us a sneak peek of the 42k route

After the run, Vanj gives a courtesy call to Cavinti Mayor Milbert Oliveros (middle). At left is RD Joseph Prince Baltazar

The nice glass-made 42k medal

Glass trophy

Thanks to Aquiz Minlay and Vanj Endaya for the photos!

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