UNO Magazine: Dawn Jimenez and Bangs Garcia

Back last December 2013 when i wrote about UNO Magazine’s December-January issue featuring the Mocha Girls (article here), it became this blog’s top post with the highest number of readership for the next 8 weeks that i thought of dropping Running as my main subject and change to writing about the sexiest performers in the local entertainment industry instead!

But before i seriously wallow on featuring sexy bodies cavorting on bedrooms instead of on the roads, UNO Magazine has again titillated our imagination as it comes out with its latest cover girl issue with the young, mesmerizing actress, Dawn Jimenez.

Dawn Jimenez (L) and Bangs Garcia (R)

Last Wednesday, i was invited to attend an autograph signing of Uno Magazine’s #92 issue with Dawn and another sexy TV/Movie thespian, Ms. Bangs Garcia. They were a pair to ogle at (sorry guys, no bikinis this time) both very charming and interesting as they gave a no-holds barred answer to almost any topic they were asked i.e personal, love life or other wise.

Uno Magazine just knows how to present their sultry cover girls while keeping their regular menu of current events, lifestyles, food and fashion fun and energetic. Just take a look through these covers and you’ll see what you’re in for!


UNO Magazine puts Dawn Jimenez on the cover

Here at UNO, we know men. We really do. And we know that if you have someone as hot and delectable as Dawn Jimenez waiting for you at home or in the office, you’d be hard-pressed to leave either place, right?

Or, because you know where to find her, you’d try to catch her again in her break-out role during THE climactic scene in On The Job, a movie about prisoners exiting prison to become hired hit men for corrupt government officials. Dawn surprised everyone as she took everything off for her wild love scene with Gerald Anderson, whose character didn’t get any action for several months. Everything. She didn’t even leave the cover on.

Her willingness to be daring however paid off, as Dawn scored her first cover for UNO and an upcoming role in the ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye Moon of Desire.

For UNO’s 92 issue, she gets down, dirty and simply delicious for her cover shoot. Donning the teensiest red and black lace lingerie, Dawn nibbles ever so gently or sometimes fiercely on a luscious piece of chocolate in the photos.

She reveals her thoughts on nabbing the role in OTJ and her excitement at being in a new afternoon teleserye with JC De Vera, Meg Imperial and Ellen Adarna.

She wasn’t afraid to get all wet and lathered in chocolate for this UNO cover either. Dawn, with a sweet smile that could melt the hardest heart or chocolate, is actually a lover of zombie movies, even the low-budget ones, a fact that will surely get many a guy’s attention.

Well, if the first few pages of Dawn’s body in chocolate, with chocolate, on chocolate still didn’t get your heart pumping (you must be cold-blooded then), perhaps the last spread will get a rise out of you.

Dawn. Chocolate spread ever so messily all over her body. And finger-licking. That should be enough right?

Well, this 92nd UNO issue also has some other articles that will get you excited and blood flowing to other parts of your body.

Like the Places to Dayo For, a food feature that takes you to different kinds of hole-in-the-wall restos from North, South to Central Metro Manila. If you are still hungry after this feature, you can go back for some more Dawn.

Or you can impress your girl with your vast knowledge of wines, especially if all you’ve been drinking all your life is beer. Your wine expertise is sure to get your girl excited and more…fluid.

And we didn’t forget to include a feature in this issue for that other part of you that also does some thinking…your brain. Atom Araullo, the big shot broadcast journalist gets intimate and shares about his rise to fame and how this alpha male manages it all: work, fame, and love.

So go ahead, feel free to grab UNO’s 92 issue. Everyone deserves a bite of chocolate-y happiness.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

twitter: @UNOmag
FB: UNOmagazine
IG: UNOmagazine

For more information contact:

Marcia Linao

Del Run 3: Run For The Marikina Watershed


The local government of Marikina City headed by its Mayor, Mr. Del Guzman and the Rotary Club of Marikina are once again staging the Marikina Watershed DEL Run3 on April 13, 2014, 4:00 in the afternoon at the Marikina Sports Center.

During the official launch of the run last Monday at the Cafe Kapitan Restaurant in Marikina City, Mayor Del explained that the proceeds of the run will be used to raise funds for the undertaking of various tree planting activities covering an area of 10,000 hectares  in consonance with the National Greening Program (NGP), and intensify law enforcement in the area.

Mayor Del Guzman of Marikina City at the launching of the DEL Run3 at Cafe Kapitan, Marikina City last Monday

Mayor Del also emphasized that the funds will also be used to develop a buffer zone and social fence against urban sprawl, and provide alternative livelihood to settlers and indigenous people in the area to wean them away from kaingin and charcoal–making, two activities largely blamed for tree loss inside the watershed.

Registration is now ongoing and will have a fix registration fee of P600.00 for either the 5k or 10k run.

Check out the details below:

Event Name : Del Run 3
Event Date : Sunday, 13 April 2014
Time : 4pm
Entry Fee : PhP 600.00
Start & End Point: Marikina Sports Center
Distance : 5km / 10km
Gun Start : 4:15pm / 4pm
Beneficiary : Marikina Watershed Green Foundation

Race Organizer : RunRio Inc.


Online registration period is from February 17, 2014 to March 30, 2014.

Regular In-store registration period is from February 24, 2014 to April 6, 2014 only at the following venues:

7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Mon-Sun: 12nn to 8pm

Tobys SM Mall of Asia
G/F Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd., Manila
Mon-Sun, 12nn to 8pm

Tobys SM North, The Block
Mon-Sun, 12nn to 8pm

Marikina City Hall – City Hall Quadrangle
Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm

Marikina Sports Center
Mon-Sun, 1pm to 9pm


Singlet Design


*Only Filipinos are entitled to win in the 5k and 10k; only Filipinos are entitled to win the cash prize.

Special Awards will given to the following (Open to Foreign and Filipinos):
-Oldest finisher (5k and 10k)
-Youngest finisher (5k and 10k)

Love A Tree 32k Trail Race Recap

Finally, we were able to nail down this labyrinth of a route with all its hazards, obstacles and in pitch darkness. We did at times stray off the designated trails but recovered quickly before we got too far and it was one long, graphic adventure.

Having familiarized myself with the route twice during daylight, I was still worried about how we would go about finding our way in this circuitous maze of a jungle trail in the wee hours of dawn, with only the flicker of our headlamps peeking through the shallow river, rocks and narrow pathways.

Yes, the race started at 4:00 am, too early i might say, and we were off from our start in front of Sampaloc Inn, as running buddy Jun Santiago ran along the 1.2 cemented highway and up on the trails thereafter. We were all basking at the cool “Baguio” weather and didn’t sweat a bit until we reached that uphill assault in a small village where i could hear gasps of runners around me trying to catch their breath. Mine was as wheezing as theirs!

This was our first salvo into the trails and a portent of things to come! With one uphill after another, we were then led into a long downhill rough road then into more uphills and into a Barrio called Dayapa. Since this is an out and back route, i could just imagine the struggle we would encounter as we would tackle back the hills that we went through.

At about the 4th km, my main headlight went bonkers as it would switch off every time i skip or jump over a rock. And every time i re-set it on, it would go off again once i step on a bump! Good thing i had taken with me a spare single LED light which sustained me for the rest of the run.

The course came out to this river trail and we had to cross or wade through it several times, some knee-deep high. This part offers the most incredible running on the trail as we had to figure out which way to cross to the other side of the river. Groping in the dark, there were really very few options on how to move forward and it was a hit or miss thing finding the right trails. Regardless, we did our best to work around it.

There are probably a dozen scenes that vary from one trail to another—every surface from soft-packed trails to steep rocky ones and every kind of environment from vegetable fields to river and rock trails, often in different scenery.

There were arrow signages and yellow ribbon markers along the trails but they were far and few in between. You can’t see most of them in the dark so we were always keeping a sharp eye, like connecting the dots through these ribbons but as long as we saw some hanging on branches, we knew we were on the right track.

The course came out of the woods around the 10km mark and it was daylight by then. Six kilometers more of rough roads before the turn-around point at the Tinipak River and Rocks, my favorite part of the route.

The second half of the route was a long and arduous one as we re-traced our way back from Tinipak river to Daraitan Road then to the jungle maze then finally going through those hellish uphills which reduced many of us to walking. We made it again running into the small villages before hitting back on that 1.2 cemented highway for one final time.

I knew i was just a few hundred meters away but didn’t see the finish from the road as it was tucked inside the front parking space of the Sampaloc Inn. Still, i tried to make a dash for it and it finally came abruptly as i made a slight left turn to hit the tape! It was great to be done as the distance covered was actually 33.8 kms with my time at 6:57.

First place finisher, Manolito Divina who clocked in at 3:44 will be one of three runners representing PIMCO for a 50k trail race to be held in Hong Kong next week.

Running buddies Jun and Rhett

Instead of using the entrance bridge going to the Tinipak rocks, we were detoured to cross this shallow part of the river. No to bridge toll fees! 🙂

You can miss this scenery, on our way up to the trails of Tinipak

Chinky and Dave

Ashley, Rhon and Aldrin

The trail along the river banks

This was on our way back with about 3 kms to go

Over-all, it was a well-organized race with lots of hydration this time although i wished that they had moved the starting time a little later than the 4:00am start of the 32km distance and the 4:30 start of the 15k. I was told that majority of the 15k runners were not able to see the waterfalls at their turn-around point at the 7.5 km mark since it was still dark when they reached there.

Still, it was well worth the effort for the organizers to give us a good race. Our kudos to the Pimco Team of Alvin Balderama, Manny and John Santos for a job well done!

If you came from the usual fanfare of other local races in the city which were held simultaneously last Sunday, this Love A Tree Trail Run would pale in comparison in numbers but if you look past the loot bags and after race programs and gimmicks, this is one beautiful trail run with great back-drop all around.

If you love picture card scenery, this trail run is for you!

For RACE RESULTS you can check it here:!32k-love-a-tree-y3/cwls

Great Chow in Tanay: Ponkee’s Cafe

Just a little past the commercial area of the Sampaloc-Tanay Road and Marcos Highway in Tanay, Rizal is this dainty little eatery that serves a lot of delicious native dishes at very affordable prices!

It’s a great stop for a hearty breakfast or lunch after a long trail run on the mountain trails of Tanay. The place is rather small, a typical hole-in-the-wall neighborhood “carinderia” but the food is fantastic, like having lunch in a fancy restaurant with prices 3x cheaper! The food? Mucho sabroso!

It’s a bit cramped inside with three, 3-person tables at the most and 2 tables outside that you might find it hard to get a seat during their peak hours of lunch and merienda.

Having skipped lunch while me and running buddy Jun were still at it on the trails, we were invited by Alvin Balderama, Race Director of the PIMCO trail run races and arrived at this eatery at about 3pm, starving like a pack of wolves that we were ready to devour anything that was available.

That afternoon, they were preparing their merienda special for the day–home-made grilled hamburgers which were thick, juicy and sinfully tangy with a kick! It was so delicious that we had 2 orders each!


We also tried their baby back ribs which were thick and tender, marinated just right and juicy to the bones! You can just feel the tender pork had been simmering on the grill for a long time as the marinated sauces had soaked into the layers of the pork belly. It’s juiciness created a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness to the pork and showered the meat with rich barbecue flavor.

Baby back ribs

We also had a sample of their marinated chicken barbecue which was rich in sauce and with good amount of black pepper to give your taste buds a kick.

Their prices? Look at their menu below:

Cheap and delicious food

The place is presently being frequented by bikers, motorcycle riders and now runners who are ever-present running along the National Highway and of course, the trails.

If you’re in the area after finishing your trail runs or long road bikes to energize and replenish your bodies with delicious food, i highly recommend dropping by this place. You won’t regret it!

Ponkees is located near the intersection of Sampaloc-Tanay Road and Marcos Road, near the Flying V Gas Station. From the Sierra Madre Resort, drive past the Pranjetto Hills Resort and after 2.5 kms, turn right to Sampaloc-Tanay Road. The eatery is less than a kilometer on your left.

Trail Chronicles #7: The Boondocks of Norzagaray

As with other trails in Bulacan, i don’t see how you’re not going to enjoy this rustic but arresting trail route, loaded with interesting sceneries like wide vegetable plantations, farms and the ever present mountain ranges of the Sierra.

Though the trails are easy to follow during the first few kilometers of the route, it becomes more intricate once you venture inside the wooded areas as there are several smaller trails that branch out. This said, it can be easy to get a bit lost inside these trails.

The wide open spaces are breath-taking and relaxing and you won’t miss the post card scenes once you are atop one of the many mountain ridges.

This place in San Mateo, Norzagaray which borders that of San Jose Del Monte doesn’t have the usual falls we see often in other parts of Bulacan but if you’re looking for a relaxing yet somewhat challenging trail run, you’re here on the right place.


  • The two wooden bridges that seem to have existed since the birth of our forefathers. Both are ancient but built of sturdy woods and reinforced by strong bamboo poles that can withstand any onslaught of a typhoon Yoling.
  • The vegetable plantations and other wide areas of vegetation which makes for a relaxing run.
  • The unlimited zigzagging trails of uphills and downhills
  • Wild birds of different sizes and colors that whiz by on top of tree branches
  • The mountain trail leading down to a valley over-looking Mt. Balagbag
  • An alternative route to Mt. Balagbag although this is way longer than coming from Licao-licao. The trails here are more challenging and very secluded so be prepared to back-track a little to find your way!

San Mateo, Norzagaray, Bulacan. The road entrance to the trails

Downhill trail to the plantation

Vast vegetable plantations

First bridge crossing

The first bridge located just 1.5 kms away from the entrance. This leads to the main trails.

The second wooden bridge

The river below

Long hill ahead

Mountain ridge overlooking the Sierra Madre mountains

Yummy lunch at Jun’s place. Burrrp…

Trail Chronicles #6: Paradiso

As we moved eastward from Tungkong Mangga going towards Licao-Licao near Norzagaray, we noticed several trails that were branching out from Baranggay San Roque, San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) in Bulacan. Jun and i weren’t sure about any possible running routes in the area but we were game to discover places.

Apparently you don’t have to wander much around SJDM to discover many trails that can go on for plenty of kilometers on end. So we decided to stray a while and entered a side trail in a small Baranggay called Paradise or Paradiso, as the locals would put it. We started on a trail head just past the Paradise Farms and Community School.

The trail stretches out to farm fields as you enter into a world of deserted vistas and valleys that nearly dwarf the small dwellings of villagers that marks the area. We passed some pastureland but saw very little cattle grazing although this would have been a haven to feed hundreds of beast of burden.

The trails are less intricate here, varying from single track to fire roads and dirt paths.

I would highly recommend checking out this trail to anyone going out to Licao-licao but do check out the Kaybanban trails too (here—>kaybanban-trails) which is just a few kms away.

Here’s a glimpse of our week-end Paradiso trail hunt:

The entrance to the trails

Views as we enter into a remote village

Hard-packed trail and we had this for ourselves

June enters a wooded area

Typical of trails in the SJDM area

We call this the bamboo trail

Manggo trees are also abundant in the area

An isolated house (right) tucked in the middle of the village

More trails as we venture inside the village

Going to more stretches of uphills

A narrow straight-way to narrower paths

Wild flowers and bushes mushrooming the area

Nearing a wider, open space

A lone house perched in the middle of a plain

Mango trees galore

Would be a nice picnic area


Sierra Madre mountains in the backdrop

Passing through more open spaces

An uphill stretch–re-starting to run

The place is called Pulo, Purok 4

Running on shaded trees is a plus

Back into the woods

11 kms of running so far

It’s so nice running on trails like this

A small river along the trail

Got to stop for this! Yum!

Jun getting his fill of Goto and tokwa’t baboy

Color Manila Nite Run2

Good news!!! Registration and Race Kit claiming is extended until February 20, 2014 Thursday due to popular demand! Visit the the Color Manila Nite Run booth at 2/f, Carousel Court, Festival Mall, Alabang from 12 Noon to 9:00PM!

CMNR_Race details

Color Manila Nite Run 2
February 22, 2014, Saturday Night
Filinvest City, Alabang

Registration Fee:

Php 850


• Nite Race Shirt
• Glow Sticks
• Finisher’s Medal
• Glow Eyeglasses



10K  –  8:00PM
5K    –  8:30PM
3K    –  8:45PM





How to register?

1. Purchase your Color Manila Nite Run 2 ticket at ANY SM cinema.
2. After purchase, go to and click on the event, COLOR MANILA NITE RUN 2.
3. Click on the “REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT” and fill up registration form.
4. Enter your Ticket ID indicated on your ticket to complete your registration.
5. You will receive an email confirmation via email
6. Keep your ticket and print out of email confirmation as proof of registration.

For online registration, click here -> Color Manila Nite Run 2




Photo: Who says it's too late for you to join the fun? Envy not! You still have a chance to register until Feb20!  visit us at festivall mall, Alabang! #colormanila #colormanilanite #colormanilarun #colormanila2014 #comerunparty #runandparty

For more information, visit:

Glow Eyeglasses

Trail Chronicles #5: Tinipak River and Rocks

What a find in Tanay’s wilderness! We went back to Tanay for the second consecutive week to complete our unfinished business of test running the whole 32k route of the PIMCO Love A Tree Daraitan Trail Run for next week (February 23). With me this time were veteran ultra runners Tin Ferrera, Chito Carreon, newbie Rhett Del Rosario and our ever sprightly running guide, Emer of Pimco Sports.

We started off with a swath of a little air-conditioning as it was “Baguio-cool” at about 6:30am when we headed off to the trails and it’s a great way to start a run. By no means is this an easy trail as we had experience this ourselves during our first outing last week. We only did one way of the 9 km trail section that connects it to Daraitan Road on the way to Tinipak River and Rocks. Story here (trail-chronicles#4).

Since the path going to the trails are in the foots of mountains, the varied terrain keep things interesting.

The trails itself are beautiful in an substantially wooded area with a mini museum of streams, waterfalls, jagged rocks to maneuver, hills and cliffs. It’s an off the beaten path that may lead you out of the way of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty so were were careful not to stray out too much.

After about 9 kms of traversing inside the woods, we finally come out into the Dairaitan Road, a dirt road that leads to Tinipak. The road is hilly but the surroundings are serene with just a small community doing their own daily chores. It’s about 5 kms more before we reached the entrance to Tinipak and there’s a bridge that connects the town into the main river.

The trails along the river are rocky but you have an option of running on the sand path located at the left side portion. Here, the scenery already offers a magnificent view of Tinipak river and as excitingly anticipated, the grander view still lies ahead.

I’m leaving you with pictures taken from our 33k run and this excludes our alarming experience when we got lost on our way back to town. That will be for later.


L-R: Tin Ferrera, Rhett Del Rosario, Chito Carreon and Emer of Pimco

Trail Chronicles #4: New Trail For The Love A Tree Daraitan Route

Sunday, running buddy Jun Santiago and i headed out to Sampaloc Inn Hotel and Resto in Tanay, Rizal to meet up with other trail runners for PIMCO’s familiarization run of the new route for their Love A Tree-Daraitan Trail race this coming February 23.

I was really excited to try on these new paths going to the Tinipak River and Rocks at Daraitan without going through much of the long rough dirt stretch along Daraitan Road which we did last year. This is a great new running jaunt with lots of magnificent views of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

There are great views of the valleys and the peaks beyond when you get to the ridges. The trails are mostly rolling, some are steep and there are parts when you have to wade along knee-deep rivers and scurry across boulders with jagged edges. You’ll be surprised that beyond these, the trails surfaces again once you get to dry land.

I could go on and on about the views and how enjoyable hopping from boulder to boulder on the river sections are. And i’m just talking about the first 10k paths here, not even touching on the race’s main attraction which is the Tinipak Rocks and River located on the 15th and 16th kilometer of the 32k out and back route!

I was immensely enjoying the place, taking pictures on my point and shoot camera one after another when an unexpected glitch happened—the click mode button of my camera has stopped functioning because the SD card has apparently ran out of space! I couldn’t erase old pics previously stored because all individual pictures have been incorporated into an album which you cannot erase manually except when you delete the storage on a PC! Tough luck!

Me and the rest of the group fumbled for a few minutes to figure out how to solve the problem but it seemed there was no way to fix it so we just headed on without my camera. All was not lost however when some in the group had their own camera and cell phones to document the place.

All told, this is what runners are going to expect when they run the Love A Tree International Trail Run (15k and 32k) on February 23! Go run this race if you want to sharpen your trail running skills in preparation of much challenging events like the Mt. Ugo Marathon, Salomon Trail Run or the TNF 100!

And to echo what the organizers have said about this route: “COMPLETOS RECADOS”, it’s everything a beautiful trail run must have! But be forewarned: this is not an easy route and is challenging as it is to make you feel that you earned that finishers’ shirt waiting for you at the finish line!

Here are some of the pictures. Other photos provided by  Manolito Divina, Marvin De Guzman and Juniery Villalon. Thanks to you, guys!


Financial Fitness Run: Another Greentennial Running Event

It’s an ordinary 3k/5k/10k and 21k road race alright but the advocacy behind this is quite unique in that its aim is to bring awareness of our financial, commercial or monetary security in life.

A brainchild of CFA Philippines (Chartered Financial Analysts), the fun run, “Financial Fitness Run” is being introduced into its program to make people understand how markets really work and to provide prospective investors with sufficient knowledge on how to make more informed and more prudent investment decisions. 

The “Financial Fitness Run”, to be held on February 23, 2014 is the kick-off event of CFA Philippines’ Putting Investors First, a month-long investor awareness campaign. The CFA Philippines decided to introduce the fun run into the program since over the past decade, running as part of a healthier lifestyle has become a well-entrenched activity in the Philippines.

The “Financial Fitness Run” aims to capitalize on the popularity of this sport in order to generate a broad-based heightened level of awareness for the “investor rights”.

Financial Fitness Run
February 23, 2014 @ 4AM
Bonifacio Global City
Organizer: The Greentennial Run

Registration Fees:
3K – Php 500
5K – Php 500
10K – Php 700
– Inclusive of Singlet, Race number, Timing Chip, Medal and Finisher’s Shirt for the Top 50 Male and Female Finishers of 3K/5K/10K

21K – Php 800
– Inclusive of Singlet, Race number, Timing Chip, THROPHY and 21K Finisher Shirt


Li Ning Mall of Asia
2/F South Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia

Li Ning Alabang Town Center
3/F Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Yonex Mega Mall
3rd Level, Bldg. A SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong
+63 (2) 9147430

Juego Trinoma
3/F Trinoma Mall, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City
+63 (2) 9018985

Juego SM North Edsa Annex
3rd Level, SM City North EDSA-Annex, SM City North Edsa, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City
+63 (2) 7205035

Juego SM Fairview
1st Level, SM City Fairview, 202 Quirino Highway corner Regalado Avenue, Greater Lagro, Quezon City
+63 (2) 4416739

Juego GreenBelt 4
2nd Level, Greenbelt 4, Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa St., Ayala Center, Makati
+63 (2) 7575881

Juego Market Market
4th Level, Market! Market!, 26th St. corner C5, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+63 (2) 7922180

Juego Ali Mall
Ground Floor, Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City
+63 (2) 7096995

Juego Farmers Market
Second Floor, New Farmers Plaza, Cubao, Quezon City
+63 (2) 7097327

A Runners Circle Manila
Unit H, Aloha Hotel, 2150 Roxas Blvd. corner Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila
+63 (2) 5674768

Secondwind Teachers Village
45 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City
+63 (2) 2384005

Secondwind Ortigas Home Depot
Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City
+63 (2) 9140283

Secondwind GreenHills G-Strip
Unit 107, G-Strip, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan
+63 (2) 9457856

100 Miles Cafe in BGC
Second Floor, Fort Pointe, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63 (2) 8086001

Race Director Rovic Canono during the event’s launch


CFA Society Philippines kicks-off its investor awareness campaign by organizing the Financial Fitness Run
First to give out trophies in Metro Manila races for its half-marathoners

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, February 3, 2014 – The CFA Society Philippines, a non-profit professional membership organization of finance and investment practitioners, is organizing a fun run entitled “Financial Fitness Run” to be held on February 23, 2014 at BGC, Taguig City.

“Financial Fitness Run is the kick-off event of the CFA Society Philippines’ investor awareness campaign. The society aims to capitalize on the popularity of this sport in order to generate a broad-based heightened level of awareness of investor rights, to encourage the financial community to demonstrate its commitment to put investors’ interests its priority and, ultimately, to help improve the financial literacy among Filipinos,” said Gavin C. Lee, CFA, Vice President of CFA Society Philippines. Funds raised from this event will be used to support the retail investment conference which will be part of the investor awareness campaign.

Interested runners can register with any of our registration partners namely 100 Miles Café, A Runner’s Circle, Juego, Secondwind, Yonex and Li-ning These registration sites are located in major shopping malls and
business districts within Metro Manila. The good news is that the racekits can be claimed upon registration.

There is no need to go back to registration centers for separate claiming of racekit. Another exciting news is that every 21k finisher will receive a finisher trophy and a finisher shirt. “I urge running enthusiasts to join this race especially the half-marathon. Financial Fitness Run will give out trophies to all 21k finishers, a first in Metro Manila races,” said Rovic Gloria Canono, Race Director. All 3k, 5k, and 10k finishers will receive finisher medals but only the top 100 finishers of each category will get finisher shirts.

Gun start will be at 4:30am for 21k, 5:30am for 10k, 5:50am for 5k, and 6:00am for 3k. It is important to note that hydration stations
will be available at every 1km.

Financial Fitness Run is powered by Greentennial Run and supported by the following sponsors: COL Financial, Inc., Philam Life Asset Management, Inc., Jollibee Food Corp., MSCI, Seaoil, Energy Development Corp.,
Cardams Shoes, ATR Kim Eng, Macquarie, Benby Enterprises, Nivea, and Quaker Oats. The race clock will be provided by Soleus Philippines.

To learn more about the Financial Fitness Run, please visit
Like the Financial Fitness Run facebook page to get the most recent updates, visit

Race Reminders:

Best if you bring your own favorite cold drink. Hydration stations will be provided along the race route.

Kindly throw used cups in trash bins.

Medals for first 100 (50 men, 50 women) in 3k, 5k, and 10k categories.

Trophies for ALL finishers in 21k category.

Cash prize for top 3 finishers in all categories, male and female.
21k – 1st Place Php5,000; 2nd Place Php4,000; 3rd Place Php3,000
10k – 1st Place Php4,000; 2nd Place Php3,000; 3rd Place Php2,000
5k – 1st Place Php2,000; 2nd Place Php1,500; 3rd Place Php1,000
3k – 1st Place Php1,500; 2nd Place Php1,000; 3rd Place Php800

Race proceeds even with light rain. NO RESCHEDULING or REFUND if fun run is cancelled due to force majeur. Proceeds will be donated automatically to the beneficiary.

Baggage counter opens at 3:00AM and closes at 8:00AM.

Avoid bringing valuables. Race organizers will not be responsible for losses.

Organizers’ decision are FINAL.

Wear racebibs at all times. Absolutely NO BANDITS allowed.

Wash race shirt prior to race.

CONTEST for Runners:
1.) Best in Buiness Attire,
2.) Biggest delegation by an Institution,
3.) Biggest delegration by a School,
4.) Biggest delegation by a Runners’ Club

SAFETY FIRST. Participants must retire immediately if organizing committee found them not physically fit to
continue the race.

Pay parking available near start/finish arc.

CFA Philppines and Greentennial are an advocate of fitness and health. No smoking in the event area.