Bodivance Workout Cream For Athletes

About 2 or 3 years ago, this product the Bodivance Cream was vigorously marketed in the local sports community and found itself into running events like trail runs, running clinics and marathons. There wasn’t a race that it wasn’t being promoted and during these events, they gave out samples of the product in sachets.

Initially, i thought of it as just another temporary muscle pain relieving cream or ointment, nothing which my regular Omega Pain Killer Liniment nor the BenGay Cream can’t do! Not really bothering to read how it works, i just stacked those samples away, not finding the time to experiment if it was effective or not.

My first test of the product was during the Nathan Ridge Run, a very hilly 21k run inside the Tagaytay Highlands. I’m prone to suffering cramps in my calves, specially in hilly terrains and while approaching the 11th kilometer on an uphill u-turn, i was already feeling twitches on my left calf which signaled the onset of cramps. I knew that after a few meters, i was going to have it!

Luckily, a lady Bodivance support marshal was stationed just a few meters from the u-turn. I approached her and told her that i was about to have cramps. She immediately applied a generous amount of cream to both my calves and i was off to continue the race.

I felt the warm tingling sensation on my skin but was really surprised that the cramps never occurred for the duration of the run.

Since then, I’ve used this as an alternate cream for my runs and big races and if not for its steep cost, it would be great to have this all the time with you on your runs. The only down side to this is the slimy texture it leaves on the hands when you do self-massage. To remove the greasy feel on your hands, just towel it off with dry cloth or wash with soap and wipe off.

The Bodivance 80ml Vacuum Pump Bottle will set you up at P800.00 each. It can last for about one to one-and-a-half months on an average use of 3-4 times a week. A much cheaper alternative is the 5ml Sachet which cost just P55.00/sachet and is good for 2-3 uses.

Here’s the science behind the Bodivance Cream:


BODIVANCE: For Advanced Body Performance.

BODIVANCE is a breakthrough in sports technology. It is an advanced thermogenic accelerator* cream that when applied, creates a breathable barrier on the skin that works in two ways.

Firstly, it helps to insulate heat that builds up as muscles are activated. This warms up the muscles rapidly and ensures that workouts are maximized each time. A natural effect of this is the increase in perspiration which hastens the release of toxins through the pores of one’s body.

Secondly, it promotes vasodilation. By helping to widen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, muscles get more oxygen and nutrients. This increase in circulation dissipates lactic acid build-up, speeding up recovery time and allowing athletes to work out harder and longer. This same principle applies in helping those with sports-related injuries recover faster. Improved circulation can also relieve arthritis and rheumatism while reducing the presence of varicose veins.

An additional benefit of BODIVANCE is the ability to target slow-to-respond areas that retain fatty deposits such as the buttocks and thighs for women and the stomachs for men. During exercise, blood is drawn from these areas to the other parts of the body, leaving these areas cool and without circulation. As such, no matter how much one exercises, love handles, cellulite and fatty deposits are extremely hard to get rid of.

BODIVANCE can increase circulation in these targeted areas, ensuring that fat is being burned. It helps insulate heat in the muscles, increasing perspiration and calorie burn. Also, it helps widen the blood vessel diameter to increase blood circulation in muscles, thus speeding up the flow of oxygen and nutrients to exercising muscles.

With the increased circulation, lactic acid build-up is lessened, allowing athletes to work out harder and longer without the usual aches and pains that accompany a tough training session.

Developed as a workout cream for athletes, the product can also be used to hasten the healing process from existing sports injuries. Because of the way it works, those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, and varicose veins “medical conditions that are commonly caused by inadequate blood circulation” will also find relief from using the product.

Bodivance, a brand owned exclusively by HDI.

Optimize your workout everytime with BODIVANCE.

*Thermogenic Acceleration action is the process of generating energy in the body. It is the process in which the body releases heat by utilizing stored calories through physical activities or exercise. For optimum calorie burn in a workout, thermogenic action must be sustained without overheating the exercising muscles.