Trail Chronicles #4: New Trail For The Love A Tree Daraitan Route

Sunday, running buddy Jun Santiago and i headed out to Sampaloc Inn Hotel and Resto in Tanay, Rizal to meet up with other trail runners for PIMCO’s familiarization run of the new route for their Love A Tree-Daraitan Trail race this coming February 23.

I was really excited to try on these new paths going to the Tinipak River and Rocks at Daraitan without going through much of the long rough dirt stretch along Daraitan Road which we did last year. This is a great new running jaunt with lots of magnificent views of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

There are great views of the valleys and the peaks beyond when you get to the ridges. The trails are mostly rolling, some are steep and there are parts when you have to wade along knee-deep rivers and scurry across boulders with jagged edges. You’ll be surprised that beyond these, the trails surfaces again once you get to dry land.

I could go on and on about the views and how enjoyable hopping from boulder to boulder on the river sections are. And i’m just talking about the first 10k paths here, not even touching on the race’s main attraction which is the Tinipak Rocks and River located on the 15th and 16th kilometer of the 32k out and back route!

I was immensely enjoying the place, taking pictures on my point and shoot camera one after another when an unexpected glitch happened—the click mode button of my camera has stopped functioning because the SD card has apparently ran out of space! I couldn’t erase old pics previously stored because all individual pictures have been incorporated into an album which you cannot erase manually except when you delete the storage on a PC! Tough luck!

Me and the rest of the group fumbled for a few minutes to figure out how to solve the problem but it seemed there was no way to fix it so we just headed on without my camera. All was not lost however when some in the group had their own camera and cell phones to document the place.

All told, this is what runners are going to expect when they run the Love A Tree International Trail Run (15k and 32k) on February 23! Go run this race if you want to sharpen your trail running skills in preparation of much challenging events like the Mt. Ugo Marathon, Salomon Trail Run or the TNF 100!

And to echo what the organizers have said about this route: “COMPLETOS RECADOS”, it’s everything a beautiful trail run must have! But be forewarned: this is not an easy route and is challenging as it is to make you feel that you earned that finishers’ shirt waiting for you at the finish line!

Here are some of the pictures. Other photos provided by  Manolito Divina, Marvin De Guzman and Juniery Villalon. Thanks to you, guys!


3 responses to “Trail Chronicles #4: New Trail For The Love A Tree Daraitan Route

    • Beautiful, indeed Steph! Might be back there this Sat with some trail runner friends who wanted to experience it themselves! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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