Trail Chronicles #6: Paradiso

As we moved eastward from Tungkong Mangga going towards Licao-Licao near Norzagaray, we noticed several trails that were branching out from Baranggay San Roque, San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) in Bulacan. Jun and i weren’t sure about any possible running routes in the area but we were game to discover places.

Apparently you don’t have to wander much around SJDM to discover many trails that can go on for plenty of kilometers on end. So we decided to stray a while and entered a side trail in a small Baranggay called Paradise or Paradiso, as the locals would put it. We started on a trail head just past the Paradise Farms and Community School.

The trail stretches out to farm fields as you enter into a world of deserted vistas and valleys that nearly dwarf the small dwellings of villagers that marks the area. We passed some pastureland but saw very little cattle grazing although this would have been a haven to feed hundreds of beast of burden.

The trails are less intricate here, varying from single track to fire roads and dirt paths.

I would highly recommend checking out this trail to anyone going out to Licao-licao but do check out the Kaybanban trails too (here—>kaybanban-trails) which is just a few kms away.

Here’s a glimpse of our week-end Paradiso trail hunt:

The entrance to the trails

Views as we enter into a remote village

Hard-packed trail and we had this for ourselves

June enters a wooded area

Typical of trails in the SJDM area

We call this the bamboo trail

Manggo trees are also abundant in the area

An isolated house (right) tucked in the middle of the village

More trails as we venture inside the village

Going to more stretches of uphills

A narrow straight-way to narrower paths

Wild flowers and bushes mushrooming the area

Nearing a wider, open space

A lone house perched in the middle of a plain

Mango trees galore

Would be a nice picnic area


Sierra Madre mountains in the backdrop

Passing through more open spaces

An uphill stretch–re-starting to run

The place is called Pulo, Purok 4

Running on shaded trees is a plus

Back into the woods

11 kms of running so far

It’s so nice running on trails like this

A small river along the trail

Got to stop for this! Yum!

Jun getting his fill of Goto and tokwa’t baboy


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