Trail Chronicles #7: The Boondocks of Norzagaray

As with other trails in Bulacan, i don’t see how you’re not going to enjoy this rustic but arresting trail route, loaded with interesting sceneries like wide vegetable plantations, farms and the ever present mountain ranges of the Sierra.

Though the trails are easy to follow during the first few kilometers of the route, it becomes more intricate once you venture inside the wooded areas as there are several smaller trails that branch out. This said, it can be easy to get a bit lost inside these trails.

The wide open spaces are breath-taking and relaxing and you won’t miss the post card scenes once you are atop one of the many mountain ridges.

This place in San Mateo, Norzagaray which borders that of San Jose Del Monte doesn’t have the usual falls we see often in other parts of Bulacan but if you’re looking for a relaxing yet somewhat challenging trail run, you’re here on the right place.


  • The two wooden bridges that seem to have existed since the birth of our forefathers. Both are ancient but built of sturdy woods and reinforced by strong bamboo poles that can withstand any onslaught of a typhoon Yoling.
  • The vegetable plantations and other wide areas of vegetation which makes for a relaxing run.
  • The unlimited zigzagging trails of uphills and downhills
  • Wild birds of different sizes and colors that whiz by on top of tree branches
  • The mountain trail leading down to a valley over-looking Mt. Balagbag
  • An alternative route to Mt. Balagbag although this is way longer than coming from Licao-licao. The trails here are more challenging and very secluded so be prepared to back-track a little to find your way!

San Mateo, Norzagaray, Bulacan. The road entrance to the trails

Downhill trail to the plantation

Vast vegetable plantations

First bridge crossing

The first bridge located just 1.5 kms away from the entrance. This leads to the main trails.

The second wooden bridge

The river below

Long hill ahead

Mountain ridge overlooking the Sierra Madre mountains

Yummy lunch at Jun’s place. Burrrp…


6 responses to “Trail Chronicles #7: The Boondocks of Norzagaray

  1. Those bridges look scary! Were they solid? It also looks like it’s incredibly humid. After three snowstorms in a row here and wishing for summer, I was suddenly reminded of the intense humidity we can experience here!

    • Hahah..they may look a bit scary Steph, but they actually look enchanting once you get to step on those hard woods. I think the woods are of the “narra” variety which will last a lifetime. Weather was a little pleasant that morning, about 67-70F but gets humid at about noon. Would love to see the trails in your area and hoping summers comes fast in your neck of the woods! 🙂

  2. I’ve not been into trail lately and I so miss it especially after seeing those photos. hope to run with you and the rest of the trail runners very soon.

    • Was looking for you Shiela when i saw Chinky and Dave. Let’s hit Tanay with your group soon! 🙂

  3. Happy to read about your trail chronicles. It is a cool thing for you to explore the many lovely trails in Rizal and Bulacan provinces. We are encouraged to run the trails back there in our home province of Cam Sur.

    • Thanks, sir! Looking forward to your trail adventures too in Cam Sur! Readers will surely be interested! 😉

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