UNO Magazine: Dawn Jimenez and Bangs Garcia

Back last December 2013 when i wrote about UNO Magazine’s December-January issue featuring the Mocha Girls (article here), it became this blog’s top post with the highest number of readership for the next 8 weeks that i thought of dropping Running as my main subject and change to writing about the sexiest performers in the local entertainment industry instead!

But before i seriously wallow on featuring sexy bodies cavorting on bedrooms instead of on the roads, UNO Magazine has again titillated our imagination as it comes out with its latest cover girl issue with the young, mesmerizing actress, Dawn Jimenez.

Dawn Jimenez (L) and Bangs Garcia (R)

Last Wednesday, i was invited to attend an autograph signing of Uno Magazine’s #92 issue with Dawn and another sexy TV/Movie thespian, Ms. Bangs Garcia. They were a pair to ogle at (sorry guys, no bikinis this time) both very charming and interesting as they gave a no-holds barred answer to almost any topic they were asked i.e personal, love life or other wise.

Uno Magazine just knows how to present their sultry cover girls while keeping their regular menu of current events, lifestyles, food and fashion fun and energetic. Just take a look through these covers and you’ll see what you’re in for!


UNO Magazine puts Dawn Jimenez on the cover

Here at UNO, we know men. We really do. And we know that if you have someone as hot and delectable as Dawn Jimenez waiting for you at home or in the office, you’d be hard-pressed to leave either place, right?

Or, because you know where to find her, you’d try to catch her again in her break-out role during THE climactic scene in On The Job, a movie about prisoners exiting prison to become hired hit men for corrupt government officials. Dawn surprised everyone as she took everything off for her wild love scene with Gerald Anderson, whose character didn’t get any action for several months. Everything. She didn’t even leave the cover on.

Her willingness to be daring however paid off, as Dawn scored her first cover for UNO and an upcoming role in the ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye Moon of Desire.

For UNO’s 92 issue, she gets down, dirty and simply delicious for her cover shoot. Donning the teensiest red and black lace lingerie, Dawn nibbles ever so gently or sometimes fiercely on a luscious piece of chocolate in the photos.

She reveals her thoughts on nabbing the role in OTJ and her excitement at being in a new afternoon teleserye with JC De Vera, Meg Imperial and Ellen Adarna.

She wasn’t afraid to get all wet and lathered in chocolate for this UNO cover either. Dawn, with a sweet smile that could melt the hardest heart or chocolate, is actually a lover of zombie movies, even the low-budget ones, a fact that will surely get many a guy’s attention.

Well, if the first few pages of Dawn’s body in chocolate, with chocolate, on chocolate still didn’t get your heart pumping (you must be cold-blooded then), perhaps the last spread will get a rise out of you.

Dawn. Chocolate spread ever so messily all over her body. And finger-licking. That should be enough right?

Well, this 92nd UNO issue also has some other articles that will get you excited and blood flowing to other parts of your body.

Like the Places to Dayo For, a food feature that takes you to different kinds of hole-in-the-wall restos from North, South to Central Metro Manila. If you are still hungry after this feature, you can go back for some more Dawn.

Or you can impress your girl with your vast knowledge of wines, especially if all you’ve been drinking all your life is beer. Your wine expertise is sure to get your girl excited and more…fluid.

And we didn’t forget to include a feature in this issue for that other part of you that also does some thinking…your brain. Atom Araullo, the big shot broadcast journalist gets intimate and shares about his rise to fame and how this alpha male manages it all: work, fame, and love.

So go ahead, feel free to grab UNO’s 92 issue. Everyone deserves a bite of chocolate-y happiness.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

twitter: @UNOmag
FB: UNOmagazine
IG: UNOmagazine

For more information contact:

Marcia Linao

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