Trail Chronicles #8: The Trails of Macaira

Tucked in the inner borders of Sampaloc, Tanay lies the little barrio of Macaira, a farmland known as a gateway to the resort town of Daraitan. But more than being a gateway to its more popular cousin, Macaira boasts of breath-taking scenery, a quaint little community, plenty of wonderful running trails and its No. 1 visitor attraction, the Macaira Garden Resort.

During our recent test run of the Daraitan Love A Tree 32k race route with Chito, Tin and Rhett, i kind of veered away from the group, unable to re-trace my way back to the main town of Sampaloc, just a few kilometers away from where we started and eventually got lost in a maze of single track trails mostly covered by cogon grass as tall as i was.

After running and walking a few hundred meters more trying to figure out where i was headed, i knew i was in uncharted land and was thinking of back-tracking my way back. But my adventurous side said screw it since i was already far too distant to go back. So i took that as an opportunity just to explore these new trails.

The feeling of running alone in a strange place was not at all very calming at first but the quiet, scenic trails and the friendly strangers more than made up for the solo journey. It has its uniqueness in that every site has a delightful vista of the surrounding mountain ranges.

It took about an hour for me to explore these trails (and find my way out) and it’s only a fraction of many other existing trails that i wish i could go back to and explore.

I would later find out that i was running inside the Sitio of Macaira. Here’s what i found:

Pic taken before veering away from the group

This mango tree looks like it’s decorated by paper ornaments but they’re actually tied up into individual mango fruits to support them from falling down the ground.

The trail on the right side is where i exited only to find out that i was now at the Daraitan Road, about 5 kilometers away from where i should have made my exit point.

Couldn’t resist making a short stop-over to this resort before taking a public motorcycle back to our starting point!