Outbreak Mission Run: Join and Check How To Survive!

Stemmed from the 5km Zombie Infested Course of Outbreak Manila, comes an adrenaline fuelled zombie adventure where your survival is dependent on the choices and sacrifices you make.

Survival Missions is not merely a run, it’s an adventure.

With nine other survivors, you will live out one of two survival scenarios that you’ve chosen. Starting from one of the few remaining human outposts, you will be tasked to explore several areas with each location leading towards the overall objective. Look for other survivors, uncover clues, and collect scattered supplies–all while maneuvering your way through lurking flesh eating zombies.

Outbreak Missions is a physically-demanding, role-playing adventure.

Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – The Walled City
April 5, 2014

Distance: From 4k to as much as 8k depending how fast you can accomplish your mission!

Registration Fee:

– FREE Oubtreak Missions Souvenir Shirt
– FREE Stainless Outbreak Missions Authorization Card
– FREE “Life Representing” Flag Belt
– FREE Lootbag with goodies from sponsors

– Collectible Dog tags for “alive finishers”
– Best in costume awards



    • Each mission will have more than 1 ending


    • You will be encountering different characters along the way
    • They will be there to give you coordinates to help you progress to the next point


    • Choose wisely! Some characters will ask you to divert from the mission to help them with a personal interest
    • Help them and get the chance to get rewarded. But be careful, some might be taking advantage of your “kindness.”


    • Pay attention to your surroundings! There will be clues in certain areas that can give you coordinates to the next area or help you uncover special items


  • Special items have different benefits:
    – Some can act as a camouflage for a period of time
    – Some give you extra lives
    – While others actually attract zombies to you!


    • This is no longer merely a run. You will be asked to complete several tasks by looking for survivors, performing challenges and uncovering clues around the course.
    • Each task completed immerses you deeper in the post zombie apocalypse world of Outbreak and lets you come closer to the overall mission of Survival
    • Large groups of people have the tendency to attract zombies. For your safety, participants will be grouped by batches of 10
    • Don’t have friends for the apocalypse? You’ll surely meet some along the way. There’s strength in number but we won’t stop you from being a lone wolf and taking on the zombie horde by yourself.
  • Before starting your mission, you will be given the following:
    – A life-representing flag belt
    – A map with coordinates
  • At the start of the game, your belt will have 3 flags – these represent your health
  • During the mission, zombies will be scattered across the course to eat your brains… err get those flags. One zombie can only get one flag from you.
  • Any direct physical contact (punching, kicking, scratching, tackling, spitting, hadukens, flash kicks, etc ) between zombies and runners will strictly not be permitted.
  • Violators of these rules will be escorted out of the premises with no refunds

  • Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. Any form of punching, kicking, scratching, tackling, spitting, hadukens, flash kicks, etc . between zombies and runners will strictly not be permitted.
  • No hiding or tucking away of flags. Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies (not covered by long clothing) and to be worn on the sides of the body.
  • Weapons of any kind will not be permitted. (Knives, Shotguns, Pistols, Nerf Guns, BB Guns, Plastic Swords, Pipe Bombs, Molotovs, Shurikens, Light Sabers, etc.) We know zombies are terrifying, but let’s just outsmart them and try to get out alive in one piece.
  • Upon crossing the finish line, you need at least one health flag intact in order to be eligible for prizes.
  • If you find yourself out of health flags, you are not considered a zombie and are not allowed to start pulling at other runner’s flags.
  • Intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the race. Please arrive to your wave time SOBER.
  • No drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted on the property. Should these items be found among your belongings they will be immediately confiscated. Food and beverages will be available for purchase inside the event.
  • Violators of these rules will be escorted out of the premises with no refunds
  • Stay hydrated! There will be areas where we will be providing you water. But it will be best if you come prepared and bring a supply of your own.
  • Costumes are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. But make sure you can still run in them.
  • Be there early. We will feed our zombies at the start but they might grow hungry as the night progresses
  • We recommend you arrive at least 1 hour before wave schedule to allow time for parking and registration
  • Check the weather before the event to make sure you are prepared (i.e. umbrellas, warm gear, cold gear, wet gear, etc)

Outbreak Missions Takes On The Walled City

Manila, March 19, 2014— This April 2014 marks the second anniversary of the hit zombie run Outbreak Manila. And this time, the organizers of the Philippine’s longest-running zombie event promise to take excitement to a whole new level with a live-action, survival experience called Outbreak Missions.

Outbreak Missions had its first debut last October 18 and 19, followed by an encore on November 16, 2013. Participants called it the best Outbreak Manila yet, with over twelve thousand people completing a course of challenges, special characters, and clues—all while being chased by a horde of undead.

And now—thrill finds a new date and venue at the biggest Outbreak Missions yet! This April 5, 2014, the adrenaline-fuelled zombie adventure takes you to the Historic Walled City of Intramuros. What can you expect? Surprising twists, thrilling turns, and flag-hungry zombies. The event promises to be the most-exciting Outbreak Missions yet.

See if you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse. Registration is ongoing at select Toby’s, RUNNER, and BROOKS outlets.

Outbreak Missions is brought to us by Intramuros Administration, Department of Tourism, Heritage Conservation Society, Runtertainment, Summit Natural Drinking Water, Smart, 99.5 PLAY FM, Mogu Mogu, Booster C, Greenwich, Nestea, Impact High Performance Whey Protein, Makeup Design Academy, pelicola.tv, Toby’s Sports, Cello’s Doughnuts, Gerry’s Grill, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Lactacyd White Intimate, BROOKS, RUNNR, Symbol Sciences, Burnwater ArtxDesign, The Aristocrat, WhenInManila.com, Pinoyfitness.com, Hero, Inquirer.net, MYX, Chalk Magazine, Philstar.com, Mellow 94.7, ClickTheCity, and Speed Magazine.

For more information, visit outbreakmanila.com/missions or find Outbreak Manila on Facebook.

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