Reebok Fithub Makati

Reebok and fitness have been synonymous for quite sometime now and lately, the two have merged and you can taste that experience in Reebok’s first ever fitness concept store, the Reebok FITHUB! The FITHUB shop is located at the 2/F of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati.

The store is geared to those who are passionate about health and fitness and their staff have a strong fitness background enabling them to work with customers to help them select the best products for their workouts as well as provide training tips and general health and lifestyle advice.

I, together with the sports media and running bloggers were witness to the store’s launching last March 13 and were treated with Reebok’s latest products in running shoes and apparel and their plans of having in-store events and activities related to fitness.

The Reebok Fithub (with its new Delta symbol) at the Royal Sporting House, 2nd Level, Glorietta 4, Makati

Miguel Dy Buncio (L) of Crossfit Manila partners with Reebok and shows the latest moves of exercises for the guests

Guests at the launching included Crossfit Manila founder Miguel Buncio who will work to create strong partnerships between Reebok FitHub, its customers and the local fitness community. Also present is fitness celebrity trainer and host, Jim Saret. FitHub is a crossfit-oriented store but still maintains their loyal followers of running, dance and other related sports activities.

Find out more and visit the FitHub at Glorietta 4 and check-out the latest Reebok apparel and running shoes.

(Many thanks to Ms. Villy Bay, Reebok’s Marketing Head for having us at the launch).


With Jonel Mendoza, one of the country’s foremost ultra running race directors

With running celebrity, Jaymie Pizarro, the Bullrunner

With the Pinoy Biggest Loser Host and fitness guru, Jim Saret (standing, 2nd from right) and the running bloggers


March 13, Makati City: Today, Reebok continues its mission to empower people to be fit for life with the launch of Philippines’ first ever Reebok FitHub Shop-in-Shop at the Royal SportingHouse Store, 2nd Level Glorietta 4 Ayala Center Makati. Designed to inspire people to move, to train, to get fit and have fun doing it, the Reebok FitHub offers a new way of thinking about fitness and is THE destination for those dedicated to living a fit lifestyle.

The retail store is inspired by elements found in fitness studios and CrossFit boxes around the country.  Like a gym, the environment is raw, creative and innovative with customers being immersed in fitness as soon as they enter the store.

A Zumba demo inside Fithub

The store will carry pinnacle product from Reebok’s latest collections specifically made for fitness and exclusive to the FitHub. This premium footwear and apparel collection features Reebok’s top-of-the-line technology and materials, allowing for optimal performance and comfort.

Yoya Maglaya, Reebok Phlippines’ Sales and Marketing Manager, commented; “We’re extremely excited to have opened the first Reebok FitHub Shop-in-Shop.  The FitHub is great statement to prove Reebok’s commitment to getting people active. It will give consumers a full fitness experience like no other, inspire people to get moving and become a desirable destination for the fitness community.”

The Philippines’ first Reebok FitHub is part of an ever-expanding global network of concept stores, which includes the USA, Korea, Russia and Dubai. The growth in number of FitHubs is more than just an expanding number of stores; it represents Reebok as a brand, aiming to empower people to get fit for life and to give them the tools they need to do this. Whether it is Running, Dance, CrossFit or Yoga, Reebok aims to bring people together to experience fitness in a way that is different, challenging and rewarding.

For more information on the Reebok FitHub please visit:



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