Trail Chronicles #16: New Converts To Trail Running

There must be something magical about running in trails that this couple, Leo and Sylvia are now drawn to it after testing the waters for the first time on a long trail run 3 weeks ago. This time, me and my regular training bud, Jun Santiago brought these two budding trail runners to the trails of San Andres, Tanay– parts of which was the route of the recent Pimco NDTR Trail Run.

Leo and Sylvia are no newbies to road running though, both having completed several marathons and an ultra marathon under their sleeves. Leo, at 67 is still running strong, having a best of 4:30 in the San Francisco Marathon last 2012 while Sylvia who is in her early 50’s clocks  a sub-50 min. 10k and was 1st runner-up (female division) of the Tagaytay to Nasugbu (T2N) 50k  in 5:29 also in 2012.

Both seem to enjoy the adventure, escape and the lure of the wilderness and it’s apparent when both recently shopped for trail shoes, pole sticks, dri-fit apparels, hydration back-packs, whistles and even a walkie-talkie that has a speaking range of 28 miles! Speaking of being gung ho!

Montrail Rogue Racer

We hied off to Tanay last Sunday and arrived at 5:00am at the Pimco Clubhouse For Trail Runners along the national road in San Andres. The clubhouse has been serving as the jump off point of trail runners wanting to run the myriad of trails in Tanay. Although the club house doesn’t open until 7am, it’s relatively safe to park your cars in front or just across it so we started from there and jogged the 1.8 kilometer main highway to the trail head.

Once you get to the trail head, there is a small white sign board at the entrance that leads to the Kay Ibon and Maypatag Plateau trails. As i mentioned earlier, the trails were part of Pimco’s NDTR Leg 1 trail run held last May 25. Once you step  on the stoney paths leading to the falls, the fun begins!

The trails leads to a cluster of trees and small rocks dot the path that goes downwards for the first kilometer or two. The orange trail ribbon marks from the last race are still evident and these served us well not to get lost in the maize of trails ahead. The Kay Ibon Waterfalls was a nice first stop into our long journey.

Leo, Sylvia and i were also able to test run our new Montrail Rogue Racer Trail shoes and in my own assessment, this particular model was able to manage to cram in a great amount of soft and responsive cushioning into a light 8 oz shoe. It was great on all types of terrain including the muddy portions  that we had to cross upon.

Anyways, a review will be in order later so now, i’ll be leaving you with our experiences running is this enchanting wilderness. Enjoy!

(Our next trail race: The Soleus-Nuvali Trail Race Challenge on June 29, 2014 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna)


With couple Leo and Sylvia at the trail head

The Kay Ibon Falls

Jun with the couple

Bumping into a local who told us of an accident that happened recently on these trails

The mountains of Sierra Madre as our backdrop

Climbing up a mountain ridge

The Maypatag Plateau


The vast expanse of the trails

At the foothills of the Sierra Madre

Passing through an isolated shack

Spring water emanating from the mountains

This spot is memorable for Jun

Remnants from the last PIMCO Trail run

Trails at the valley

With Salomon X-Trail Run, PIMCO NDTR and Brooks X-Country Challenge champion Lito Divina at the trails