Trail Chronicles #17: Puray Falls

This is one of the best kept secrets hidden in the hinterlands of Rodriguez (Montalban) and the trails leading to Puray Falls present one of the most scenic views, getting a close up look to nature and of the local people.

Jun and i have been to this place twice in the past but yesterday was just our first to finally reach and explore Puray Falls, with its gentle river below now accessible leading to the falls. On the paths leading to it, i love how the scenery changed constantly. It’s the changing backdrops of the mountains that constantly grabs your attention then you find yourself approaching a river or stream with towns people doing their daily routine along the banks of these rivers.

Running the trails of course, was the best part of the adventure, moderate to technical specially the very narrow ridge approach to the top of the falls itself with one misstep and you fall into a deep ravine. Most of the run is shaded with the rural, forest backdrop of the small town of Puray dominating the scenery. Lots of trees, running streams, and wild life as we had to maneuver over rocks and boulders on the way to the falls.

Once you reach the waterfall, you can further climb up on the sides to go behind and above it. So we also scaled up the trail paths on top of the falls and make sure to watch your footing! At the top, you find a pool-like lagoon where children bathe in the very cold waters and the gorgeous views of the river rock trails below!

The waterfalls itself can be a hit and miss thing as you might go past the river trail that leads to it. Better ask the locals for directions.

I’m leaving you with these pictures of this trail adventure. If you know or have experienced similar trail adventures before, please comment and share them with us below. Cheers!

Jun and i on the trails of Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal

Long trails ahead

At Maskap, leading to Baranggay Puray

Streams like this are aplenty here

One of two entrances to Puray

The trails leading to the rivers

A simple abode along the trails of Puray

A sturdy bamboo bridge


A small house tucked along the trails

One of the may river crossings


Great views here

A sampling of the trails

Into another small community

Having a taste of the mangoes being harvested by the local farmers

Endless river crossings

The way to the falls

Rock hopping with the kids

On the way up to the falls

Puray Falls

Jun taking a dip

The deepest part of the falls

Going up further to the top of the falls

We find another lagoon at the top of the falls

View of the river rock trail from where we came from

From the top of the waterfalls

Nice swim here

Re-hydration time at Jun’s place after the run! Cheers to Father’s Day!