Trail Chronicles #18 : The Pimco 2X Test Run Trail Route

It’s been more than two weeks since i had my last run and i’m still reeling from a bad case of acid reflux which would ease off at times only to have those bouts of acidity return back after a few days. I already bypassed two week-end races including the Soleus Nuvali Trail run which i was really looking forward to but the discomfort was too much to bear so i had to skip that one up.

Except for the occasional trips to the gym, running was in my back burner until i received a call last Friday from Manny Santos of Pimco, organizer of the Tanay Trail races to do a familiarization run of the 2X Buddy/Solo 24k trail race (July 20) yesterday, Sunday. I wasn’t to keen on running as yet but if i was to measure my level of physical fitness and see if my acidity has tapered down, then it would be worth the try.

I immediately called running buddy Jun to see if we could go together. “Weather permitting”, he said. I was roused about from the driving rain at 3:30 am yesterday and it was raining so hard i presumed Jun would opt to just doze off in dreamland. Thirty minutes later, phone rang and it was Jun telling he’ll be coming in a few minutes to fetch me.

We arrived in Tanay at about 6:20am with Alvin Balderama, Pimco Race Director waiting for us worried that nobody would show up. Jun and i were the first to arrive and it would be another 15 minutes before the others started arriving.

The 24k and 12k distances for the 2x Buddy/Solo Trail Run this coming July 20 will cover parts (35%) of the Daraitan Trail run held a few months ago and the rest will venture into new trails. And we were in for a very pleasant surprise!

Returning to this place, i was pretty much awed by the landscape of lush greenery along this route, the effect of rainfalls it had over the past few days after near drought that enveloped this area a few months ago. Tanay’s vast scope of winding forests trails and it’s endless scenery of mountains and rivers can simply overwhelm as its popularity as a trail running destination has soared through the years.

I thought these photos of the trails and its surroundings may illustrate what i mean and give you a good glimpse of the 2X Solo/Buddy trail race this coming July 20.

Registration is still open via online. Please follow this link.!2x-fun-trail-details/c1orc

Without much further ado…the 2X Buddy/Solo Trail route:

Start is in front of Sampaloc Inn, Tanay Rizal. With Marie and Markus


Inching your way down the very slippery falls is no easy task

Marie is the Manggo girl!

Green as it can get. One of the best scenery along the route!