Trail Chronicles #21: Sneak Peek- Mt. Talamitam Trail Challenge

It didn’t matter that i would be waking up early at 2:00 in the morning, hie off to Makati and meet up with blogger-friends, Franc and Henri at 4 am or that we would be driving to Nasugbu, Batangas for another hour and a half as i struggle to keep my eyes open and not doze off lest we miss another meet up with other runners in Cavite. After all, we were running a mountainous 16k route towards the majestic mountain of Talamitam in Nasugbu.

The trail route to Mt. Talamitam did not dissapoint! Gorgeous and scenic views, not to mention the tremendous uphills that were waiting for us along the trails.

After failing to meet up with JC Igos of Team Cavite ESE at Pure Gold in Imus at about 5am, we finally caught up with him at Jolibee in Tagaytay and convoyed with him together with his running friends to the starting area at KM83 in Nasugbu. There is a visitor center where you will have to register and pay a minimal fee of P20.00 per head.

We were here in Nasugbu upon JC’s invitation to test run the proposed route of the 1st Talamitam 10 Mile Trail Race Challenge which will be held this December. The scenery here is something to rave about, where the trees are abundant like rain forests, where there are still bamboo bridges to cross the streams and where the mountains are majestic and inviting.

After registering at the visitor center which will also serve as the starting line of the December trail race, we were led down to a mossy downhill path when one has to thread carefully as it was very slippery, then to a flight of rocky stairs to access the trails into the wooded forest.

Here on this secluded area, far removed from any modern amenities of civilization (except for the locals use of cell phones too), i felt as though i could run forever with different views switching on every few seconds. We took trail routes which were longer, used exclusively by the locals, far different from those that hikers and trekkers regularly use.

Before the start, entrance to Mt. Talamitan at KM83, Nasugbu, Batangas

With JC Igos (red cap) of Team ESE Cavite giving a short brief of the route.

The first few minutes branches out to this trail

The run through the trails going down to Tumalim River is beautiful, a rustic setting where this river wades silently where you see some locals doing their laundry on the banks or even in the middle of the shallow river.

The gently rolling trails winds through thick forests and small shacks where charcoals are being produced. The elevation was reasonable to a certain extent until we reached a plateau which were now all uphill towards Talamitam. As stated, we used a different route which traverses at the east side of  the mountain for the summit.

The distance going to the summit measured to about 9 kms and the total distance of the ascent-descent loop is about 16 kms which felt that you have covered a 25km run! This is definitely a very rewarding but difficult course!

Those wanting to run this trail race, registration is now on-going and you can check them out on their Facebook page at Team Cavite ESE, here: or here

I’m leaving you with pictures we took along the trails. Enjoy!

The rivers provide a fine backdrop and add drama to the trails

One of the bamboo bridges along the route

That guy in blue served as our guide

This river is perpendicular to the route

A concrete bridge this time

Long trail that goes into wooded forests

Franc leading the way

Break at another wooden bridge

Approaching another wooden bridge

Going down at the edge of the river

One of the scenic views along the route

A tranquil part of the river

And this too

It’s an uphill climb from here

A view of the river from the top

One of the smaller peaks surrounding Mt. Talamitam

Assault to Mt. Talamitam begins here

Mt. Talamitam now in sight

One of several pit stops on the way to the mountains

They call this matandang bundok (old mountain)

Nearing the peak of Talamitam

Ascending at the back door of Talamitam

With Rose

With JC Igos

With Jham and Franc

At the summit

Final pic before our descent from Mt. Talamitam

Much needed respite for our feet!

My Montrail Rouge Racer trail shoe and Oro Sports compression socks


JC and Ka Totoy ready to burn the trails again

Rocky trails

One of the easier hurdles along the route

Homeward bound