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Under Armour Celebrity Crossfit Challenge: Part 2

“Strong is not the new skinny! You don’t get strong because you’re lean or it’s sexy, or because it’s the new cool thing.. You get strong because you strive hard to get strong. And strong is awesome. Strong needs no further justification!”

This may well be the same conviction that these celebrities believed in and it showed during the highlights of the Under Armour Store opening at SM Megamall recently when celebrities from showbiz and sports pitted strength and endurance against each other in a friendly competition dubbed the UA Assault Crossfit Challenge!

The Celebrities, all wearing the latest of the Under Armour gear were:

Men: John Hall, Eric “Eruption” Tai, JC Tiuseco, Will Devaughn, Luke Jicain, Carlos Agassi, Gerard Pizzaras, Ervic Vijande, Luis Alandy, Paolo Paraiso, Ernie Lopez, Armand Del Rosario

Women: LJ Reyes, Roxanne BarceloBubbles ParaisoIssa Litton, Maria Persson.

Many of them will look familiar to you, specially if you watch soaps on television and they’re not just your ordinary heartthrobs with killer smiles and sexy bodies,  but they’re regular habitues of Crossfit, a cross-training workout that emphasizes bursts of high-intensity exercises. This work-out incorporates plyometrics, weight lifting, cardio, kettle bell exercises and interval running, among others. The gains here are tremendous strength and stamina and the results are fast!

It was no surprise then to see them carry heavy loads, twice or thrice their body weights, do multiple sit-up and squats with weights over their bodies performing at levels you wouldn’t think are possible, specially for the ladies who sometimes outdid the men in some floor exercises! By their sheer body strengths, you know that crossfit isn’t new to them, that they may have been into it for many years prior to this event.

I love how excruciating all the challenges were, you can just see their faces grimacing and screaming out loud, all in terms of difficulty, strength and styles. The challenges included multiple burpees, bear crawls, dumbell split lifts, ball sit-ups, box jumps, dumbbell thrusters, heavy bag drills and many more!

I had a front seat, a few feet to where these gladiators were doing their thing and here are the moments that had me on my feet:

One of the heart-pumping challenges that got spectators to its toes was this 50+lbs heavy bag drill which you carry on both arms, thrust it up into your chest, then lowering it down quickly without touching the floor then repeat the process on a 5-minute time limit. How difficult would that be? It was a lung-busting work-out, very exciting to watch as these athletes would nearly not be able to thrust the bag up and seem to fall off the floor to a deafening wild roar of “go! go! go!” from the crowd!

My hats off to these warriors—these are some bunch of celebrities who are probably the strongest, most determined and most conditioned people in show business. They did things you never thought they could as they pushed, lifted, ran, bended, twisted, burpeed in ways like there was no tomorrow!

Indeed, they set out to prove that they were ambassadors of fitness, nothing less like the brand of gear all were wearing and the strength they exhibited, it needs no further justification!

(Thanks to Rico, Blas, Lestsky and Franc for some of the pictures)

With MMA Star Brandon Vera

With female champion, Maria Persson

With LJ Moreno

With Roxanne Barcelo

Under Armour Megamall Launch: Part 1

With many well-known sports stores either closing shop or just plain downsizing, sportswear and apparel brand Under Armour seems to be on a roll, making its presence felt at the right places and at the right time. Under Armour’s first store at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig which opened last May is doing largely well and has reportedly exceeded projected sales beyond expectations.

With this success and their iconic line of sporting gear and accessories selling like crazy, they have expanded to SM Megamall, launching another chic branch last October 22, 2014 with new styles and models being introduced.

UA Megamall facade

The Jazzrunner was invited anew for this launch in their 2nd store at the Ground Floor, Megamall, Bldg. A, and is just beside the Odyssey Music store. With crowds of guests and onlookers stationed at the entrance of the store, i made my way inside expecting their usual fare of shoes and garments but they had more than the usual, including new models of running shoes, dri-fit base layers, new shirt designs, training jackets and many more!

The store has this trendy look, similar in size to that of their BHS branch and their selection of sports gear seem to have expanded with many styles added to their products. This well-stocked sports house has the perfect pairing for functional sports gear for different sports like running and basketball and stylish off-sports look.

When considering your next set of running gear, like dri-fit tops, running shorts, sports bras, running caps and visors or even shoes at a store located in Megamall that has prices within your pocket’s reach, then the Under Armour Store should be at the top of your list!

I’ll be back with a short recap of the Under Armour Celebrity Cross-Fit Challenge which was a highlight of the store’s launch. The UA cross-fit challenge featured local tv and movie personalities flexing their muscles and pitting endurance against each other in a friendly competition on who’s the fittest and strongest. This will come out as Part 2 in a few days.

In the meantime, i’ll be leaving you with a sneak peek of Under Armour’s Megamall Branch.

The entrance

Mixed Martial Arts star Brandon Vera, flanked by Rochelle Romero (L) and Judith Staples (R) inside the UA Megamall Store


Under Amour’s Touchdown in Megamall
Under Armour Set to Open New Store in Manila’s SM Megamall

A few months after launching its first-ever Southeast Asia brand store in Bonifacio High Street, the US-based performance footwear and apparel brand continues its momentum in the market with the opening of a new brand store in the SM Megamall location.

The brand is hosting a special launch event on 22nd October 2014.

“Opening in Megamall is a natural step for the brand’s expansion in the Philippines,” said Carlos Maza, Senior Director, New Markets, Under Armour. “The response to our brand from athletes in the Philippine’s has been tremendous and we look forward to increase our presence throughout the country.”

The store in Megamall will embody a retail experience that evokes the high energy and signature gritty ethos of the Under Armour brand. Endorsed by renowned athletes such as former Ateneo volleyball star Gretchen Ho and football ace, captain of the women national team Natasha Alquiros, Under Armour Megamall will offer to its fans the whole Fall-Winter range and the same technologies that are now pushing those athletes to the max.

The FW2014 collection includes the brand’s technological innovations such as the HeatGear® Sonic, Heatgear® Flyweight, Coldblack®, Coldgear®, UA Storm, UA Tech™ and the popular Compression range. Additionally, among the technical apparel available is HeatGear® ArmourVent™, a new training apparel technology platform available in both men’s wear and women’s wear. The UA Studio & UA StudioLux® lines are designed for athletic females such as brand ambassador and American Ballet Theater soloist Misty Copeland.

Under Armour is distributed in the Philippines through an exclusive partnership with Triple Pte. Ltd.

“The Under Armour Megamall store is the result of a well-planned expansion strategy,” said Adrian Chai, Chief Marketing Officer, Triple Pte. Ltd. “It’s in a high-traffic centrally located area making the brand even more accessible.”

Aesthetically, this new retail destination will bring to life the Under Armour brand personality. The environment will include accent metal and wood furnishings and the Under Armour Thrones, large black leather seats with the logo stitched in red prominently installed within the footwear zone.

The SM Megamall location was secured by local retailer, Grupo Athletica. (Press Release)

About Under Armour, Inc.
Under Armour (NYSE: UA), the originator of performance footwear, apparel and accessories, revolutionized how athletes across the world dress. Designed to make all athletes better, the brand’s innovative products are sold worldwide to athletes at all levels. Under Armour’s wholly owned subsidiary, MapMyFitness, powers one of the world’s largest Connected Fitness communities. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland.
For further information, please visit the Company’s website at http://www.uabiz.com.

About Triple Pte. Ltd.
Triple Pte. Ltd., a sports & lifestyle retailer holds the exclusive distribution rights for the Under Armour brand across Southeast Asia. Under Armour is the fastest growing sports performance footwear, apparel and accessories brand worldwide. Triple launched the first two Southeast Asian Under Armour mono-brand retail outlets in Singapore and Philippines in May 2014. An omni-channel e-commerce will be served out of Singapore across the ASEAN region in Q4 2014. Triple is based in Singapore.

About Grupo Athletica
Grupo Athletica is the sole authorized operator for Under Armour mono-brand stores and shop-in-shops in the Philippines. They operate the UA section in Planet Sports Greenhills and PowerPlant, and the flagship store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig and soon to open in SM Megamall.
As an enterprise, Grupo Athletica is driven by the same principles that apply to sports and athletic excellence: leadership is done by example, and validation comes only through results.

Location / Operating Hours

Bonifacio High Street
1F 12-13 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, 1634
Daily: 11am-10pm
+63 2 823 7289

SM Megamall
Bldg A, UG Level Dona Julia Vargas Ave. Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong
Daily: 10am -10pm
+63 2 654 5466

A Passion For Fiestas: The BGC Passionfest 2014

The BGC Passionfest 2014 Car Plate emblem

The BGC Passionfest, held for the past 2 years, may well be Bonifacio Global City’s (in Taguig) version of its “town fiesta”, replete with entertainment, art and food exhibits, parades, sports, shopping and other outdoor activities. November is about that time of the year when the spirit of one of the country’s national heroes, Andres Bonifacio come alive with local and foreign visitors swarming along the streets of BGC to get the “fiesta” feel of this highly urbanized district of Metro Manila!

This year’s Passionfest which will be held on November 28, 29 and 30, 2014 is themed A BONI-FIDE URBAN FIESTA and will offer a breathtaking showcase of local performers and exhibitors alike.

As with the previous year’s events, the atmosphere will again be buzzing with people and anticipation will focus again largely on the street parades of performers in Pilipino costumes, the BGC-wide SALE of merchandise and if you want to sample local street food, hundreds of  food stalls would be lining up all around the area.

And for you runners out there, there will be the usual fun run dubbed, the RUN BGC 2014: URBAN ADVENTURE which will be an adventure race type of run where groups of 10 runners each will have to solve mind-boggling clues, tackle exciting challenges and explore BGC!

For those who have never experienced BGC’s Passionfest, reserve these 3 days of fun and adventure. Be there early, eat all the delectable street foods, have some beer, bring your cameras and make it a special time for the whole family.

Here’s a complete guide and description of the event:



Bonifacio Global City’s annual three-day event tradition dubbed BGC PASSIONFEST is set to once again fill the dynamic city with various activities focused on culture, art, fitness, lifestyle and most of all, FUN!

This year’s theme, A BONI-FIDE URBAN FIESTA, features a full Filipino fusion on November 28, 29 and 30, 2014, outlining everything that makes BGC the most passionate place to be—food, shopping, art, outdoors, games, fitness & entertainment. Every layer celebrates a city that is cut to fit life’s vibrancy.

Getting the ball rolling on November 28, A BONI-FIDE URBAN FIESTA begins with a Kick-Off Street Party where Bonifacio High Street literally comes to life with colourful Filipino dances staged in a bright parade at night. The grand street party also signals the start of the much-awaited Supremo Sale, opening the doors to the numerous participating BGC stores!

November 29 ushers in Run BGC with this year’s theme: Urban Adventure. Participants in groups of 10 must explore the city and its key features with obstacles and challenges to complete the mind-and-body experience.

Giving the Boni-fide vibe to BGC PASSIONFEST 2014 are the novelty street sights displayed in BONI-FIESTA. On November 29 to 30 at Bonifacio High Street. Your favourite street food such as kwek-kwek, fish balls, inihaw goodies are to be served on 9th Avenue and more; Local games of our childhood like patintero, chinese garter, a pabitin;

Filipino creativity at its best including Close Engkantos of the Christmas Kind: A Musical, an all-Pinoy BGC Art Mart, Jeepney Sign Art, DIY Saranggola, Chalk the Walk and musical performances; a Filipino Science Show by The Mind Museum demonstrating unique exhibits like Liquid Nitrogen Sorbetes, Apoy na Bahaghari: Science behind Fireworks, Sunugin ang Cedula! At ang Sweldo! (Burn Your Money Filipino Edition), Ang Agham ng Panahon: Science behind Weather; and Pinoy Food Science; as well as Skills Training for fellows in neighbouring barangays as a CSR activity.

On November 30, the second annual Parada de Kalesa will showcase dressed up kalesas available to take guests around BGC. The parade is accentuated by big bands complete with majorettes & street performers to bring that Boni-fide Fiesta feel to the city. The day continues with the BONI-FIESTA citywide activities culminating with Bonifa-SHOW, a variety show bringing together the best of Philippine entertainment in one stage! (Press Release)



True to its trendsetting nature, Bonifacio Global City converts the typical fun run into a fast-paced citywide puzzle where BGC holds the pieces.  Teams for Run BGC 2014: URBAN ADVENTURE have to solve mindboggling clues, tackle exciting challenges, and play for amazing prizes.

Think you know the city? Run BGC 2014: URBAN ADVENTURE challenges everyone to prove it by joining the largest scavenger hunt in the country.  10 clues, 10 tasks in three hours.  Participants will be released in batches of 10 people and will be given 10 envelopes containing clue cards to the activities around BGC. After solving each envelope, they will be awarded with the location of the special tasks around the city.

The race starts by solving a puzzle to find the location of the first activity.  Upon reaching the area, participants will be asked to perform tasks that promote different activities and features that can be found inside the city.  It is a great opportunity for everyone to experience BGC like never before—giving them a chance to explore the city through the eyes of its workers like sell bus tickets, direct traffic, and help pedestrians cross the street.

Registration for RUN BGC 2014 opens on October 24, Friday and ends on November 28 or until all slots are filled up, whichever comes first.  Registration forms and run schedules are available on http://www.bgc.com.ph. Interested parties may head over to the following venues to sign up as a runner: Toby’s Sports (Glorietta, Mall of Asia & Megamall), Runnr (Alabang Town Center & Bonifacio Global City) or Brooks (SM North EDSA).

Registration fee for runners will be P500, that includes the following FREEBIES: Run BGC Souvenir Shirt, Water proof Race Bib, “Life representing” Flag Belt, and a Lootbag with goodies from sponsors.  Cash prizes await the best teams!

For more details, you may log on to www.facebook.com/BonifacioGlobalCityPH or www.bgc.com.ph

For more information about BGC Passionfest 2014, visit facebook.com/BonifacioGlobalCityPH or facebok.com/BoniHighStreet or contact us at 8183601 loc. 3104 or NMMagbitang@fbdcorp.com (Pam Magbitang).

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015: January 18, 2015


This will be an excellent prep-up for those doing the Condura Skyway Marathon on February 1, 2015! This 20-Miler (32k), Takbo.ph Run will be one great pre-ultimate tune-up and help us get through the toughest part of our training, the last LSD run before D-Day!

This run is organized by Lead Pack, organizers of the highly successful Takbo.ph Runfest series.

TAKBO.ph 20 MILER 2015


5K, 10K, 10 Mile (16K), 20 Mile (32K)


Early Registration ( Online: October 1 – November 30, 2014)
Early Registration ( In-Store: October 10 – November 30, 2014)
5K – Php 700
10K – Php 800
10 Mile (16K) – Php 950
20 Mile (32K) – Php 1,100

Personalized Race Bibs are available during the early registration period only. Race kit are NOT given yet when you register. 

There will be a race kit claiming from January 14-16 at 100 Miles Cafe.

*Regular Registration (Online and In-store: December 1, 2014 – January 14, 2014)
5K – Php 700
10K – Php 800
10 Mile (16K) – Php 950
20 Mile (32K) – Php 1,100

* Race kits will be available upon registration.  NO NEED TO CLAIM during the race kit claiming schedule. Race bibs will no longer be personalized.

ALL 5K/10K/21K Runners get a Finisher’s Medal when they cross the finish line.

10 Mile and 20 Mile Runners get a Finisher’s Shirt after the race.  Sizes are subject to availability.

Personalized Race Bibs are available during the early registration period only.

NOTE: Race kit delivery is optional and only available through online registration, here: Register Online using this link


1) Chris Sports Branches

North Edsa

2) 100 Miles Cafe @ BGC

100 Miles Cafe (Mondays to Saturdays only. Close on Sundays)
2/F Fort Pointe II
28th St., Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Taguig
Mon-Fri: 10AM – 9PM
Sat: 9AM-8PM
Sun: Closed

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015 Singlet

Race Singlet

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015 Medal

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015 Medal

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015 Finisher Shirt

Takbo.ph 20 Miler 2015 Finisher Shirt


Challenge Camsur 2015: Event Preview

I just attended the Challenge Camsur 2015 Event preview at the Manila Peninsula Hotel the other day and i really like to praise David Voth, the chief executive officer of Leverage Sports Asia, who chairs the Challenge Philippines Race; Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte of Camarines Sur; Jumbo Tayag, Race Director of Challenge Camsur and Yellow Cab Pizza, main sponsor of this event for this world class triathlon they are assembling, the Challenge Camsur 2015 Triathlon!

All of these people are designing and redefining the whole triathlon event in Camsur which takes off in June of next year. The Challenge Camsur is going to be one of the fastest courses in the world Challenge series with close to 1,500 triathletes expected to join this event, 40% of which are foreign entries vying for top spots in their respective Age Groups. It’s beginning to prosper as one of the most famous and anticipated triathlons in the country, with major-market media and TV coverage nationwide.

During the press preview of Challenge Camsur at the Peninsula Hotel

Challenge Camsur will be the second Challenge branded triathlon event in the country, after Challenge Bataan. The Challenge Family is the largest and fastest growing triathlon global series in the world and has been voted the Best Triathlon Experience for the past 3 years in a row by the professionals and Age groupers.

Given that this venue had hosted three previous world-class triathlons before, i expect that this race will be very well organized and the support they will be receiving will be top notch! The amount of corporate sponsorship this event has garnered only reflects the high profile that this sport has generated!

If you have dreams of doing a world class triathlon like an Ironman or a Challenge Triathlon without spending too much for expenses to do one abroad, then add the Challenge Camsur to your list!

Here are some of the foreign entries joining the Challenge Camsur on June 14, 2015:

Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur Premiers and Announces Grassroots Efforts for Amateur Triathletes

Makati City, Manila – 14th October 2014 – With the grand success of Challenge Philippines held last February 2014 in Subic Bay and Bataan, The Challenge Family, owner of the Challenge Global Triathlon Series of Long and Half Distance Triathlon Races, is most proud to launch an even larger and more iconic event in 2014 with Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur to be held on June 14, 2015. Challenge Camsur will join Challenge Philippines, taking place on February 21, 2015, as the second Challenge event in the Philippines.

Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur will be the Largest Triathlon Festival to be held in the Philippines with the Province of Camarines Sur being the perfect place to host this world-class event as Camsur was the first province in the Philippines to host a world-class triathlon successfully for three consecutive years while setting a standard for the sport in the country.

With Camsur Governor Miguel Villafuerte

In anticipation of the newest, hottest and fastest Challenge to hit Asia, top 25 Professional Triathletes such as Chris “Macca” McCormack (Australia), World Champion and Challenge Ambassador, Melissa Hauschildt (Australia), Challenge Philippines  2014 Women’s Champion, Rasmus Petraeus (Netherlands), professional triathlete, Michael Murphy (Australia), 2nd Place Finisher at Challenge Philippines 2014, Radka Vodickova (Czechoslovakia), ranked first by the ETU in 2010, and Brad Kahlefeldt (Australia), 3x World Champion Medalist, will participate in the race.

This is the biggest and fastest professional field ever assembled in Philippine triathlon history. Additionally, 40% of Challenge Camsur’s registered triathletes are foreign triathletes flying in to vie for top spots in their Age Groups and to set new personal best times.

The goal of Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur is not only to host the best triathlon in Asia, but also to develop a grassroots program for the sport. Race producer, Leverage Sports Asia, in collaboration with the Province of Camarines Sur, is working closely to develop this program and expand it to various cities and provinces all over the country.

Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur will be the only triathlon event in the country that will have a geographically balanced representation. While most races in the Philippines are attended by triathletes from Metro Manila, Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur will have a more diverse field of participants and a wider reach. Out of 80 provinces, 25 – 30 are expected to take part in the program while 30 cities out of 130 are estimated to join.

Through their CSR, Corporate Sport Responsibility, the 5 year vision for the Challenge brand is to encourage participation and engagement in the sport while promoting a healthy lifestyle and inspiring future Olympians and World Champions. For decades, many boxers and basketball players have been trained and honed to compete on a global scale.

Now is the time to grow the sport of Triathlon in the country; to put together a pool of talent and develop them into the next batch of World-Class Triathletes.

To register for Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur, please visit www.challengecamsur.com/register.


#WhereItAllBegan #ChallengeCamsur #TimeForANewChallenge


Rico Corn Rice: A Rice Alternative For Runners

Maybe you all know the fact about how we Filipinos eat far more than our fair share of rice–making us one of the world’s largest rice consumers and importers since 2010 (from a rice exporter years before that) despite our continuously being a rice producer. Continuous seasonal monsoon damaged to crops, shrinking arable lands and a faster rise of our population more than we can stock up on the staple are the main reasons why we can not sustain its production.

However, our corn supply remains adequate and with its availability, a state-of-the-art corn-drying facility was set up by a food company, the Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics, Inc or PLILI which came up with rice-shaped corn. This product called RiCo has the healthy benefits of corn with the shape and the delectable taste of rice.

RiCo corn rice is a good replacement for white rice as it is made from 100% Philippine grown corn and is rich in B-vitamins, calcium and iron. It has no cholesterol and low glycemic index which can help keep rice lovers fit and healthy!

Athletes, particularly runners know that whole grains, vegetables and fruits are good sources of energy because they contain nutrients that fuel their runs and repair muscles. But many of us might not realize that while each of these foods is individually nutritious, corn–which is also a food staple in the Visayas and Mindanao also provides more bang with every bite.

RiCo rice corn sample when cooked

One of a runner’s carbohydrate staples is corn and for good reasons. It’s tasty, nutritious and energy-filling. When certain foods like corn are made something to look and taste like rice, it gives a new face and alternative to our ever dwindling staple food without losing it’s palatable tang!

Last Monday, we were invited to a luncheon to taste different dishes using the RiCo corn rice with no less than famous celebrity chef, Chef Jessie Sinsioco at her “Chef Jessie Restaurant” at the Rockwell Club in Makati. It was one gastronomic delight after another with Chef Jessie’s expertise in mixing the corn rice in these dishes:

Mesclun Greens Salad in Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing with Prawn RiCo pops

The Mescun Green Salad is excellent and the veggies were really fresh and crispy. It’s not a traditional tossed salad, but rather deli salads scooped onto a bed of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The crusted prawn ball made of corn-rice was the real icing on the salad with a single big chunk of prawn tucked inside that perfectly complemented the dish!

Minestrone with RiCo corn rice

The ministrone soup was one of the best i ever tasted as it was one of Chef Jessie’s surprise dish combining the soup with grains of the corn rice which was very filling that i could have made a meal out of it!

Pan-fried Codfish Fillet in Pommery Mustard Sauce with RiCo Corn Rice Filaf and sauteed French Beans

The pan-fried codfish fillet is juicy and tender, but this may have been the menu’s weakest link as it was not seasoned and didn’t have much flavor as i would have liked! The mustard sauce didn’t help accentuate the flavor so i asked the waiter to bring me the pepper shake to spice it up a bit! The taste kicked up some twang when i poured some enchilada on top of it! Saved!

Grilled Chicken Breast in Creamy Pepper Sauce served with RiCo pilaf and sauteed French beans

The grilled chicken breast was succulent as it was grilled wonderfully and it was the perfect match for the Pilaf corn rice!

RiCo Corn Rice Crocant Roll for dessert

The corn rice crocant roll is what it is…crisp, sweet and a bit buttery but was excellent, nonetheless!

This was one healthy and delicious meal that everybody in the room enjoyed! The servings were perfectly portioned, mostly good quality ingredients and the RiCo corn rice was a perfect blend in the mix!


RiCo Corn Rice Makes Healthy, Yummy (Press Release)

In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, there is no need to deprive ourselves of the pleasure of a good meal. With RiCo Corn Rice, we can have the best of both worlds.

Rico Corn Rice is made from 100% Philippine-grown corn fortified with iron and calcium. It tastes just like regular rice but provides the nutrition of corn. Each grain is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin A as well as beta-carotene and lutein for good eyesight.

As a complex carbohydrate, corn provides sustained energy. It is ideal for athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. Corn is known for its high fiber content, a quality valued by the figure conscious. In addition, corn has no cholesterol and has lower glycemic index for controlled and balanced blood sugar that is ideal for diabetics and weight watchers.

Incorporating RiCo corn rice into the daily routine is fairly simple, its preparation is not far from what we are accustomed to. At the recent launch of RiCo, their very own Chef Joey de la Cruz demonstrated the three easy steps of cooking RiCo: boil, pour, and simmer.

Boil the suggested amount of water. Then, pour the desired amount of RiCo. Finally, simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. To prevent loss of water-soluble nutrients, the grains should not be washed. If a loose and fluffy consistency (buhaghag) is preferred, RiCo should be cooked like pasta: boil the water, put in RiCo and then drain. RiCo retains its yellow hue even after it is cooked, making it very visually appealing and a hit among children.

Chef Jessie

The Jazzrunner meets the Jazz Singer/Host, Cara Manglapus

Ms. Kareeza Cristobal, Brand Manager of Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics Inc., distributors of RiCo Corn Rice

During the launch, Chef Jessie Sincioco demonstrated the versatility of the ingredient through a sit down meal of Mesclun Greens with Prawn RiCo pops, Minestrone with RiCo, a main course of Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillet in Pommery Mustard Sauce and Grilled Chicken Breast in Creamy Pepper Sauce served with RiCo Pilaf and sauteed French Beans, and RiCo Crocant Roll. At home, you can use RiCo in your daily favorites such as sinangag, java rice, yang chow rice, and paella.

The locally-produced RiCo is a first from the Philippines. Aside from making healthy, yummy, this innovation also provides increased livelihood for our farmers and develops our country’s natural resources.

¬RiCo is available in 1-kilogram (P70.00), 2-kilogram (125.00), and 5-kilogram (P300.00) packs at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket, Walter Mart Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, The Landmark Supermarket, Sta. Lucia East Supermarket, Pioneer Centre Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, South Supermarket, NCCC Supermarket, Gaisano Mall, and other leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more information about RiCo, visit http://www.yummyhealthy.ph.

You may also click on the RiCo Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/yummyhealthylife. Follow news about RiCo on Instagram, http://instagram.com/yummyhealthylife and Twitter, https://twitter.com/yummyhealthyph.

The Quezon City Food Fest at Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Street in Diliman, seems to be the new, emerging restaurant row in Quezon City, an alternative to the crowded and bustling eateries along Tomas Morato, Timog, West and Katipunan Avenues. Maginhawa’s eateries doesn’t have the swagger or class the bigger restaurants have because this new eating hub is more low-key, quaint, homey, a favorite hang-out of students, academicians, artists or small families who want a new experience in dining.

Except for a short slight drizzle, it was a beautiful night last night while i was jostling amongst the crowd who were similarly experiencing the first Quezon City Food Festival along the sides of this main artery. A ton of various food stalls ranging from gourmet pastas, German sausages, Ramens, etc were lined-up competing with those already established Cafes, Bars, Burger Joints, Grillers and other themed restaurants.

Maginhawa Street is less than a kilometer away from home so i decided to walk to the venue, see what i could find to eat, take pictures as i maneuver myself through the maddening crowd which was swelling despite the light drizzle and it was just 5:30pm. This is my first time attending a street food festival, very similar to a street tiangge although instead of clothes and accessories being sold, it’s foodstuffs that were lined-up!

I was getting hungrier by the minute seeing all the food displayed on their display tables so i decided to stop at one of the pasta stalls which had vacant seats. You get your bang for your buck here! For P150.00, you have a “pasta plate” which consists of fettuccine with ham, 2 slices of pineapple-pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, green salad and a glass of ice tea. The fettuccine was good, but nothing special.

Pasta Plate

Next stop was at a chicken buffalo wings stall where they were frying the thing in front of you and you get 6 pieces for P120.00 and you get to choose your dip which can be either hot or overdose (extremely hot)! I chose the hot dip which to me was burning hot! Skin was perfectly fried with some bold spices, while the meat inside was juicy, tender and flavorful. Reminded me of Texas Road House buffalo wings which tasted similar!

Deep fried to perfection

After walking for some more, i got attracted to the smell of barbecues, the meat of the pork and chicken being brushed by their special barbecue sauce so i made a quick stop to buy 2 sticks of pork barbecue costing P50.00 a stick which was equivalent to 3 sticks had i bought it at our neighborhood barbecue stall! The meat was tender, juicy and thick. Was only able to consume one piece because i was already full!

Pork BBQ

Overall, good food and the “fiesta” atmosphere was very reveling! Some lines were long, but many were moving quickly. There was even some live music going on as the neighborhood residents got in the action. Stalls were selling beer poured on paper cups (though I didn’t drink), and some free chips to go around with. Hope they do this food festival more often. What a great time!

I’m leaving you with some pics i took during my stroll along the food fest! Enjoy!


Gerry’s Jeepney

Our AMAC Athletes Return: 3 Golds, 2 Silver, 5 Bronze Medals

Our 19 Philippine Team Masters athletes who recently showed action at the 18th Asia Masters Athletics Championships (AMAC) in Kitakami, Japan last week are now back in the country after a week of grueling track and field competitions that saw them garner 3 Golds, 2 Silver and 5 Bronzes for a total of 10 medals!

With Edward Kho, bronze medalist, 4×400 MR at the Asian Masters Athletics Championship in Kitakami, Japan.

In honor of the achievements of these masters athletes, one of their main sponsors, El Lobo Energy Juice Drink gathered the media, bloggers and supporters for a homecoming luncheon held last week at the Aristocrat Restaurant along Roxas Blvd.

There was an air of pride lingering inside the lounge as we, the guests and the athletes themselves gathered to recognize the medalists as each gave a synopsis of their performance, their ups and downs during the competition proper and we were just impressed by their abilities to manage their intensive training prior to the games in addition to balancing their responsibilities with their regular jobs and families.

Philippine Team at the homecoming luncheon

The Philippine masters athletes have a strong record of success throughout the years in the AMAC, a competition where former national athletes aged 35 to 95 years old compete with their Asian counterparts and test their abilities in the sports of athletics where they have been participating since 1986.

The athletes, led by their spokesperson and 4×400 meters bronze medalist and Corregidor Marathon Race Director Edward Tito Kho presented the highlights of their performance in a brief presented to us:

As you see, there were several glorious moments for us at the Masters Games in Kitakami: Emerson Obiena’s Gold in the Pole Vault Event (M45-49); Danilo Fresnido’s golden javelin throw (M40-44) and perennial gold medalist in the women’s event of the javelin throw, Erlinda Lavandia (W60-64).

Danilo Fresnido, Gold-Javelin Throw (M40-44)

Emerson Obiena, Gold- Pole Vault/ Bronze-4×400 MR (45-49)

Erlinda Lavandia – 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze

While we were robbed of another prospective gold opportunity when superstar Elma Muros-Posadas injured her ankle in her first attempt at the long jump thus, not able to compete for the rest of the games, we can take some solace in the fact we have still garnered silvers and bronzes against other giant delegations like Japan and Korea.

It’s a great achievement for an athlete to even be selected for the AMAC Games, and I’m sure our local elder stars will strive harder to step up at the podium in their next international event, the World Masters Championships in France!

Wilson D. Go, President of Refreshment Republic Incorporated, makers of El Lobo Energy Drinks (R) with Paul Ycasas, Team Manager (Philippine Sports Commission)


Here are the performance results:

The Team Philippine Masters were supported by EL LOBO ENERGY DRINK, L-TIME STUDIO and SOMA WATCHES, among others.

Sunpiology Adventure Run: November 15, 2014

Looking for your next mini-adventure run? How about an afternoon running with movie heartthrob Piolo Pascual and Star Magic artists like Rayver Cruz, Ejay Falcon, Jessy Mendiola, Matteo Guidicelli, Jane Oineza and former PBB All In Housemates? The 2014 Sunpiology: An Adventure-filled Run with the Stars has you covered!

This run will have you crawl, blown-away (literally), zoom past torching fires and have your bodies showered by water to cool you down as you’ll get the chance to run a 10k, 5k or 3k run filled with these obstacles, guaranteed to bring you laughter at the finish line! Each finisher will receive loot bags with sponsors freebies, drinks and also a Sun Life Towel.

Not only that, but each runner gets a high-quality race singlet, free Sunlife water bottle and raffle stubs to win big prizes with their registration! Proceeds of the run will be used to help send more scholars to school under the Hebreo Foundation and Star Magic Charities.



 Sunpiology 2014

November 15, 2014 (Saturday, 3:00 PM)
Bonifacio Global City

Race Director: RunRio


500m – Php 350
3K – Php 700
5K – Php 800
10K – Php 900

ON-LINE Registration:  SEPT 22 – NOV. 2 www.sunpiology.com or http://runrio.com/sunpiology-run-2014/

Race Kits will be delivered if you registered on-line. Plus P150.00 for processing/ delivery and P50.00 for web admin fee.

In-store registration will be done at the following stores, from 12:00NN to 8:00PM Monday to Sunday starting October 6, to November 12, 2014.

  • RUNNR Store BGC
  • B1 Bonifacio High St. The Fort, Taguig City
  • Toby’s Galleria
  • 3F Robinson’s Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • Toby’s SM North
  • SM North – The Block G/F, North Ave. cor. EDSA Quezon City
  • Toby’s MOA
  • SM Mall of Asia, G/F Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd, Manila

During the launching of the Sunpiology Adventure Run 2014 yesterday at Max Restaurant. L-R: Host Robbie Domingo, Piolo Pascual and RD Coach Rio Dela Cruz


10k Race Route

5k Race Route


Adventure beckons at SUNPIOLOGY RUN with the Stars!

As the sun sets, your brighter adventure begins. Conquer the elements of nature in theSUNPIOLOGY: An Adventure-Filled RUN with the Stars with mazes and crawls adding excitement to your usual fun run. Leap to the holiday spirit because every mile you go brings supported scholars closer to finishing their education.

One of the most anticipated annual charity events in the country, this year’s SUNPIOLOGY: An Adventure-Filled RUN with the Stars is set to take place on November 15 (Saturday), 3 pm,at the Bonifacio Global City, with 500m dash (Php 350), 3k (Php 700), 5k (Php 800), and 10k (Php 900) distances.

The event is expected to be star-studded with the participation of Piolo Pascual and his co-Star Magic artists namely Jane Oineza, Ynna Asistio, Francis Magundayao, Trina Legaspi, CJ Novato, Jovit Baldivino, Markki stroemm, Igiboy Flores, former PBB all in housemates Aina Solano, Axel Torres, Fifth Solomon, Fourth Solomon, Joshua Garcia, Loisa Andalio, Manolo Pedrosa, Maris Racal, Nichole Barranda, Vickie Rushton, Rayver Cruz, Ejay Falcon, Joem Bascon, Jessy Mendiola, Matteo Guidicelli and many more surprise guests.

“For this year, we want to do more than just dash to the finish line. We want to make this run more fun with surprises inspired by the earth, wind, water, and fire. It’s our way of bringing Sun Life’s innovative spirit to our CSR activities,” explains Sun Life Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Riza Mantaring, who is also a marathoner.

Born from the partnership between Sun Life Philippines and Star Magic, SUNPIOLOGY has raised millions in funds for Hebreo Foundation and Star Magic charities in recent years. Organized this year by RunRio, the much-anticipated charity run is supported by the Sun Life Foundation, JM Squared, and One Meralco Foundation.

They are joined by media partners 9TV, ANC, Business Mirror, Star Studio, Cinema One, Jeepney TV, Mellow 94.7, Outcomm, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Star Studio, The Philippine Star, and YES Magazine as official media partners while Toby’s and Runnr are registration partners.

Official hotel partner is F1 Hotel Manila, official medical partner is St. Luke’s Medical Center, while event partners include 360 Fitness Club, Gardenia, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, Max’s, Purefoods Sexy Chix, San Mig Coffee, Nizoral and Sun Life Grepa Financial. Venue partner is Bonifacio Global City, official hydration partner is Gatorade, and Timex stands as official timer.

“Every year, SUNPIOLOGY becomes more meaningful because we get to see how much we are helping the lives of our beneficiaries. We also receive more assistance, which means that more people are pitching in. Together, we do live up to the most generous season of the year,” mused Pascual, during its launch presscon held at Max’s Restaurant.

SUNPIOLOGY: An Adventure-Filled RUN with the Stars registration runs until November 12 atwww.sunpiology.com or through our official registration partners RUNNR BGC and TOBY’s (Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, and North Edsa The Block).

Registrants will receive a Sun Life water bottle together with the race kits. Exciting raffle prizes await runners after they cross the finish line.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your next brighter adventure!

Trail Chronicles #23: Dalandanan Trails

Many trail runners, specially those with an eye for technical or long, mountainous and river paths often flock to the peaceful hinterlands of San Mateo, Rodriguez and Tanay, all in Rizal province. But the trails and peaks of nearby Bulacan, with Licao-Licao, Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Maranat, to mention a few, which is just an hour away from Metro Manila is just as ideal for adventurers–and a lot less known to runners.

Nearer still is Ciudad Real in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, one of my favorite  venues for unlimited trail running as many trails here remain untouched from runners, just waiting to be discovered.

Last Friday, trail running buddy Jun and i returned to Ciudad Real but instead of going through our usual route, we explored trails that we haven’t ran before, discovering in the process raw natural landscape, where water is clean enough to drink, fresh air blowing from atop trees and flower-filled forest with reds beaming on the side of the trails.

Jun and i entered a small community known as Sitio Dalandanan, Tungkong Mangga where this citrus fruit abounds during its bearing season. There is enough variety here in terms of hills, flats, as well as scenery (single track trails, streams, waterfalls to prairies with thatched houses) to keep things interesting and challenging at points.

There were parts of the trail that were muddy after the intermittent rains during the past few days but not to soggy to interfere with your stride. Highlight of our run is a stop-over over a rocky stream with small waterfalls that is both mesmerizing and tranquil. Wish we had stayed here a little longer.

Here’s the rest of our run, in pictures:

The entrance to Sitio Dalandanan

Surprising to see pine trees in this area

It’s a trail that we haven’t gone through before so it was interesting what was in store ahead

Going down at the banks of a small river

A little surprise for us here! Water streaming down a rocky plank from a waterfall…

Dalandanan waterfalls

The waterfalls visible above from the trails

Some uphill parts of the Dalandanan trails

This is now Sitio Ricafort

One of the rocky trails

Putting my Salomon X-celerate to the test

Getting tangled on the vines along the Licao-licao trails

Mostly single track trails at Licao2.

Taking a break for a selfie!

Town folks do their laundry in this river

Encountered several beasts of burden along the trails

Finished in 4:52 for the 20 km run

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