The Quezon City Food Fest at Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Street in Diliman, seems to be the new, emerging restaurant row in Quezon City, an alternative to the crowded and bustling eateries along Tomas Morato, Timog, West and Katipunan Avenues. Maginhawa’s eateries doesn’t have the swagger or class the bigger restaurants have because this new eating hub is more low-key, quaint, homey, a favorite hang-out of students, academicians, artists or small families who want a new experience in dining.

Except for a short slight drizzle, it was a beautiful night last night while i was jostling amongst the crowd who were similarly experiencing the first Quezon City Food Festival along the sides of this main artery. A ton of various food stalls ranging from gourmet pastas, German sausages, Ramens, etc were lined-up competing with those already established Cafes, Bars, Burger Joints, Grillers and other themed restaurants.

Maginhawa Street is less than a kilometer away from home so i decided to walk to the venue, see what i could find to eat, take pictures as i maneuver myself through the maddening crowd which was swelling despite the light drizzle and it was just 5:30pm. This is my first time attending a street food festival, very similar to a street tiangge although instead of clothes and accessories being sold, it’s foodstuffs that were lined-up!

I was getting hungrier by the minute seeing all the food displayed on their display tables so i decided to stop at one of the pasta stalls which had vacant seats.¬†You get your bang for your buck here! For P150.00, you have a “pasta plate” which consists of fettuccine with ham, 2 slices of pineapple-pepperoni pizza, garlic bread, green salad and a glass of ice tea. The fettuccine was good, but nothing special.

Pasta Plate

Next stop was at a chicken buffalo wings stall where they were frying the thing in front of you and you get 6 pieces for P120.00 and you get to choose your dip which can be either hot or overdose (extremely hot)! I chose the hot dip which to me was burning hot! Skin was perfectly fried with some bold spices, while the meat inside was juicy, tender and flavorful. Reminded me of Texas Road House buffalo wings which tasted similar!

Deep fried to perfection

After walking for some more, i got attracted to the smell of barbecues, the meat of the pork and chicken being brushed by their special barbecue sauce so i made a quick stop to buy 2 sticks of pork barbecue costing P50.00 a stick which was equivalent to 3 sticks had i bought it at our neighborhood barbecue stall! The meat was tender, juicy and thick. Was only able to consume one piece because i was already full!

Pork BBQ

Overall, good food and the “fiesta” atmosphere was very reveling! Some lines were long, but many were moving quickly. There was even some live music going on as the neighborhood residents got in the action. Stalls were selling beer poured on paper cups (though I didn’t drink), and some free chips to go around with. Hope they do this food festival more often. What a great time!

I’m leaving you with some pics i took during my stroll along the food fest! Enjoy!


Gerry’s Jeepney