Rico Corn Rice: A Rice Alternative For Runners

Maybe you all know the fact about how we Filipinos eat far more than our fair share of rice–making us one of the world’s largest rice consumers and importers since 2010 (from a rice exporter years before that) despite our continuously being a rice producer. Continuous seasonal monsoon damaged to crops, shrinking arable lands and a faster rise of our population more than we can stock up on the staple are the main reasons why we can not sustain its production.

However, our corn supply remains adequate and with its availability, a state-of-the-art corn-drying facility was set up by a food company, the Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics, Inc or PLILI which came up with rice-shaped corn. This product called RiCo has the healthy benefits of corn with the shape and the delectable taste of rice.

RiCo corn rice is a good replacement for white rice as it is made from 100% Philippine grown corn and is rich in B-vitamins, calcium and iron. It has no cholesterol and low glycemic index which can help keep rice lovers fit and healthy!

Athletes, particularly runners know that whole grains, vegetables and fruits are good sources of energy because they contain nutrients that fuel their runs and repair muscles. But many of us might not realize that while each of these foods is individually nutritious, corn–which is also a food staple in the Visayas and Mindanao also provides more bang with every bite.

RiCo rice corn sample when cooked

One of a runner’s carbohydrate staples is corn and for good reasons. It’s tasty, nutritious and energy-filling. When certain foods like corn are made something to look and taste like rice, it gives a new face and alternative to our ever dwindling staple food without losing it’s palatable tang!

Last Monday, we were invited to a luncheon to taste different dishes using the RiCo corn rice with no less than famous celebrity chef, Chef Jessie Sinsioco at her “Chef Jessie Restaurant” at the Rockwell Club in Makati. It was one gastronomic delight after another with Chef Jessie’s expertise in mixing the corn rice in these dishes:

Mesclun Greens Salad in Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing with Prawn RiCo pops

The Mescun Green Salad is excellent and the veggies were really fresh and crispy. It’s not a traditional tossed salad, but rather deli salads scooped onto a bed of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The crusted prawn ball made of corn-rice was the real icing on the salad with a single big chunk of prawn tucked inside that perfectly complemented the dish!

Minestrone with RiCo corn rice

The ministrone soup was one of the best i ever tasted as it was one of Chef Jessie’s surprise dish combining the soup with grains of the corn rice which was very filling that i could have made a meal out of it!

Pan-fried Codfish Fillet in Pommery Mustard Sauce with RiCo Corn Rice Filaf and sauteed French Beans

The pan-fried codfish fillet is juicy and tender, but this may have been the menu’s weakest link as it was not seasoned and didn’t have much flavor as i would have liked! The mustard sauce didn’t help accentuate the flavor so i asked the waiter to bring me the pepper shake to spice it up a bit! The taste kicked up some twang when i poured some enchilada on top of it! Saved!

Grilled Chicken Breast in Creamy Pepper Sauce served with RiCo pilaf and sauteed French beans

The grilled chicken breast was succulent as it was grilled wonderfully and it was the perfect match for the Pilaf corn rice!

RiCo Corn Rice Crocant Roll for dessert

The corn rice crocant roll is what it is…crisp, sweet and a bit buttery but was excellent, nonetheless!

This was one healthy and delicious meal that everybody in the room enjoyed! The servings were perfectly portioned, mostly good quality ingredients and the RiCo corn rice was a perfect blend in the mix!


RiCo Corn Rice Makes Healthy, Yummy (Press Release)

In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, there is no need to deprive ourselves of the pleasure of a good meal. With RiCo Corn Rice, we can have the best of both worlds.

Rico Corn Rice is made from 100% Philippine-grown corn fortified with iron and calcium. It tastes just like regular rice but provides the nutrition of corn. Each grain is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin A as well as beta-carotene and lutein for good eyesight.

As a complex carbohydrate, corn provides sustained energy. It is ideal for athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. Corn is known for its high fiber content, a quality valued by the figure conscious. In addition, corn has no cholesterol and has lower glycemic index for controlled and balanced blood sugar that is ideal for diabetics and weight watchers.

Incorporating RiCo corn rice into the daily routine is fairly simple, its preparation is not far from what we are accustomed to. At the recent launch of RiCo, their very own Chef Joey de la Cruz demonstrated the three easy steps of cooking RiCo: boil, pour, and simmer.

Boil the suggested amount of water. Then, pour the desired amount of RiCo. Finally, simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. To prevent loss of water-soluble nutrients, the grains should not be washed. If a loose and fluffy consistency (buhaghag) is preferred, RiCo should be cooked like pasta: boil the water, put in RiCo and then drain. RiCo retains its yellow hue even after it is cooked, making it very visually appealing and a hit among children.

Chef Jessie

The Jazzrunner meets the Jazz Singer/Host, Cara Manglapus

Ms. Kareeza Cristobal, Brand Manager of Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics Inc., distributors of RiCo Corn Rice

During the launch, Chef Jessie Sincioco demonstrated the versatility of the ingredient through a sit down meal of Mesclun Greens with Prawn RiCo pops, Minestrone with RiCo, a main course of Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillet in Pommery Mustard Sauce and Grilled Chicken Breast in Creamy Pepper Sauce served with RiCo Pilaf and sauteed French Beans, and RiCo Crocant Roll. At home, you can use RiCo in your daily favorites such as sinangag, java rice, yang chow rice, and paella.

The locally-produced RiCo is a first from the Philippines. Aside from making healthy, yummy, this innovation also provides increased livelihood for our farmers and develops our country’s natural resources.

¬RiCo is available in 1-kilogram (P70.00), 2-kilogram (125.00), and 5-kilogram (P300.00) packs at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket, Walter Mart Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, The Landmark Supermarket, Sta. Lucia East Supermarket, Pioneer Centre Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, South Supermarket, NCCC Supermarket, Gaisano Mall, and other leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more information about RiCo, visit http://www.yummyhealthy.ph.

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