AyosDito.ph Launches SportsKoAyosDito

AyosDito.ph is the hallmark of what an on-line buying and selling site should be. Local, honest, reliable, trustworthy, and skilled. AyosDito.ph has enough glowing reviews on their classified ads business, and are now launching a campaign called “SportsKoAyosDito” to promote a hassle-free, safe on-line selling and buying of Road Bikes for the budding triathlete.

The SportsKoAyosDito’s campaign is highlighting on the sport of triathlon and this media is now positioning itself as a portal for best buys of pre-loved road and triathlon bikes in terms of pricing and quality.

Bike bought at AyosDito. The Scott brand is for Maridol while the Bianchi goes to Jeffrey

This campaign is partnering with celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano and triathlon coach, Miguel Lopez to search and select bikes at AyosDito suited for newbie triathletes who would want to gear up and buy a decent, race-ready bike for their first race competition.

I was fortunate enough to be invited at the “SportsKoAyosDito” launch at the Museum Cafe last Monday and we were introduced to this concept wherein both Drew Arellano and Miguel Lopez presented to us their trainees, Jeffrey Calayag and Maridol Yabut, respectively who were able to purchase their competition bikes at AyosDito.

Maridol on midle pic (red shirt) and Jeffrey on extreme right.

Here in full are the details of the SportsKoAyosDito campaign:

AyosDito launches “SportsKoAyosDito” campaign to promote sports and hassle-free, safe consumer-to-consumer e-commerce

MANILA, Philippines, November 10, 2014—AyosDito has launched a campaign called “#SportsKoAyosDito” to help beginners pursue and level-up their passion for sports, and at the same time, promote hassle-free, safe online selling and buying.

Partnering with celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano and triathlon coach Miguel Lopez, AyosDito helped selected triathlon beginners—Jeff Calayag and Maridol Yabut—to gear up and train for their first triathlon competition. With “#SportsKoAyosDito”, the biking community was able to sell their pre-loved road bikes for the triathlon beginners.

Drew and Miguel were largely involved in the campaign. They both searched for the bikes on AyosDito, and met the sellers to transact with them – just like what happens with sellers and buyers in real life – to demonstrate that online selling and buying, especially with AyosDito, is hassle-free and safe.

Brand influencer and triathlete Drew Arellano shared, “I realized that with platforms like AyosDito, various items especially for sports, are available so it is now easier and more cost-efficient to start a passion like triathlon. Meeting sellers is an exciting experience as it puts the human element in online selling and buying. My own user experience in meeting the sellers and buying the bike was safe and fun as AyosDito has a dedicated reviewer who ensures ads and sellers quality.”

Triathlon coach and athlete Miguel Lopez said, “Sports enthusiasts will be surprised that they can rely on platforms like AyosDito because they can find what they need for a particular sport. For instance, I found a fit bike for my trainee Maridol Yabut who needs a 48 – 50 cm road bike and this bike, despite being a pre-loved one, is competition-ready. Knowing the strict ads approval of AyosDito, my expectation was met when I saw that the bike was original and the seller was reliable.”

Believing in the potential of customer-to-customer e-commerce sites to promote and grow passions like sports, AyosDito Philippines Marketing Manager Rebecca Ricalde said, “At AyosDito, we are committed to helping Filipinos pursue their passions like sports by creating a hassle-free, safe, and trustworthy environment where experts and beginners can connect and transact with peace of mind.

With AyosDito, we believe we can grow and sustain communities like sports. For this campaign, we are highlighting triathlon but the message applies for all sports and hobbies such as surfing, mountaineering, boxing and many more.”

Drew Arellano (in black) explains his role in SportsKoAyosDito

To make sure every buyer or seller can enjoy the most Ayos experience, the company strictly implements the following rules:

1. Duplicate ads are not allowed. Nobody likes spam. On AyosDito.ph, buyers find items they’d like easily.
2. “General Patronage” items only. AyosDito.ph stays up-to-date on the prohibited items for sale based on Philippine laws. Likewise, there are no ads promoting tobacco, alcohol products, and more. For a full list:
3. Honesty is our policy. One major concern when buying online is scam. To prevent this, ads are scrutinized based on their photos, description, and item price compared to current mall prices. Usually, if an ad is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t!
4. Clear photos are required. Part of ad quality control is focused on reviewing ad photos. Ads published need to be clear. Photos that are blurry, dark, with too much text, and even those with watermarks are rejected as a way to prevent scam ads.
5. Actual photos (of cars) are required. Everyday, over 72,000 buyers are looking to buy cars on AyosDito.ph! To make sure these interested buyers get the best experience, specifically prohibited are stock, internet, and magazine or catalogue photos for car ads. Actual car photos are required to inform every buyer on their decision.

About brand influencer Drew Arellano

Committed to fitness and wellness, Drew has been actively involved in triathlons since 2007. The first triathlon event he participated in was the NAGT Sprint Triathlon in UPLB. His first triathlon bike was a Giant TCR.

About the campaign partner and triathlete and coach Miguel ‘Ige’Lopez

Miguel has been doing triathlon/multisport training since November 2000. This month marks his 14th year doing triathlons/multisport. His first triathlon was in July 2011 when he finished the first UPLB Trantados Sprint Triathlon.  In the first triathlon he saw in 2000 gave him the chance to participate in a team relay in half-ironman distance race in Matabungkay, Batangas His first bike, given by his dad way back in high school, was an old Gary Fisher mountain bike he used for bike commuting and going around town. His first “real” bike was a second-hand generic frame road bike which cost Php16,000.00.

Miguel has been coaching personalities. His former students include Erwan Heusaff, Miriam Quiambao, Bianca King, Lance Gokongwei, Anton Wang, and Fernando Zobel. Currently, he is coaching Kim Atienza and Isabelle Daza.

About the triathlon beginner and trainee Jeffrey Calayag

Jeffrey has been training for running for a year. He joined We Run United, and Milo for 21k running events. Now, he is training for his first marathon for Condura next year. With biking, he is getting into it between these runs as his recovery and now checking if there is a chance he can join a duathlon. His inspiration to fulfill a healthy and active lifestyle is his family. Drew Arellano is his role model and inspiration ever since the start. He has a generic Alloy bike.

About the triathlon beginner and trainee Maridol Yabut

The triathlons she has joined so far include the 5150 Safeguard Triathlon Bohol 2014 (where she was a runner on the relay team), Dream Marathon 2011, CamSur International Marathon 2010 and 2011 (21k), and the 34th Milo Marathon. For Maridol, swimming is the skill that she really has to learn. Her fitness goals are to be able to finish her first triathlon and in the long run, join international marathon events. Her family and friends inspire her. Right now, she is having her road bike from AyosDito with the help of coach Ige Lopez.

For more information on AyosDito.ph ad review policies, please visit: http://www.ayosdito.ph/about/index.htm?ca=5_s&page=rules. Like AyosDito on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AyosDito.ph; follow us on Instagram @AyosDito_PH and Twitter @AyosDitoPH.


About AyosDito.ph

AyosDito.ph is an online classified site developed for Filipinos, by Filipinos. It is dedicated in giving the best online buying and selling experience through FREE ad postings and safe online shopping for its users. For over 5 years, AyosDito.ph has helped prevent spam and scam through an extensive and personalized ad review process, followed by global sites in more than 30 countries. This way, more Filipinos find items and sellers they can trust.

AyosDito.ph is managed and operated by 701 Search Inc, a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted ASA and Telenor Group.

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