My Mt. Talamitam Race Experience

The Mt. Talamitam Assault 10 Mile Trail Challenge is not for the faint of heart. The first kilometers winds up on beautiful forest trails with very steep portions and a certain degree of challenge before assaulting the more intense uphills of this mountain. It will make you think why you didn’t train enough on hills! I was part of the group that did a test run of the course a few months back and i knew it would be one difficult run but last Sunday’s actual race was brutal yet very rewarding!

Though the distance was only 16.8kms, the route was an emotional roller coaster but it was great fun running up those hills with other runners who were huffing and puffing as much as i did.

Well, the race organizers certainly does not call this a trail assault challenge for nothing but the overwhelming feeling of achievement after is well worth it. I was glad that food was offered after the descent from the mountain where bananas, choc-nuts, biscuits, chocolate sticks and tons of water were served!

I was really glad on the weather we had. I forgot to bring my running cap at the race so i was worried about the heat and the sun specially on the open spaces near Talamitam but it was mostly overcast, with the sun just peeping at times and it was really windy during the mountain trek.

Except for a slight snafu that had some runners stranded at one portion of the trail not knowing where to go, the race went smoothly with directional arrow markers spray-painted on rocks or trees and volunteers who were very supportive and encouraging ( a trademark of the organizers) plus the fantastic views were all winners!

Over-all, the race was well-organized as they excelled at charting a race which was safe, lots of volunteer support, route that was mostly well-marked and an experience that was very memorable! I would definitely recommend this race to anyone interested. Kudos to Michael Angelo, JC Igos, Ako Si Dabull (Rick Sundiang) and the rest of the organizing team for a job well done!

Thanks to the Cavite ESE Running Team/ aRUNkada (Del, Ysa, Eric and the other event fotogs) for letting me grab some of their pictures! 😉

Check out the results here:

Group photo for posterity

Co-race organizers JC Igos and Enrique Sundiang

With running buddy, Jun (L) and monster runner, Ka Totoy!

The start

Cool pathway of trees right from the very start of the trails

View from atop the river

Runners resting, taking pics

Taking a break

With Ricky and the strong ladies!

With Ricky and Mt. Talamitam as back-drop

One of the trails on the way to Talamitam

Sky Chan of Team aRUNkada

One of the awesome views on top of a hill

One more picture break near the crest of Mt. Talamitam

50 meters away from the top. (Thanks for the photo Team aRunkada/ Cavite ESE Team)

Just took a few deep breaths at the top before descending the mountain

At the road part of the route

Crossing the finish line