Spyder Optics Sports Sunglasses: A Short Review


  • Spyder – “SWELL” Optics Sports Sunglasses
  • Polycarbonate Sunglasses
  • Quickchange frames that lets you switch to lenses of different colors for use in a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • For running, cycling and other outdoor activities

The SPYDER “Swell” Optics Sports Sunglasses

I’m enjoying this pair of sports sunglasses, the Spyder “Swell” model with polycarbonate lenses. I don’t usually wear sunglasses when running early in the morning except in instances when i do long runs that would take me more than a few hours or up to noon time to finish. Every summer, i often have to do long runs on trails, roads or wherever places it takes me under the heat of the sun and having sunglasses eases the eyes as it blocks glare, protects me from harmful UV rays and shields me from the occasional flying debris .

I’ve been using the Spyder Swell for a few weeks now and got it thoroughly tested during last month’s Corregidor International Marathon where we were exposed to the heat until 12:00 noon!

At the Corregidor International Marathon 2015 with Doc Evelyn Ponce

Crossing the finish line!


LENS: The lens is made up of “Resillens” polycarbonate materials which was developed by aerospace designers for use in helmet visors. This material is also found in bulletproof windows, airplane windows and riot police shields. It is ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds resistance requirements by 40 times.

Spyder Resillens™ is lighter and about 20% thinner than standard plastic or glass, which stop them from constantly sliding down the nose. The material is a natural ultraviolet filter, blocking 100% of the sun’s damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coating. This has excellent impact-resistance and very good optical clarity. It’s affordable, lightweight and low-bulk, but less scratch-resistant.

With 2 extra interchangeable lenses

FRAME: A near-indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by its extreme impact resistance. Grilamid TR90 is almost indestructible and supported by an extremely high bending strength. It’s remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.

The durable homopolynamide nylon frame


The polycarbonate lenses were featherlight and together with the light frame, you hardly feel that you were wearing them. There was no slipping and adjusting problems whatsoever and it was only when i had to pour water in my head that i had to take it off during my race at the Corregidor Marathon. It was easy to wipe the water off the lenses and other than that, the frame and lenses never gave any discomfort.

The frames fit snugly on my nose and ears and did not pinch or rub. It is important though to adjust the nose pads before wearing them by flexing them closer together or farther apart to fit on the bridge of the nose. Adjust accordingly as you run the first few hundred meters and it will permanently hold to the position you want!


A few days ago, we had a survey of the trails at the Anvaya Cove Resort in Morong, Bataan, venue of the forthcoming Salomon X-Trail Run where we had to run and walk part of the sea-shore at about 12 noon to 1:00pm under the blazing heat of the sun. It was good to be wearing my Spyder shades and a running cap which greatly prevented us from being sunburned.

After lunch as i was about to take a quick shower on their guests restrooms, i accidentally dropped the sunglasses when i took off my cap. It fell so hard that both lenses were detached from the frame, all scattered on the tiled floor! Surprisingly, the lenses didn’t break and upon checking further, no scratches were seen whatsoever. Neither was the frame. I was able to replace the lenses easily and with a few clicks, it fastened securely.

Running at past noon at the Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan (c) Running Atom

Franc with his Spyder Nomad H and me wearing the Spyder Swell

Apart from their sturdy build, elegant appearance and protection from the sun’s rays, the Spyder Swell comes with two extra set of lenses and are matched according to a wide variety of lighting conditions. Each set enhances visual acuity in a given situation.

With the many sports sunglasses i’ve worn, the Spyder Swell is by far the best in quality and clarity that comes in a very affordable price. They are light, easy to use and crisp clear. The Spyder Swell costs about P1,600.00.

All Spyder sunglasses come with an authentic Spyder hard or semi-hard case, depending on the style.

Available at Spyder Stores and Kiosks, SM Department Store (Men’s Accessories Section) and selected dealers nationwide.

On the middle is Franc wearing his Spyder Nomad H while me and Alfred are donning the Spyder Swell model (Running Atom photo)

With running buddies wearing the Spyder Sunglasses during the Sierra Madre 5-10-50k Race. (L-R) Allan, Alfred and Abet

Nissan Philippines GT Academy: The Search Is On For The Next NISMO Filipino Race Car Driver!

Are you a video gamer who’s fond of race car driving simulators? Do you play the Gran Turismo 6 on your Play Stations? Gran Turismo 6 is a must-have for those who really love cars and driving. It is a comprehensive racing simulator that allows fans to drive a prolific collection of cars on the world’s most legendary racetracks.

While the overall racing experience is one of sublime enjoyment for this driving simulator, the game still lacks the real live experience of driving a super fast racing car. But fret not! Nissan Philippines has just recently launched the GT Academy that aims to turn Filipino video gamers who can prove their driving skills in the world of video games to compete in a real racetrack. Yes, a real racetrack!

At the Nissan GT Academy Media Launch in Glorietta, Makati. L-R: SJ Hu, Nissan Phils. Gen. Manager for Marketing/ Antonio Zara, Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director/ Laurence Wiltshire, GTA Global’s Managing Director and Ricardo Sanchez, GT Academy International Champion 2014

With the launch of GT Academy in the Philippines, Nissan is offering an exciting opportunity for Filipinos to emerge as a breakthrough talent in the racing world, in the mold of Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Ayrton Senna, Filipino-Swiss Marlon Stockinger and the up and coming Ricardo Sanchez, winner of GT Academy International 2014.

Antonio Zara, Antonio Zara, Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director and Ricardo Sanchez, GT Academy International Champion 2014 during the launch

“We are looking forward to discovering even more new stars in 2015. Anyone in the Philippines who thinks they have what it takes should give GT Academy a go. Not everyone can win, but the experience is hugely rewarding at every stage of the competition.” said GTA Global’s Managing Director Laurence Wiltshire.

GTA Global’s Managing Director Laurence Wiltshire.

Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is the newest participant of the virtual-to-pro racing competition, the GT Academy. GT Academy gained prominence since its inception in 2008. Now on its seventh installment, this globally played competition sees an expansion in the form of the new GT Academy Asia, in which Philippines will be pitting against other Asian countries including Japan in the battle to become the GT Academy Champion.

So how does one become a pro race car driver and compete against other Asian countries including Japan in the battle to become the GT Academy Champion?

GT Academy takes skilled Gran Turismo 6 players and turns them into professional racers in five stages.

First Gear: The Recruitment (April – June)

Thousands of hopefuls will be narrowed down to the top 20 gamers to be determined by time trials taking place behind the wheel of GT pods during live racing events.

Second Gear: National Finals (July)

The National Finals will determine top 6 Filipino players who will go to the next round and go bumper-to-bumper with the best Gran Turismo drivers in Asia.

Third Gear: The Race Camp Week (August)

Players will be tested on their strength, stamina, mental agility and driving skills against Asia’s best at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in UK.

Fourth Gear: Driver Development Program

The emerging GT Academy Champion in Asia will join other GT Academy winners in a rigorous training under the wing of professional coaches and racers at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in UK.

Fifth Gear: Graduation
After passing the Driver Development Program, graduates will receive their International C License, allowing them to compete in a prestigious racing event anywhere in the world.

“We are looking forward to discovering even more new stars in 2015. Anyone in the Philippines who thinks they have what it takes should give GT Academy a go. Not everyone can win, but the experience is hugely rewarding at every stage of the competition.” said GTA Global’s Managing Director Laurence Wiltshire.

For the schedule of live events and updates on the GT Academy Philippines, please visit www.facebook.com/NissanPhilippinesInc.

Unilab Active Health Introduces Pacers in RU1: Tips for Pacers and Runners

It was great to see “Pacers” finally introduced at the recent Run United 1 where 5k, 10k and 21k runners were guided to finish in their particular projected times.

This “Pacer” activity in running is close to my heart as i was the one who introduced and directed the idea of having pacers during the first 4 iterations of the Quezon City International Marathon from 2009 to 2012.

Joining a pacers’ group will help runners not only achieve their goals, but have FUN, whether the goal is a personal record, or simply to cross the finish line! Pacers are extremely experienced runners, dynamic and personable, chosen based upon their previous running and/or pacing performances and know what it takes to hold a steady pace and give their runners a great running experience. They are dedicated to making sure you have a great time on the course!

Pacers during the 1st QCIM International Marathon

The job of my pacers then were direct and simple. I had “LEAD” Pacers situated at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacers at the rear. The Lead Pacers are in charge of setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer are usually tailing the group to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.


The objective of the Pacers is to be able to comfortably run the pace they have volunteered for and to be prepared to offer encouragement and motivate runners in their respective packs with the following in mind:

  • Pacer should be able to lead runners cross the finish line at the same finishing times, achieving their target time goals;
  • Lead the group. Pay attention to the overall group goal, not personal/individual goals;
  • Look out for the welfare of all;
  • Have FUN leading them across the finish line so they remember the race as one great experience.

Important points for the Pacers:

  • Pacing duty is a big responsibility. So pacers must be fit and strong to run and pace a group, should have ran the 42K and 21k many times before, and must have a wealth of running experience to lead and pace a group effectively. Running a marathon or half-marathon is hard enough as it is; to run it at a different pace is even harder. And the challenge of pacing is to maintain consistency.
  • A pacer is a leader, coach, cheerleader, psychiatrist, clown, one who wags his/her tongue non-stop, etc. A good sense of humor will greatly help.
  • Ideal set up: pacer and a back up pacer in the same group.
  • Pacers should maintain an “even split,” which means that every kilometer will be run at approximately the same pace. A pace guide shall be provided to all pacers, and even the runners. Pacers must maintain their designated pace.
  • Pacers should meet with their group before the actual race so that an assessment of the group’s individual and collective capabilities and personalities can be done as soon as possible. That way the race day strategy can be drawn up. Pacers are encouraged to communicate their strategy as soon as possible and as clearly as possible.
  • Hydration and water station strategy must also be drawn up. Walking breaks can be encouraged right after the water stops especially for the slower groups (2:30 and up for the half-marathoners). However the runners must be told that after a walking break, the pace will have to pick up a bit in order to compensate for the walk and so that the time goal can be met. Also pacers should communicate re-grouping instructions.
  • Pacers shall be equipped with clearly identifiable time markers in a flag or balloons.
  • Pacers shall take up corral starting positions arranged with the faster groups in front and the slower groups taking up the rear positions.
  • About ten minutes before the start of the race final instructions shall be issued. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions. This shall also include back up and contingency measures. This is another great opportunity for the pacers to encourage questions from the runners they shall be leading.
  • Try to spot as early as possible those who have a difficult time keeping pace. Encourage them to fall back to the next group if they can’t really keep pace, or walk. Do not risk the safety, health or condition of the runner.

Important Points for the Runner:

  • Meet up with the Pace Groups on race day, look for them at the start, holding up large signs with the pace group finishing times printed on them. Try to meet up with your group twenty minutes before the start.
  • Five or ten minutes before the start, your Pacers will give their “final instructions”. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions, as well as your Pacers’ method of meeting back up and keeping the group together at the fluid stations. This is another great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have!
  • Fluid station philosophy, regarding whether the Pace Group will walk or run through it, is up to the Pacer(s). Each Pace Group will let their team know their strategy for getting back together after a water stop. Traditionally, the pace groups from 4:00 and slower (42k distance) will be walking during fluid stations. Be sure to check with your Pacer while running or prior to the race if this is extremely important to you.
  • Pacers would want you to run your own race. If you feel great on race day, and you want to go ahead to catch the next team, they’ll cheer you on. If it’s just not your day, slow down and wait for the next Pace Group behind to catch you. And if you want to just fall in and match strides with your Pacer, they sure will appreciate the company!

Congrats and good luck to the Pacers of the forthcoming Run United 2 (who are mostly my friends) who will once again do the pacing chores of this June 7 event. Keep on motivating!

Unilab Active Health introduces “pacers” in Run United 1 to motivate runners to finish faster and stronger

(Press Release)

Maintaining an active lifestyle has always been the advocacy of Unilab Active Health. To elevate Run United’s training component, pacers were introduced in Run United 1 held on March 8 at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

Unilab Active head Alex Panlilio says pacers provide in-race training to help runners reach their goal time known as “PR” or personal record. Pacers are seasoned runners who provide that extra push, especially when one’s energy dips. They are identified through their shirts, bibs and the colorful balloons they carry as markers.

One of the Run United 1 pacers is race organizer Jaymie Pizarro who finished 21K with a time of 2:11. She says pacers act as team leaders, and she had fun leading her pack.

“I’m used to focusing on my own time goals, but for Run United 1, I’ve paced runners and it was a fulfilling experience. It felt great reaching the finish line together, and it was heart-warming to know that they have reached their PRs.”

Pizarro gives several tips to runners who want to join a pacer:

• Train for pace. Make sure you’ve trained for your target pace and that you can sustain it. If unsure, sign up with a slower pace group and work your way up.
• Practice variety. Run a mix of interval and tempo runs to build your speed, and long runs to build endurance. Practice running at your goal pace without checking your performance in a watch or an app.
• Run with a group. It is easier to sustain the pace running with group; you can draw energy from each other.

5K pacer CJ Lampad of Runadoboking blog has some tips, too:

• Just join. Some runners are too shy. They secretly follow pacers—which is just okay. Always remember that you can stray from the group if you find the pace too fast, or go ahead if you can run faster.
• Expect a steady pace. There won’t be bursts of fast or slow runs; the target is to maintain a pace of say, seven minutes per kilometer, and finish on time.
• Talk to your pacer for guidance.
Coach Mherlz Lumagbas, Run United 21K first-place winner in the women’s division, has these final reminders: “Start slowly and gradually. Focus on training, not mileage, to avoid injuries. Make time for training and take a supplement such as Unilab Active Health Gel during the race for a boost of energy. Join pacers in races, but train regularly.”

Another pacer was Run United organizer coach Rio de la Cruz who paced 5k runners at 25-30 minutes. For 10K, pacers were triathletes: Peter Gonzalez for 50 minutes, Ed Inocentes for 55 minutes, coach Raul Cuevas and Gino Abano for 60 minutes, Odj Reyes and Joseph de Lara for 65 minutes, Vincent Co Say and Ting Joson for 70 minutes.

Marathon finishers paced for 21K. These are TV host Kim Atienza and FrontRunner magazine editor in chief Jonel Mendoza who paced runners for a 1:55 time. Pinoy Fitness website founder Jeff Lo paced for a 2:37 target, while triathletes Vince Corpus and Bobby Go paced runners to finish at 2:27.

A Sneak Peek of the Salomon X-Trail Run 2015 at Anvaya Cove

Anvaya Cove shoreline

From the harsh trails of Hamilo Coast, where the past two Salomon X-trail races were held, this year’s race will now happen at Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan that will showcase its more tolerable but still technical trails and its imposing mountains merging with the coastlines for a new exciting route.

Like the previous venues, Anvaya Cove is an exclusive country club and beach resort with mostly white sand, upscale housing units, hotel and restaurants and all the amenities you’ll find in a prime vacation resort. However, we were here yesterday to see for ourselves the new route, what it has to offer runners for their upcoming road to trail run on April 25, 2015.

The route gives you breath-taking sites of the ocean, the beach and the cove that fronts the Anvaya resort. The ocean takes on a variety of hues from different vantage points. When the clouds uncover the sun, the waters take on a shiny, silvery spark of brightness but when it’s overcast, the water transform into light blue with white shreds of overlays with mountain ranges as backdrop.

The race will start on a well-paved road that’s only a few hundred meters long before runners venture into trails that were developed for this event which then leads to the outskirts of Anvaya Cove. Although we were brought to the 6 km shorelines of Anvaya which is part of the route, we were not able to see much of the trails outside of the resort except for a birds’ eye-view of the valleys underneath Mt. Natib with ridges, uphills, a river plus a hanging bridge where runners will at one point converge to cross it.

However, we were assured by Salomon Brand Manager, Janice Tanada that this year’s route will be much more forgiving than the Hamilo Coast route of the last 2 years where from last year’s race alone, only 50% of runners of the 32k distance were able to finish it with-in cut off time.

245 MASL at the 12.5km mark of the 32k distance

Here are a few pics i took in sequence the moment we were sent-off up to the end of our run. Because of lack of time, we were only able to recon the beach part of the run and its adjacent areas including a visit to a Vietnamese memorial which will form part of the route.


Jazzrunner (c) Franc Ramon

With Franc and Pedz, the Running Atom

Thanks to Franc for this pic! 🙂

Like last year, there will be a speed boat-in-waiting for those too tired to continue..

A deserted Vietnamese memorial where a Vietnamese village once thrived

The trails, valleys and river below Mt. Natib are part of the 24 and 32k trail route

There’s also going to be a hanging bridge crossing

A closer look below

Outrun the Road, Outlast the Trail at the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015 The World’s #1 brand in Trail Running, Salomon– gears up one of the biggest trail events of the season

Trail fanatics & Running enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled once again, with the announcement of this year’s highly-anticipated Salomon X-Trail Run. Back for another round of exhilarating action, this race is one of Salomon’s trail running race series in the Asia Pacific Region, namely in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Reputed for being a technical trail running race, the “X-Trail” branding includes a mix of different terrain & surfaces– dirt, rocks, sand and concrete paths. The past years’ Salomon Pilipinas X-Trail events were held at Premier locations outside Metro Manila, boasting beautiful sceneries, where mountains & coastlines merge together in the race route.

Attracting more than 1,200 participants during the past years, this race attracts all kinds of participants, with varying trail skill levels– from newbies to hardcore loyalists of the Salomon brand. Hence, the brand has made it a point to keep things exciting and challenging for everyone, offering different race courses, different routes and challenges, creating excitement & anticipation year on year.

This year’s X-Trail Run will be offering four distances – 6km road to trail, 12km road to trail, and the much anticipated 24km & 32km mountain run. These are perfect for all types of trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to test their skill and endurance in the sport.

For the 6km and 12km Road-To-Trail category, outdoor enthusiasts who want to take their running to a higher level will get the chance to do so, as it is a perfect introduction to trails.

The registration fee for the 6km Road-To-Trail category is P850 including a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, and a post race meal. Meanwhile, the registration fee for the 12km category is P1,100 which includes a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, and a post race meal.

The 24km and 32km Mountain Run is targeted for experienced runners who wish to test their limits with steep ascents and multi-terrain challenges which stimulates skyrunning – an area of discipline where Salomon dominates. This category is considered a more ‘hardcore’ route, the course is meant for trail runners who wish to partake in the real Salomon Experience.

The registration fee for the 24km Mountain Run is P1,400 with race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, Salomon handheld water bottle, post-race meal, and a finisher’s medal for those who finish within the cut-off time. For the 32km Mountain Run, the fee is P1,600 with race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, Salomon water bottle, post-race meal and a finisher’s medal for those who finish within the cut-off time. Mandatory Gears for this category is a headlamp, whistle, hydration pack/belt which will all be checked prior to race start. The race employs a strict No Mandatory Gear and No Race rule. The Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas is a Green Run, no disposables will be provided at the hydration stations and participants are required to bring their own provisions.

For those who wish to reserve a bus slot from Trinoma Mall to Anvaya Cove and back, registrants may simply add another P600. The offer is exclusive for the first 300 registrants only.

For all interested runners, registered participants will also get 20% discount across all regular priced items at Salomon Stores including SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa Annex, Glorietta 3, Abreeza Davao, and in R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street.

Registration is ongoing until April 20 and registration may be done online via the http://www.salomonxtrailpilipinas.com website or at the following registration centers:

  • Salomon Store SM Aura, 4th floor, SM Aura Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig;
  • Salomon Store SM Megamall, 3rd floor, Bldg D, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong;
  • Salomon Glorietta 3 Store, 2/f Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City;
  • Salomon Store SM Annex North Edsa, 2/f, SM North Edsa Annex Building, Edsa, Quezon City; and at
  • R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street , Fort Bonifacio Taguig, 3/f Runner’s Runner Booth (Starting April 10).

The distribution of race kits is at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, starting April 10 to 23, at the 3rd floor (c/o Runners’Runner Booth). For accommodations, special rates of partner hotels of Anvaya Cove will be available at the website. For accommodation inquiries and reservations, email inquiry@ salomonxtrailpilipinas.com or visit www.salomonxtrailpilipinas.com for more details. (PRESS RELEASE)

NIKE Women’s 10K Manila: A Buddy Run on May 9, 2015

The NIKE 10k Manila will be held this May 9, 2015 at Filinvest City, Alabang

The past NIKE running events were one of the most sought after races in Manila. They’re very well organized, a pampering event that has the best vibe and environment for a runner. This year however, the NIKE 10k Manila will cater exclusively to an all-womens race and will be held this coming MAY 9 at Filinvest City in Alabang!

Runners are required to register in twosomes with either a buddy, sister, mother, daughter or best friend and encourage them to run together to make things a lot more fun! Registration is through on- line at http://gonike.me/WeRunMNL

Here are the details of the race:



Online (via credit card):  http://gonike.me/WeRunMNL
March 15, 2015 to April 12, 2015
In – Store ( via Prepaid Cards)
March 15, 2015 to April 12, 2015
Participants can choose to pay through Credit Card
Purchase prepaid cards at the following venues:
Nike Park BGC
Nike Women’s Trinoma
Nike Park Mall of Asia (MOA)
Nike Stadium Shangrila
Nike Forum Greenhills
Nike Stadium Glorietta 2
Nike Stadium Alabang Town Center
RACE PACK includes:
The race pack is an exclusive event pack, which consists of
  • A Nike Women’s 10K RunTee
  • A Nike Women’s 10K Run Race Pack
  • Timing chip (D-tag)
  • A range of other goodies
All race participants must collect their race pack during the Nike Women’s 10K Run Race Entitlement Pack collection from April 20, 2015 to May 3, 2015.
Details of Nike Women’s 10K Run Race Entitlement Pack Collection
Online Registrants:
Claim race pack at the Nike store chosen during registration
Packs will be distributed from 12 noon to 8pm.
Prepaid Registrants:
Claim race pack at the store where you bought the prepaid card
Packs will be distributed from 12 noon to 8pm.
Important: Please bring your ID and confirmation slip to collect your race pack.

Nike Women’s 10k Manila enables and connects women to celebrate the power of sport

  • MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 16 March 2015 — Filipinas now have the opportunity to be part of a global community of sport that motivates, inspires, and connects athletes around the world with the inaugural Nike Women’s 10k Manila (#WeRunMNL) on 9 May 2015. Coming from the insight that Pinays love to run and train with a partner, the Nike Women’s 10k Manila takes on a unique twist by requiring participants to register with their best female buddy and enjoy the experience with the rest of the growing community of strong, beautiful women who are motivated to achieve their personal running goals. Set to take place in Fillinvest, Alabang, there are 10,000 slots available.
  • The Nike Women’s 10k Manila is part of the global Nike Women’s Event Series, which includes the Nike Women’s Race Series and N+TC Tour. The global event series will see more than 200,000 women around the world celebrate and experience the power of sport through a series of one-of-a-kind, high-energy training events.

  • To help prepare women achieve their personal bests, participants can get access to elite Nike Run Club training sessions in the weeks leading up to the Nike Women’s 10k Manila. Race registrants also get free access to a variety of fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT and an exclusive NTC Live (Nike Training Club Live) event on 25 April 2015 at Valkyrie, Manila’s largest nightclub. Participants can also train and prepare for the race through the Nike+ Running and Nike+ Training Club Apps, available for free on iPhone and Android. These best-in-class apps combine the power of Nike’s 65-million-women strong social community with the expertise of Nike’s top trainers.
  • “Women in the Philippines today, and all over the world, are increasingly engaged in fitness and sports and we are excited to launch the inaugural Nike Women’s 10k Manila. From the time they register with their best friend, they will be inspiring each other and the community around them – whether it is through training, or race day”, says Patrick Reyes, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines.
  • Online registration for the Nike Women’s 10k Manila is now available. Participants can pay online via credit card or via prepaid cards available at select Nike stores to complete their online registration. Registration fee is PHP 1,800 per pair.
  • For more information, visit http://www.nikewomen10kmnl.com.

SBR.ph 4th Awards Night 2015: Winners and Pictures Here…

This is my first time to attend the SwimBikeRun.ph (SBR.ph) awards night at the Alphaland Makati City Club last Tuesday night and i was hobnobbing with some of the most well-esteemed local multisport athletes and movers of the sport of triathlon.

Now on its 4th year, SBR.ph, the first and premiere multisport source, have been holding it’s annual SBR.ph Awards to give recognition to the Filipino athletes who shaped and carved this growing multisport landscape in the country.

SBR.ph founder, Carlos De Guzman, one of triathlon’s early movers is providing recognition for people in the multisport world who has helped advance and promote triathlon. A known influencer who has exemplified a passion for uplifting and promoting the sport, Carlos has gathered triathletes and fans of the sport from here and abroad to vote for winners, specifically from his SBR.ph website in various categories.

There are no pre-selected judges as the winners are chosen by the SBR.ph fans and the entire Philippine triathlon community.

Here’s a glimpse of the awarding ceremonies at the Alphaland which was capped by delectable appetizers, drinks and brief speeches of the awardees themselves.

SBR Founder, Carlos De Guzman giving the opening remarks

And the winners are:

Female Youth Triathlete of the Year: Nicole Eijansantos

Male Youth Triathlete of the Year: Juan Francisco Baniqued

Women’s Duathlete of the Year: Rowena Valdez

Men’s Rookie of the Year: Mark Jingco

Men’s Duathlete of the Year: Robeno Javier

Coach of the Year: Norman Pascual

Women’s Age Group of the Year: Ms. Vanj Endaya

Men’s Age Group of the Year: Raymond Racaza

Team of the Year: Team Sante Barley

Race of the Year (below 600): Bataan International Triathlon represented by Raymund Magdaluyo (holding mic) and Tobias Bernardo

Tobias Bernardo

Race of the Year (over 600): Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines, represented by Princess Galura of Sunrise Events with Karlene Sebastian and company of Cobra Philippines

The SBR.ph Awardees

SBR.ph “special” award for the heartiest laugh goes to Mars Callo (left)! (Photo by Noy Floresca)

Photo by: Noy Floresca

(Photo by Noy Floresca)

Century Tuna’s General Manager Greg Banzon (middle) with Princess Galura and the Cobra Ironman team

Here’s a complete list of the 4th Annual SBR.ph Awards Winners

  • Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Local)
    August Benedicto
  • Womens’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Local)
    Maria Claire Adorna
  • Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Foreign)
    Javier Gomez
  • Women’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Foreign)
    Mirinda Carfae
  • Men’s Duathlete of the Year
    Robeno Javier
  • Women’s Duathlete of the Year
    Rowena Valdez
  • Men’s Age Group of the Year
    Raymond Racaza
  • Women’s Age Group of the Year
    Vanj Endaya
  • Men’s Rookie of the Year
    Mark Jingco
  • Women’s Rookie of the Year
    Iya Villania-Arellano
  • Male Youth Triathlete of the Year
    Juan Francisco Baniqued
  • Female Youth Triathlete of the Year
    Nicole Eijansantos
  • Coach of the Year
    Norman Pascual
  • Team of the Year
    Team Sante Barley
  • Race of the Year (over 600)
    Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines
  • Race of the Year (below 600)
    Bataan International Triathlon
  • Bike of the Year
    Specialized Shiv S-Works
  • Tri Gear of the Year
    Garmin 920xt
  • Running Shoe of the Year
    New Balance 890v4
  • SBR.ph Forum Poster of the Year

Inaugural Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas: November 14-15, 2015–Details Here

It seems like good times here in the country for those who participate in multi-sports competitions as these athletes are gearing up once again for one of the largest, well-known global duathlon race organization, the POWERMAN which is heading to Balanga in Bataan for the Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas to be held on November 14-15, 2015. Aside from our local athletes, more than a dozen other professional duathletes from Europe, the U.S. and Asia will compete in this inaugural event.

The Powerman Pilipinas duathlon will be the perfect opportunity for novice multi-sports athletes who are not yet into swimming to test their skills in the run-bike-run discipline along the well-paved roads and picturesque surroundings of Balanga. This is a great venue for the regular triathlete and veteran duathletes to focus on their speed and transition times.

The start and finish will be at the Earthfield Center in Balanga with the run course to be held at the Enrique Garcia Senior Avenue (1 loop) x 10k while the bike ride will be along an almost flat course at the Roman Super Highway (30kms) 2 loops.The bike course venue will be generally traffic-free and travelling to Bataan will be very accessible via  SCTEX where athletes can arrive in about 2.5-3.5 hours time of easy driving from Metro Manila.

The Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas 2015 aims to raise the level of competition in the Philippine duathlon scene. The event offers a classic category with distances of 10-60-10 km (run-bike-run), a 10-30-10 km sprint and kid’s categories.

This inaugural event takes place on November the 14th and 15th, with veteran race organizer, Thumbie Remegio as over-all Race Director. He has teamed up with marketing executive and multisport enthusiast Tobias Bernardo and restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo to bring in Powerman to the Philippines.

Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas is a qualifying event for the 2016 Powerman ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland. The event welcomes professional and highly competitive age-group athletes, seasoned multisport athletes who want to take on a different challenge as well as beginner multisport athletes.


Race Type Distance
Classic Individual 10k RUN -60k BIKE – 10k RUN
Classic Relay (2-3 persons) 10k RUN -60k BIKE – 10k RUN
Classic Relay (mixed) 10k RUN -60k BIKE – 10k RUN
Sprint Individual 5k RUN -30k BIKE – 5k RUN

Fees for Foreign Residents

Race Type Now-14 May 2015 15 May 2015-14 Aug 2015 15 Aug 2015- 15 Oct 2015
Classic (Individual)
USD 80
USD 90
USD 100
Classic (Relay)
USD 115
USD 135
USD 160
Sprort (Individual)
USD 60
USD 70
USD 80
PowerKids 6-8 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21
PowerKids 9-10 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21
PowerKids 11-12 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21

Fees for Philippine Residents

Race Type Now-14 May 2015 15 May 2015-14 Aug 2015 15 Aug 2015- 15 Oct 2015
Classic (Individual)
USD 70
USD 80
USD 90
Classic (Relay)
USD 115
USD 135
USD 160
Sport (Individual)
USD 50
USD 60
USD 70
PowerKids 6-8 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21
PowerKids 9-10 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21
PowerKids 11-12 yrs
USD 17
USD 19
USD 21

Click here to register: http://www.goadventureasia.com/PMP/pmp.htm

Our top duathletes presented during the Powerman Launch

World of DC Comics All Star Fun Run: April 18, 2015 At The Mall of Asia

BATMAN:   The time has come. You know it in your soul, for I am your soul… You cannot escape me! You are puny, you are small, you are nothing–a hollow shell, a rusty trap that cannot hold me! Smoldering, I burn you — burning you, I flare, hot and bright and fierce and beautiful. You cannot stop me, not with wine or vows or the weight of age — you cannot stop me, but still you try. Still you run. You try to drown me out… But your voice is weak.

JOKER:   Batman. Darling.  Should sleep. Should be fresh tomorrow. Tomorrow I go free.

SUPERMAN:    Bruce, you idiot! You’ll ruin everything. For all of us! The rest of us learned to cope. The rest of us recognized the danger–of the endless envy of those not blessed. Diana went back to her people. Hal went to the stars. And I have walked the razor’s edge for so long… But you, Bruce–you, with your wild obsession!

JOKER:    They could put me in a helicopter and fly me up into the air and line up the bodies head to toe on the ground in delightful geometric patterns like an endless June Taylor dancers routine — And it would never be enough. Hahah….

SUPERMAN:    They’ll kill us if they can, Bruce. Every year they grow smaller. Every year they hate us more. We must not remind them that giants walk the earth!

BATMAN:     Welcome to Hell!!!

(“The Dark Knight Returns”–2012)

This may well be one of the dramatic confrontation that will usher the forthcoming World of DC Comics All Star Fun Run on April 18, 2015 at SM By the Bay, SM MOA which will feature our all time favorite super heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many others!

Expect this run to be full of super hero runners, cos-players (maybe Zorro of UP will be there too) and many more costumed super hero lovers and charlatans who will dominate the roads around Mall of Asia!

Follow the details below on how to register!

“A Hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and re-assuring as putting a jacket around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended!” —Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

World of DC Comics All Star Fun Run

  • When:       April 18, 2015(Saturday)
  • Where:      SM by the Bay, SM MOA
  • Race Categories:      3k, 5k, 10k
  • Gun Start:        4:00am

003 Race Categories

201 Registration

204 In-Store Registration

202 Online Registration

Online Registration at www.worldofdcph.com (from March 12-April 11)
Payment can then be made through the following:

  • 7 Eleven Branches
  • Credit Card / Online Payment

*Race kits will then be shipped through courier (additional P120 for shipping)

004 Runner Entitlement

005 HERO

206 Route

Race kit accessories


Finishers Medals

205 Disclaimer

Pictures during the DC Comics Fun Run Launch:


Shoe Review: Maxxed Flight 101 Running Shoes

Maxxed Flight 101 Running Shoes


Neutral Trainer:

  • Recommended for about any type of runner who needs medial support and a responsive ride
  • Good second shoe for long-slow distance runs, fast-paced training and short to mid-distance racing
  • Geared towards heel strikers that offers propulsion from heel transition to toe-off
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.

Adidas Springblade Ignite

The Maxxed Flight 101 is a radically different running shoe from any other shoe you may have worn because of its heel blades. Well, it’s basically similar to the Adidas Springblade Ignite running shoes that runs from the heel up to the midfoot (The Adidas Springblade Drive 2 stretches up to the forefoot) which claims to give runners a spring- like feel when running.


The upper is made up of mostly synthetic plastic overlays, a stretchable and breathable mesh located on its tongue with soft cushioning underneath that hugs the top of the foot comfortably. The foam stretches from the midfoot to the heel part for protection from chaffing and bumps.

The midsole which is mostly concentrated on the forefoot is made of phylon which gives an elastic but firm cushioning. The Flight 101 has a unique insole as underneath it is a molded, cell-chamber which traps air pressure and enhances cushioning.

The heel blades, numbering to 9 pieces comes with rubber pads protecting each hard plastic blade that directly contacts the ground.

View of the sides

The insoles of the Flight 101

The cell-like chambers of the insole which gives its cushioning properties


This is probably the shoes’ strongest point, its secured fit and comfortable feel. It packs enough cushioning on the heel part to where the blades are located although there’s not much around the forefoot area.

There’s just one slight annoying characteristic to it—that is the “squeaking” sound it produces whenever you start walking or slow down to a jog that runners beside you will immediately notice! Comments like “sounds like a baby shoe” or “you should attach blinking lights to it” are always a constant. I hope this “quack” sound dissipates as the shoe accumulates more mileage.

A closer look of the heel blades

Out of the box


Surprisingly, the shoe was responsive enough for fast-paced running! It had a plush ride although the cushioning dissipates when you shift from the mid-foot to toe-off just like racing flats. I’ve used this on three occasions logging a total of about 45 kms.

On those occasions, the heel and midfoot fit are quite snug but the forefoot opens up a bit to the stretchable upper layer of the shoe. However, all the cushiony-feel when toeing-off as mentioned  disappears as you could feel the surface of the road when running which may be a good thing for faster runners or a bad one for those looking for an all-out cushioned running shoe.

There’s very little about the energy rebound that this shoe purportedly does but the slight spring-like propulsion gives a tinge of a quick toe-off but is marginal when you’re at high speeds.

Well-cushioned inner pads

Heel Blades


If you have been hesitant about wearing this type of shoe because of its unorthodox outsole style, you’ll be on surprisingly solid ground with the Flight 101. It is ideal for short to mid-distance runs as well as fast-paced running for just about any level or type of runner.

Areas For Improvement:

Just two things that don’t sit well with me about this shoe is firstly, the squeaking sound it produces while walking or running slowly and second, the hefty price tag which is presently pegged at P6,999.00. Maxxed should reconsider its pricing so it can be made more affordable for the running enthusiasts.

A Daughter’s Love: 5k Run/Walk For A Cause

We all know the devastation the big C (Cancer) brings to someone who is stricken by the disease, the helplessness  of the patient’s family, overwhelmed by the large financial costs it entails to treat them in hospitals and the stigma that is attached to this disease.

Ms. Ae Palomares, a runner is reaching out on your good hearts for financial help to defray part of the expenses needed in the hospitalization of her father who is stricken with cancer. Fighting cancer is a tough battle, to say the least and it will take more than time, care, sweat and tears to overcome the pain that her father and family is presently going through.

Ae and her father

It is with this financial concern that the Palomares family with the help of A Runners Circle (ARC) have joined together in staging a benefit run, A Daughter’s Love 5k Run/Walk For A Cause on March 28, 2015 to raise money and defray the costs of medicines and hospital care. The run will start at the ARC Store, Roxas Blvd., going to CCP Complex up to the GSIS/Senate Compound then make a U-turn going back to ARC.

The running community is now enjoined to help in this cause by registering in this race and donating a token of P250.00 per entry. However, runners may donate for ANY amount they can afford! Each and every PESO counts! Any contribution will help–no matter how small!

It is the least we can do to help a co-runner, to give her less worry and a little peace of mind.

For additional information, you can call Ae Palomares at 0926-3173412.