The Earth Kitchen: A Healthy Approach To Dining

The Earth Kitchen @Bonifacio High Street Central

The natively-tuned decor and the simple yet elegant ambiance of this homey and woodsy second setting of the Earth Kitchen at Bonifacio Global City might explain how they can do what they do: serve original, healthy and ingenious cuisine using the best local ingredients!

The owners have partnered with local farmers and indigenous communities that produce organic products—and it shows. From their fresh vegetable salads, tender beef offerings to exceptional goat cheese ice cream and fruit shakes, there’s delectable quality throughout!

Earth Kitchen’s facade

From the outside, The Earth Kitchen at the BGC appears to be a Cafe in a garden setting, similar to that of their first branch located along White Plains Avenue (Katipunan Ext.) but this one is toned down with just a few pots of plants displayed below their signage and glass door entrance. Inside though, reveals a more relaxed ambiance, sort of a cross between a car garage decorated with various plants hanging on wooden slabs atop the ceiling with tables and chairs made out of wood, spread out like in a picnic ground.

A peek inside

The stretch of the Boni High Street Central is awash of high-quality, fine dining and drinking places but the Earth Kitchen is still not a place where you’d expect to find cooking of this quality. The owners wanted this place to be like a picnic ground with just simple, healthy food offerings but the extraordinary food makes you forget everything else.

This restaurant is not cuisine-specific. Their food fare caters to everyone, from vegetarian to meat-based, fish, you name it– they got it! Most importantly, they take pride in using local ingredients, as they believe in the philosophy of using what is found in the local markets.

And now, the food! I’m not surprised anymore why restaurants such as these that offer gastronomic delights are handled by Public Relations maven, Ms. Nana Nadal who has cornered many of the best eateries that offers new culinary trends. Again, i was fortunate enough to be invited by her to try out this delightful find that offers the best dishes in the metro at reasonable prices, with service befitting the setting.

The Earth Kitchen’s top four offerings are Beef Kebab, Watermelon and Rocket Salad,  Beef Bulgogi Soft Taco and Shrimp Spring Rolls.

Rather than worrying about whether Nana’s favorite Beef Kabab are as delectable and authentic as those of Behrouz’ along the Scout area in Quezon City, the Kitchen’s tour of dishes becomes a mini-adventure in flavor, color and creativeness. And yes, the Beef Kebab has that middle-eastern twang to it and so was the brown rice pillaf and sauce that were served on the sides.

Beef Kabab (Nana’s favorite) — P410.00

The vegetable salad entry of greens was a riot of color, texture with stand-outs being the white cheese toppings, watermelons and all the organic plant based vegetable you could find along White Plains Avenue! I’m not sure why they called this the Rocket salad as we were just glued on our seats concentrating (others pretending) to like this amalgam of green, yellow and red healthy stuff. Next…

Watermelon and Rocket Salad — P300.00

This is one of my favorites, the Beef Bulgogi in Soft Taco which should be rolled and eaten like an ordinary taco. Great combination of organic salad greens, seaweeds and boneless beef ribs that’s right up to the last bite! Check!

Beef Bulgogi in Soft Taco — P310.00

Not every dish here is above criticism. This off-beat creation of combining herbs, greens, peanuts and shrimp was not the best match. The vegetable was a little starchy, over-powering the taste of shrimps if ever there was one. Even the excellent lime hoisin sauce couldn’t save it from mediocrity. The Shrimp Spring Rolls came as the odd one out!

Shrimp Spring Rolls — P220 (Regular) P325.00 (Large)

If you’re not at imminent risk of having a heart attack, Earth Kitchen has prepared this sumptuous dish for meat lovers or for anybody who likes to take protein as recovery food after an intense work-out. The Braised Bacon has two slabs of thick ribs crafted from what seems like pork belly. So rich and so succulent, the boneless fatty-edge meat is exceptionally tender and juicy. A fruity, peppery marinade gives it intensity, while pickled red cabbage and the marble potatoes are the perfect accompaniment.

Braised Bacon — P580.00

Another one of the heart thumpers is the Risotto Milanese, an organic braised beef short rib which was tasty, supple and tender. While the rice has the perfect consistency, it was the short ribs that melted in the mouth. I was able to get the shank part so i scooped, sucked and licked all the bone marrow inside. I think i ate a lot of this thingy so it was my meds that i reached for right after! 🙂

Risotto Milanese — P640.00

The Beef and Citrus Salad is a perfect combination of beef rib chunks, greens, diced raw papaya and dayap vinaigrette. Not too much funfare here but just your solid meat and green salad! Perfect!

Beef and Citrus Salad — P320.00

The Paccheri (pronounced as ˈpakkeri’) is new to me and the pasta in this particular dish has been made into flat slabs with goat’s cheese roasted pumpkin and pili nuts added into the mix to give it its distinct flavor.

Pumpkin and Goat’s Cheese Paccheri — P340.00

Squid Ink beans anyone? This may look strange but it’s actually good! The squid ink gives the Risotto Uni Negra its blackish color but the taste is not too over-powering but has just the right flavorful mix with the French beans and scallops–one you should try.

Risotto Uni Negra — P350.00

The Four Mushroom and Egg is Earth Kitchen’s version of Carbonara. It has strips of bacon, four kinds of mushrooms including Shiitake, milky and button mushrooms plus fortified with organic eggs. One of the best pastas in their menu.

Four Mushroom and Egg — P385.00

The Sweet Potato takes on a different mask with this delectable recipe that includes white cheese, pili nuts, parmesan cheese, pomodoro sauce, basil and the basic camote tops. A must try.

Sweet Potato Tops Ravioli — P400.00

Tired of eating old ice-cream flavors? Try the Goat’s Cheese ice cream, a combination of wild honey, dried figs, cashew nuts and goat’s cheese*. (*goat not included).

Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream — P270.00

And finally, Fresh Juices to die for. The red one below is called Got Heart Mix which includes a mixture of beets, carrots, cucumber, apple and honey while the yellow one is Mango Yoghurt Shake.

Got Heart Mix — P200.00 / Mango Yoghurt Shake — P 130.00

Bon Appetit!


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