Preview: A Sneak Peek of the Rizal Mountain Run

Like all the best trail-mountain races held recently near Metro Manila, (think Mt. Marami, Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Sembrano, among the few), the Rizal Mountain Run (RMR50) promises to be another trail race destination for your 2016 bucket list, something not to be missed! This trail run, which features a beginner’s 15k, a 30k and an ultra distance of 50k will be held on FEBRUARY 28, 2016.

Starting from the Basekamp Resort in Sapinit Road, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal, the route traverses into a short concrete road before it dives straight into the heart of some of the most rugged trails, scenic mountain ranges and endless river crossings of the Rizal provincial landscape.

I was fortunate enough to be invited with fellow trail runner-bloggers for a sneak peak of the RMR50 route, a short 12k run that forms part of all the distances to be traversed by the runners. The trails are not exactly new to me having ran them for both training and races in the past except for a fire road called the New Casile Road. The route is a visceral landscape, with the river snaking over a long vast track of valleys, with the Sierra Madre mountains always lording over our heads.

We started from the top of the new Casile Road and the route follows wide dirt roads, rolling hills and into Pintong Bukawe’s interior which will expose runners to a variety of terrain, including long downhills, single-track trails, lung-busting uphills and views of the Marikina-Casile River. For the 50k and 30k runners, the trails cuts into river crossings that would slow down runners, specially on parts where the river currents are strong, deep and slippery.

15k Finisher’s Shirt

The trails will be hot and dry late in the morning, shoes will be all wet every-time runners cross the river, taking with you small pebbles wriggling beneath your feet so it’s best to wear them trail gaiters if you have one. But the route takes in also subtle terrain, with trees giving shades on some parts specially the trails in Puro, Malasya and in Pintong Bukawe.

After the race, packed breakfast will be served while other nourishment and snacks will be sold at the cafeteria inside BaseKamp.

Many thanks to Atty. Aldean Lim, Ronald Declarador, Jael Wenceslao, Majo Liao, Gene Olvis and to the rest of the organizing committee for the invitation and for making this recon run a successful one!

Our test-run group

Rizal Mountain Run

February 28, 2016
Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Event Distances:
15K / 30K/ 50K

Registration Fees:
15K – P1,000
30K – P1,500
50K – P2,000 (Limited to 150 Slots only).

50K Cut-Off Details:

Assembly Time: 1:00AM
Pre-race Briefing: 2:00AM
Start Time: 3:00AM
Intermediate Cut-off Time: AS4 – Sitio Wawa (KM 34) – 12:00PM local time (9 hours)
Cut-off Time: 4:00PM
Time Barrier: 13 hours

Registration is via online only at their website:

Deadline of Registration and Payment is on February 20

Follow them at:

For more information:

Leaving you with pictures of the route! Registration is still open!

The new Casile Road

A huge boulder that would be visible to all runners

Our run was supported by 4×4 vehicles which brought us our supplies during this test run

Some rock formation along the route

Dirt roads that goes downhill

Part of an uphill route with scenic views of the Sierra Madre mountains

A group picture with the mountains as backdrop

Perfect spot for a selfie.

Jun Santiago leaving his dust behind him! 🙂

Great views of the mountains at every turn

View of the Marikina-Casile River below

Our support vehicles waiting at every turn

Part of the route

Congregating at another scenic view

More on the Casile River below

Emerging at the 6k mark

At the single track trails

One of our river crossings with Majo, Iris and Adrian

Trails towards a valley

Lunch at the Basekamp Resort, start/finish line of the Rizal Mountain Run

With the ladies and the photobombers! 🙂

Hope to see you at the race!

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