Hi to all! Welcome to jazzrunner!


My name is rene and welcome to my blog, jazzrunner. Love the sport of running and i’m also as passionate about jazz music. I did most of my running during the running boom of the 80s and early 90s and completed 4 full marathons and countless other races of shorter distances. Running had to be temporarily shelved during the mid 90s when work and family had to be given priority. Returned to running last March 2008 mainly to loose weight again, maintain physical fitness and run another marathon or two. i’ve been pounding the streets ever since.

I have been to jazz music since high school when the craze then were Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and many other jazz-rock groups. I’m at present into avant garde jazz but still dig be-bop, post bop, mainstream, jazz vocalists and big band jazz. I have in my collection about 1,200 cds, all of them jazz music. My present favorites include Kenny Wheeler, Keith Jarrett, Cecil Taylor, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Bley, John Abercrombie and many others.

At present, i am a member of the Executive Runners Club of the Philippines (RUNNEX). Also, I am Head-Team Leader of the ADIDAS Adination of Runners, University of The Philippines Group and meets every Tuesday evening at  6:30pm.

E-mail address:   runnerjazz@yahoo.com

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    • wow, chick corea! i started listening to him with his “light as a feather” album and it’s one of my all time favs. pakinggan mo na yan, Bards and tell me kung ok. Thanks for visiting…:-)

  1. Hi Rene,

    Welcome to blogging world!!! (kakambal na talaga ng running ang blogging hahaha)

    Thanks for featuring me in the Runnex Friends ha? I wont forget you for that!

    Are you joining the PSE Run this Sunday? I hope to see you soon!

    • Hi Anna! i might not make it to the PSE bullrun but will definitely run the Condura 21k this March. btw, may utang pa ako syo na singlet, ha. its still with me so i’ll hand it over the next we meet.

  2. Hi Rene. Thank you for stoppin by my blog and definitely, I wanted to check yours out. I just recently saw your blog on takbo.ph and said wow!

    Please feel free to link me if you like and if okay, I’ll link you as well. Regarding jazz, Kenny G and Dave Brubeck are my favorites.

    Congratulations on your return to running! Please take care and have a good weekend and race on Sunday!

    Thank you for returning the visit, Wayne! Nice of you to drop by. Dave Brubeck was one of my early favorite pianists. His first recording i have of his is “Time Out’ with Paul Desmond and “Take Five” is still one tune i hum always.
    Let’s do link our blogs and see who else is into running and jazz.

    take care too…

  3. Sir Rene, Nice blogs! Although you’re a veteran runner, I see you’re like me, new in blogging! I like the pictures of your running routes, they’re so beautiful, although some look dangerous like the curves on the mountain side.

    Hey Natz!

    Thanks for visiting! yes, the mountain routes are picturesque but dangerous perhaps for cars as most of them are at the edge of cliffs and ridges. safe naman for runners basta sa gitna lang or side of the mountain ang takbo.;-)

  4. Hi Rene, welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to learning from your vast running experience!

    Hey Dindo! Thanks for dropping by! i’m still finding my way inside blogosphere and i hope to meet interesting runners like you. Please allow me to add you to my link. You can do so likewise.

  5. This is an awesome blog! Welcome to the world of blogosphere! 😀 Thanks for dropping by my blog. Getting fit again is not far especially that you’re pounding your feet again. I’ll you in future races, Sir!

  6. This is an awesome blog! Welcome to the world of blogosphere! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Getting fit again is not far, especially, that you’re pounding your feet again. I’ll see you in future races, Sir!

    Thank you Roselle! Hope to meet up with you next time. i might have to do more speed training though to catch up with you. 🙂

  7. Good day! I’m Kristel from The Philippine Online Chronicles (http://www.thepoc.net) and I’d like to invite you and your friends for a bloggers meet and greet called ‘POC Presents: Joy Rojas.’

    Get up close and personal with ultrarunner Joy Rojas and her Takbong Pangarap teammates, trainer/navigator Mateo Macabe and manager Chuck Crisanto on April 15, Wednesday at Fully Booked, The Fort in Taguig City. The meet and greet, sponsored by Philippine Online Chronicles, will be held from 6pm to 8pm at the bookstore’s Uview Theatre.

    The event will be hosted by noted bloggers Dine Racoma and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of filipinaimages.com, a website dedicated to reshaping the Filipina image online.

    Please check out the Takbong Pangarap Channel at POC and this news article for more event details.

    I apologize for putting this invitation up as a comment, I was not unable to find any contact details.


  8. Hi Kristel,

    Thanks for visiting. Anything for Joy Rojas, we’ll be there.

    Looking forward to meeting you and Joy on the 15th.

    All the best,

    Rene Villarta (jazzrunner)

  9. Hi, I hope you’re having a good day. As an additional info on the last comment I gave you “POC Presents: Joy Rojas” blog event has been moved from April 15 Wednesday to April 18 Friday.

    The time and venue for the blogger’s meet remains the same, however. Please refer to our press release for more details. (http://www.thepoc.net/index.php/Takbong-Pangarap/News/POC-presents-Joy-Rojas-Takbong-Pangarap.html)

    Feel free to delete this comment, this is only an update of sorts. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂

  10. Can you share where was your homepage photo taken? The photo with the lake and mountain and a cliff where I guess you are running towards the tip? I really would appreciate if you can share the location and how accessible is it? Thanks.

  11. Hi Sir!
    Is the Oct. 18 Quezon City Marathon still open for registration? If so, how can we register?
    Thanks and more power to your blog!

  12. Hello fellow runners!

    I want to join the marathon in the philippines this coming Oct. 18, 2009 but I am presently staying in Japan. Nakapag join na ako ng 10k just this year. Any advice? Thanks

    • We are only waiting Vince Mendoza (Finish Line) to come up with the mechanics of the race so as soon as he releases this, we’ll announce it here on this blog.

  13. Hello everyone!

    I want to share with you my right foot problem. I have noticed that side below of my big toe (right foot), the bone is swelling and a little bit painful but of course i can still run in fact i did 10k running pactice yesterday as i have planned to join the QC marathon on Oct. 18.

    With my concern, I tried to search in the net and i found out that its a SESAMOIDS problem. Have you experienced this kind of problem. Can I still run if im having this condition? Please let me know and share if you know any medecine for this .Thanks and waiting your reply.God bless…

    • I’m going to research on this too, peace runner as i (lucky for me) have not experience this kind of pain so far. i’ll keep you posted.:-)

  14. rene, please extend my invitation to your running club to join the 1st MASTERS 15K Run on September 6 at Camp Aguinaldo, GHQ. please refer on the details of this race in my blog. thanks.

  15. hi rene, reading from you past posts, i can really feel the passion you got in running…

    all the best on your QCIM quest !!!


  16. Hi Rene, I love jazz and running too. I was even going to start a website called jazzrunner soon to sell my jazz themed artwork to do fundraising for charity for my runs. I guess I will have to pick a different name now, lol, that’s ok.

    I recently qualified for Boston on my first full marathon and will be running it in April. The funny thing about all this, is I found your website on a google image search for nipguards!


    • Hi Tony–Fantastic jazz art works! The Tranes Mood was superb!
      Your artworks should be known throughout the jazz community.

      Good luck on your Boston Marathon!

  17. whats the site where we can see the pics when we cross the fionish line? just like the kenny rogers run/

    • Hi Jason– i’m afraid that there will be no run pix analysis anymore if that’s what you mean.
      But if the pictures on the finish line or during the race are what you’re looking for, i think “photovendo”
      will have it on their site.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  18. Hello jazzrunner thanks for the reply concerning the food you have recommended while raining for marathon and its complex carbohydrates. Thank you again.

  19. nice Sir Rene! i also like chick corea and herbie hancock. Its relaxing to listen to jazz music while running. By the way, I also listen to Chuck Mangione, David Benoit, Lee Ritenour and Al Jarreau 🙂

    • Oh, another jazz-head here! Hi Jeric! Glad to know you listen to Corea and Hancock! These are great pianists who i listened to a lot during the 70s-80s, well some snippets of them till now. I’ve seen the last four musicians you mentioned “live” in concert and they were part too on my development in my appreciation of jazz.

      Do stick around. i agree, jazz complements our running! Thanks for dropping by!:-)

      • Wow! That’s cool. It’s my dream to see them perform live. How about spyro gyra? do you listen to their music? They are my all time favorites! Especially the Morning Dance and Shaker Song. It tops the list of the power songs (although those were instrumentals) in my ipod. It soothes out the stress while running.

        I hope you post an article re: your appreciation on jazz music. Maybe you can provide a list of your favorite jazz songs/instrumentals, just to broaden my knowledge and appreciation to the music 🙂

      • Saw Spyro Gyra perform here twice (first at the PICC) the second at the Folks Arts Theater. But those were in the early 80s pa. So, i see that you like jazz fusion. Check out the early Weather Report albums and the early Pat Metheny albums. I’m sure you’ll like them.:-)

      • Thanks for the recommendations sir. I hope to meet in you in the future races! 🙂

  20. Hi Rene aka JazzRunner!

    Thanks for the write up re: our new time slot!
    (https://jazzrunner.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/runnerspeak-season-2-with-new-time-slot/) deeply appreciated! 🙂

    Rest assured that RS will continue showing and supporting every running events here in our country and some asian neighboring countries as well.

    Our show is for all individuals engaging in healthy and active lifestyle. The show promised more in the upcoming episodes.

    We’ll be seeing you guys!

    Keep Running and Run the Talk with us every Sunday!

  21. Hi:

    I took the liberty of adding you to my bloglist in my new blog The Scientist Runner: http://runningscientist.blogspot.com/.

    I hope this is fine with you.

    Please feel free to add mine to yours if you want. I am a newbie to blogging and running (almost) and would definitely learn a lot from you still.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi, Rene!

    This is Ro Manalo of Summit Media (Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World).

    We’re having a dry-run for the Men’s Health All Terrain Race next Saturday, May 1, at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa. We’re having selected bloggers try out the new course. Run starts at 5:30AM, followed by a short presscon and breakfast. 🙂 We would like to invite you to come if you’re free.

    We have a shuttle going to Sta. Rosa from our office in Mandaluyong if you would like to ride with us.

    Thank you,
    Ro Manalo

    • Hi Ro! Regrets, would have love to attend but i’ll be travelling north on the day you mentioned.

      I sent you an e-mail. Thanks!

  23. Hi Jazzrunner,

    I was right beside you right before the gunstart of the Runfest 10k. I wanted to introduce myself to you but you were busy taking photos. 🙂 My wife and I were also behind you in the line for the loot bags. I also botched this chance to get to meet you.
    I hope you don’t mind if I come up to you to introduce myself next around.


    • Hi Rommel! Hey, it would have been great to meet you folks last Sunday. Please, please don’t hesitate to approach and say hi next time around. i hope you had a great race last Sunday as i did. i’ll be at the rexona run this sunday and i hope i catch you around too. take care!:-)

  24. Will do, Rene. I’m targetting the 21k of the Adidas KOTR as my next race. Hope to see you around before then. I understand you’re a member of Runnex? If I’m not mistaken, my dad used to be a member. I remember tagging along with him to the QC Circle back in the 80’s for the Band Aid Running Clinic and then having lugaw/congee after at Ling Nam. 🙂 Anyway, I promise to overcome my shyness next time I see you. By the way, love your blog. 🙂

  25. It was nice meeting finally the JAZZRUNNER during our get together for the newbies in Runnex. Looking forward to more running encounters with you in Runnex.

    See you on October 3 when we officially welcome new Runnex member at Betty’s residence.

    Love reading your blogs.

    AU Cruz

    • Thanks Au! Twas nice meeting you too and your group. We’ll do long runs and train you too finish your first half. See you at Tita Betty’s house.:-)

  26. hello rene, hope you will recall me (abet ocampo, i registered for QCIM in Bahay Alumni some 2wks ago…) i didnt get the chance to join the UP Diliman adination —- can u b my gateway? i dont know whom to ask….:) thanks in advance!

  27. sir, i would like to ask kng pede pa mag-join this coming tues po but i’m registered already last KOTR Run at Ortigas Group but sad to say my ARN passport was lost? doi have to registered again?thanks po >__<

  28. hello sir.. i started running last september just because i was looking for something to deviate my mind from something. from then, i have started to join short distance marathons still for the sake of having fun.. of course i know that it also becomes a form of exercise.. lately though, i thought of really learning more about it.. how can i get someone to teach me the dos and donts of running?i heard of coaches, where can i get one? how much will it cost me too? i am really interested.. looking forward to a reply. thanks.. happy running 🙂

    • Hi Nikki! You may want to join our Adidas group in UP, the adination of runners (aNR) which is held every Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30pm in front of the Bahay Ng Alumni Bldg, U.P. Campus. It’s a sort of running club where running enthusiasts like yourself, congregate and run together, while offering tips about proper running form, cross-training, nutrition, joining races and giving benefits and privileges on Adidas products. There are also other running venues for the aNR like in Bonifacio High Street, Alabang, Ayala Triangle, Ortigas, MOA, and Tiendesitas. You can google on their schedules.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  29. Hi Jazzrunner,


    We will be having a fun run event on May 29, 2011 and we were wondering if its possible for us to advertise it here in your blogsite? 😀

    Thank you.

  30. Hi, I just started running and in fact, I just joined my first 3K this morning…looking forward to reading through your site!

    • Thank you so much, Jaymie. Congrats on your first 3k and hope to see you soon on future races!:-)

  31. hi rene, very nice to “accidentally” bumping into you so often — from my UPD runs to races! the interface at Aristocrat after the Masters Run today was one of those times when i acknowledge the “master” in you! i love your free spirit, sir, may you have many more running years — as much as i would?

    • Hi Abet! Thanks for the nice words! The Masters run yesterday was as good as can be even if i forgot to bring my race bib at yesterday’s race. Hope you had a good run yourself.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  32. hi rene. nice seeing you yesterday. was a hot, hot day to race, didnt u think? hope u survived as i did. have a great week, man.

  33. hi po sir rene!
    my 1st time to visit ur blog. it’s informative.
    me and my husband started running, actually more on jog-walk, last nov 2010, for the purpose of losing(mine) and gaining(my husband’s) weights. eventually we decided to put our built-up strengths to test by joining, for the first time, a fun run. twas Condura skyway marathon last february, 3k. since then, we were joining ave of 2 events/month, w mileage increments. this sun, may22, we’ll be running 5k with Greentennial Fun Run. Looking forward to joining Camp Runs which I just read from your blog. San po ba registration sites nito? start n po b registration?thanks and see on the fields.

    • Hi! I’m glad you and the hubby are joining these fun runs and i hope you stick with it for the fun, health and living that active lifestyle. We still don’t have major details of the camp run series but once i get more info on these, i’ll post these on this blog.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  34. hi rene! Yes, our fundador session is also locked in — will help us stay motivated plus be productive during the RunDV meeting!!! time to focus after all tapos na milo elims…will email pic of us last july 24 when we all ran takbo.ph (matakin mo naman, no race results and you even had to choose takbo.ph over rexona…tough luck) see you viernes mi amigo!

  35. Hi Sir Rene,

    I missed receiving and reading your up to date blogs. My old email add had been compromised, that’s why. Anyway, I just hope you still remember me. It’s me JOY from VIGAN City. I just wanna tell you that I joined the VIVA Vigan Fun Run again for the second time last May 07. And just like last year, it was really fun.

    And I’m also glad to tell you that I’ve been running every morning now (as long as the weather is good) to stay healthy and to lose this unwanted fats. ^_^ It makes me feel really good. My morning runs serves as my training as well, for I am hoping to see myself having the 10K for the next VIVA Vigan Run 

    Oh, by the way, have a nice day sir!

    • Hey Joy! Sure i remember you! We were all set to run the 2nd Vigan Run but due to sudden change of schedule of one of our friends at the last minute, we cancelled our trip. I’m so glad you’ve been up to date on your running and wishing you have enjoyable runs always. I hope to see you on one of the races here in manila. Take care always!:-)

      • Oh, i see…now i know why i didn’t see you during the 2nd VIVA Vigan Run sir, though i was expecting you to be there together with the Running Diva. I was supposed to run during the 35th Milo Marathon (Manila Elimination) last July 31, but due to misunderstanding among my group mates, we weren’t able to go 😦
        But then, I’m still hoping to join in one of the races here, and see you again.

        By the way, I have met two runners during my morning runs. And I was so glad to know that they are both ILOCANOS too, they are Kuya Leo and Kuya Elmer!  They are joining in some of the Big Running Events here in Manila. And Sir Rene perhaps we can help Kuya Elmer, he needs certificates as proof that he is actively involved in some projects for a cause. And since he loves running, he wants to join runs For A Cause (hmmm…like FUN RUNS or Small Running Events) here. So maybe you can give us schedules, so we can join. 

        Thanks Sir and more power!!!
        Have a nice day! 

      • Hi Joy! Just keep posted with this blog as there are some cause-oriented runs scheduled in the near future. Hope to see you soon. Do you have a facebook account? I’ll check.:-)

  36. Ok sir, thanks!
    Yeah, I do have but im afraid it was set to private, so you cant find me. Pls give me your account name sir, and I’ll gonna check for you instead. 🙂

  37. Hi . . .

    Would you know of someone who can do a seminar / running clinic for beginners/enthusiast for our office?

    Thanks . .

    Janet Canoy
    Tourism Promotions Board
    Tel. No. 524-5739

    • Hi. We started our sessions October last year and unfortunately, we’re having our last session (Phase 2) next Tuesday. Phase 3 aNR sessions will commence again sometime January of February, 2012 and we will be announcing its opening once schedules are finalized.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  38. hi sir Rene!

    I’ve seen you last Saturday in Nike we run Manila.
    One thing though is the adination in UP still open? I want to join.
    Thanks sir, hoping to meet you and have a little chit chat about running.


    • Regrets, Anjoe. The UP aNR will have its last session tomorrow, Tuesday. We shall however make an announcement for Phase 3 which is scheduled early next year.

      Thanks for your interest and say hi when you meet me next time.:-) Thanks for dropping by.

      • Good morning sir Rene!

        Got your message, exited for your announcement of Adination Phase 3, I really want to join.
        Thank you for the reply , Im running the New Balance 25 Km this coming Nov.6, hoping to meet you there Sir Rene.


    • Hi! No definite date of the opening as of now. We’re still waiting for the announcement. Once we get it, we’ll let you know.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    • Great story, Arthur! Keep up those interesting stories and hope you stay with running forever!

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  39. Event: Bloggers Night and Wellness Fair
    Date: December 09, 2011
    Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
    Venue: Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range, 7F One Corporate Centre Bldg., Julia Vargas St. cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City.
    Target Market: Bloggers in Metro Manila
    1. To introduce Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range to all bloggers in Metro Manila
    2. To give a better understanding about “vegetarianism”.
    3. Introduce archery as a sport.
    4. Exhibit different and new vegetarian cuisine.
    5. Exhibit wellness and healthy lifestyle like exercise, activities and merchandise.

  40. Hi Sir Rene nakita kita kanina sa Runnex,, parehas tayo naka RU3,,, me yung nag smile po sa inyo 🙂 kinuha ko po yung QCIM free race kit ko po kc 🙂 God Bless you Sir 🙂

  41. Hi Rene,
    We would like to invite you and your running group to our “RUN to Support Our Troops” on January 7, 2012 at Camp Aguinaldo grounds. Assembly time is 5:00AM
    Registration Fee/s as follows:
    3K Php 350.00 ; 5K Php 400.00 ; 10K Php 500.00 & Executive 3K Php 500.00

    As our very name states “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS”, we would like to acknowledge & recognize the sacrifices of our soldiers who are fighting in the field for us citizens to enjoy our cherished freedom. The proceeds of this event will go to our “Adopt-a-ward/wing in V Luna hospital” project. It is our humble way of making our soldiers feel appreciated and cared for.

    **you have nice people in runnex(UP); i met them when i registered for QCIM/SMDC run last Dec 4, 2011 in behalf of SRC (Supportourtroops Running Club)…thank you and God bless =)


    • We will support Anna! We have a similar race coming on February 12 and it will also be held at the Camp Aguinaldo grounds. It’s called Race For The Orphans, a run to benefit the orphans of our soldiers who were killed in action in Mindanao. please send me the poster of you run so i could post it in this blog.

  42. Thanks rene…I’ll ask my group to join the race also…Hope to see you soon…God bless =)

    • Hi DG! The aNR Passports/ID are not yet ready as yet so opening of Phase 3 is still pending. aNR will make an announcement once all IDs are prepared and ready for distribution.

  43. Hi Rene,
    This running blog of yours is really fantastic! Anyway, i just wanna ask if Jay and Portia in your BDM support story for a JAP , were from UP ? Portia was a classmate of mine in Ateneo here in Davao. Had a just to see them again early this year Jan 1 just after midnight at a New Year’s Run here in Davao. Anyway very inspiring story of supporting a running mate. All the best to you.

    • Hi Mario! Yes, they’re from UP. Jay and Portia are very active in the running scene here, specially Jay who i recently saw last Saturday during the Salomon Trail Run.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

    • Hi Abby! I’ll just reply with a quote:

      “Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.”
      -Sarah Condor

  44. hi Sir Renee, at last nakita ko na page mo,how i wish to find you somewhere in some events..im a teacher by prof.,,at my age,i still love running for it made me fit and made me healthy most of the time..

    • Good for you to include running in your life-style, Mam Marielle! hope to see you in one of the upcoming races.:-)

  45. Hello Rene ! We have somethings in common, we both love jazz and into fitness. I joined my first fun run last May and wrote a post about it on my blog. I enjoyed the experience despite my hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle. Now during weekends, my fitness buddy and I join the aerobics class done early morning at the Bonifacio Global City.

    See you around then !

    • Hi Sarah! Glad to know that you’re not only into fitness but loving jazz as i do! Keep up with the fun runs and before you know it, you’ll be conquering the longer races, including the marathon. Cross-training in aerobics is great! It will help in your running!

      Will check out your blog and thanks for dropping by!:-)

  46. Pingback: The Nike We Run Manila and The New Nike Lunarglide | Veggie Circle

  47. Hi sir,

    I am relatively new into running. I’ve joined a couple of 21k races this year but
    I am very interested to get into trail running but I don’t know where and how to start.

    I live in the city so I can’t think of places where to train.


    • Hi Billy! There will be another trail race coming this January 26 called the Waldorf Trail Run at the Timberland Heights. Don’t miss this. We sometimes do our training here and it’s located in San Mateo, Rizal. You can search it here in this blog.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      • Im interested but my problem is logistics. I live in kalookan.

        Btw, what kind of camera do you bring during your runs? Hindi po ba
        istorbo dalhin yun. I plan to bring one for CIHM this week end.


      • It’s just an ordinary digital cam. it has a case where i can hook it up on my hydration belt.

  48. Hi Sir Rene,

    i want to join the love a tree trail run on feb 10, but im thinking on what distance(6k or 12k), this will be my first time to run on trail, i did several 10k and 21k(6x), and also i will run my first Fm in condura(feb 3), any advise sir? thanks

    • The 12k will be a great work-out for your legs a week before your Condura FM. Just take it easy and enjoy here. Taper and rest after. 😉

    • Oh my, sorry, didn’t realize that the Love A Tree Trail run comes a week after Condura! Still, i’ll recommend doing the 12k as a recovery run. Don’t race. Just enjoy the experience.

  49. good afternoon sir…meron pa rin po bang ADIDAS Adination of Runners sir? and pede kaya sumali kahet hndi UP alumni? thanx and god bless po sir… if its not much to ask, please add me po sa FB para mabilis po ako ma-update sa RUNS nyo po sir… 🙂 thanx and god bless po sir

    • Hi Gel. Walang adidas UP aNR this year but there might be a substitute program to be introduced soon. We will let you know if this pushes thru. 🙂

  50. Hi Sir Rene,

    Gusto ko sanang mag trail run sa Norzagaray, paano bang mag punta? taga Valenzuela po ako. may contact ba po kayo dun?

    • Hi! Not sure how to get to Norzagaray from Valenzuela. But from SM Farview, go towards San Jose Del Monte then straight up to Walter Mart. Turn right after WM which is Igay (Egay) Road then straight pa (about 5-6kms) before turning left to either Norzagaray (landfill) or Licao-licao. Leave early, you’ll be with mountain bikers there.

  51. Hi Rene,

    I can I schedule a meeting with you to discus a proposal to organized a Trail Run challenge in Mt. Sicappo at Solsona,Ilocos Norte. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    All the best

    Rene Santillan

    • Hi Tukayo! That would be great! Have you made a recon of the trails already? Cge, let’s schedule a meeting so we can discuss all propositions regarding your trail race!

  52. Hi, nag antique marathon po pala kau. .welcome to panay island Rene. . hope you enjoy ur stay in our province.. i’m also one of the participant. thanks

    • Hi Steph! It was a memorable stay in Antique! Love it in your place and hope to be back soon! Take care!

  53. Hi Sir Rene,


    This letter is intended to formally propose newest essential accessory called HEADWARE. It would be the best thing used for outdoor activity and also perfect souvenir/token on all times.

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