Pre-Noche Buena Run (Dec. 24)

I love group runs! I like the experience of a morning of unbridled camaraderie doing what everybody loves to do–running! More so, it’s about meeting old friends and new and getting enough inspiration, making us all aware that we runners need each other, to motivate and inspire each one. And it’s about creating memories to last a long, long while.

We all would like to find time and schedule a run with our group. I always like the idea of an LSD run and it’s mostly for the purpose of training for the marathon or half-marathon in the weeks ahead. When no races are scheduled (a rarity nowadays), we do informal runs and attach an event to it, like say in honor of a specific person, day or event (e.g. Run for Cory HERE, whale sharks, etc). There are many group runs with themes that i have joined in the past like a despedida run for a friend who immigrated abroad, a valentines run, and a halloween run, among others.

So how about a run on December 24 to celebrate Christmas? It was going to be a night of eating, drinking and partying anyway so a run that morning would soften the guilt. Abby, a forumer had hatched the idea and many in the group embraced the thought so, the “Pre-Noche Buena Run” came to fruition! The run was held at the U.P. grounds and runners donned either green or red running gear to signify the Christmas colors.

Christmas will always be a perfect occasion to run so, Merry Christmas and a grand Noche Buena for the coming New Year’s eve to all! (Thanks to Bryan and Pio for some of the photos)

Posing before the run

It was mostly a red, green Christmas running affair

During one of the rest breaks

With BLC winner Bryan, sitting

With Doc Eire, Lauren and Jet

The early birds group

With Marga-licious

With Jet