NIKE Human Race Shirts

The Nike Human Race shirts which were supposed to be given to all the 42k finishers and the first 1,000 21k finishers of the QCIM are still holed-up at the Customs office at NAIA. According to the race organizers, it should come out by today and be ready for distribution late this week.


The shirt's design and color to be given might be different from the ones shown above. Actual shirt will be published later.

I advise all runners who are entitled to these shirts to hold-on to their race bibs as claim stubs will be issued to claim the shirts from the Runnex office starting tentatively on Wednesday,  Oct 21, 2009. The Runnex office is in Room 404 of the National Engineering Center bldg, in the UP Diliman campus. Other details will be announced shortly.


QCIM: Carbo Loading Party For 21k and 42k Runners

To all runners who have registered for the 21k and 42k runs of the QCIM, there will be a Carbo Loading Party this coming Friday, October 16, 2009 at FLAPJACKS Restaurant, located at the U.P. Ayala Techno Hub which is located at Commonwealth Ave. Coming from the Quezon Memorial Circle, the Techno Hub is past Philcoa and before reaching Iglesia Ni Kristo Church.

FLAPJACKS Restaurant (Photo from magnifique f)

FLAPJACKS Restaurant (Photo from magnifique f)

Also, all designated Pacers for the 21k and 42k runners will meet during the CLP and will be briefed on the mechanics of the run, the route and their respective roles as pacers. Distribution of their Pacer Singlets will be given.

The program will look something like this:


5:30 pm – 6:00 pm     Start of Registration

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm     Press Conference

c/o Visions In Action

Pacers Meeting Mr. Dave de Leon

7:00 pm – 7:05 pm     Invocation

QC Government Chaplain

7:05 pm – 7:10 pm     National Anthem

7:10 pm – 7:15 pm     Welcome Remarks

Mr. Artemio Disini,

Chairperson, Runnex

7:15 pm – 7:20 pm     Introduction of Guests

Atty. Rudy Fernandez

President, RUNNEX

7:20 pm – 7:25 pm     Inspirational Message:

Honorable Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte, Jr.

Mayor, Quezon City

7:25 pm – 7:30 pm     Meet the Sponsors

7:30 pm – 7:35 pm     Pacers and Kenyan Runners

7:35 pm – 7:50 pm     Final Route and Race Reminders

Coach Rio Dela Cruz

Race Director, QCIM

7:50 pm – 9:00 pm.    Film Clips/Entertainment/ Raffle/ Fellowship

Emcee: Mr. Ron delos Reyes

U. P. Ayala Techno Hub

U. P. Ayala Techno Hub

Candidates for the Mutya ng Quezon City and other celebrities of GMA 7 will grace the occasion.

The organizers will appreciate it very much for those coming to confirm their attendance by calling 742-0283 c/o Michelle or Tess or by text at 0917-6202441.

Miss QCIM: Who’s Your Pick?

I’m typing this piece after having just uploaded the pictures below which you may find interesting. I’ve been silent in my blogging these past few days as work commitments plus our preparations for the QCIM has gone to high gear. One interesting aspect of being part of QCIM’s organizing committee is being able to meet many interesting people, meeting contacts to oversee promotions; sponsors, specially if they show interest in being part of the event and getting to travel around to promote the marathon’s various activities.

My activities for the past 2 months have been closely associated with this marathon, shuffling between my main livelihood and this other job of conceptualizing the marathon’s promotion and marketing. Other than these, there are endless meetings to attend to and  part of the job is to administer the marathon’s website. On top of all, I’m running some ‘mega’ mileage per week so I would to be able to survive and finish this marathon alive on October 18.

Being part of the organizing committee is not an easy task and it’s not something you look forward to early in the morning when you rise up (the running part will always be, though). It’s a lot of work but then again, if you are a part of a keen, very well organized team, supportive sponsors and people who are very committed to go the extra mile in order to ensure its success, then the extra work is worth the effort.

Last Tuesday, we were scheduled to present the marathon at the Philippine Sportswriters Association’s weekly forum at Shakey’s, United Nations Avenue in Ermita. When we reached the venue at about 9:30am, we saw the members of the Petron Beach Ladies Volleyball Team who would be having their press conference at the same venue. While roaming around the room, they were outfitted in their beach volleyball attire and where casually enjoying themselves, like frolicking in a beach resort (subject for my next topic).

But what took our attention was the entrance of a bevy of beauties led by fashion guru, Renee Salud. These stunners were all former Bb. Pilipinas runners-up for the last 3 years and were again competing in the Mutya ng Quezon City. They’re all tall, the “shortest” being 5’6 and the tallest about 6 feet in height.

All of them are running the 5k run and one will be declared as Miss QCIM. So, who should you choose as the 1st Miss QCIM?

Beauty # 1

Beauty # 1

Beauty #2

Beauty #2

Beauty #3

Beauty #3

Beauty #4

Beauty #4

One more time for Beauty #4

One more time for Beauty #4

Beauty #5 (Front, middle, the lady with the Angelina eyes)

Beauty #5 (Front, middle, the lady with the Angelina eyes)

Beauty #6

Beauty #6, 6 feet and statuesque

Beauty #7

Beauty #7

Beauty #8

Beauty #8


They're being introduced. The volleybelles are seated


A little intro about herself

Getting to know them

Getting to know them


With Ron, Rudy and Art

Their mama mita, fashion icon, Renee Salud (should not be included in your pick)

Their mama mita, fashion icon, Renee Salud (should not be included in your pick)

QCIM To Donate P.5M To Ondoy Victims

A P500,000 portion of the sponsorships generated  for the holding of the first Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) is being re-channeled to help the victims of typhoon Ondoy, the Quezon City government and Runnex officials announced last Tuesday. The initial QCIM donation will be drawn from the product contribution of San Miguel Corporation, sponsor to the running event.

Also, Runnex Chair Art Disini has committed to donate part of the registration fees for the marathon to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Quezon City. In this way, all runners to the QCIM are contributing even in a small way to help those affected in rebuilding their lives and continuing to pursue their dreams for themselves and their families.

I do not wish to drum up more support for this marathon than what it has already gained as a major event to look forward to but organizations and local governments tasked to build up their respective communities should lead the way in providing victims food, water and other necessities.

Ondoy disaster

By providing the little that we could give to help these victims, running would have a more meaningful essence knowing that a substantial part of the proceeds and registration fees of this race are going to a very good cause.

See you at Sunday’s LSD run!

LSD Run: For QCIM and SIM Runners

Practice Run: QCIM Route

Practice Run: QCIM Route

 For all those who will be running the Subic International Marathon (SIM) and the Quezon City International Marathon, we are organizing a Long Slow Distance (LSD) run this coming Sunday, October 4, 2009. This LSD run will cover a distance of 25 to 35 kilometers passing along the route of the QCIM.

Assembly area will be at the UP Oblation. Here are the details:

4:00 – 4:20am : Meet up infront of the UP Oblation. Runners can park their vehicles in front of Abelardo hall or Plaridell hall which is just 100 meters away from the Oblation.

4:30 : We simulate the start time of the QCIM so if possible, we start our run on time.

We start from the Oblation on our way out to University Ave. then turn right to Commonwealth Avenue. From Commonwealth, we turn right to Batasan Road and make a u-turn when we reach the back of Batasan Pambansa on the way back to Commonwealth. From Commonwealth, we turn right on the road that leads to The La Mesa Eco Park. We’ll check if we’ll be permitted to access the route inside the Park otherwise, we shall have to run the peripheral roads outside of the exact route. We exit again at Commonwealth and turn right to Regalado Avenue on the way to SM Fairview then turn right to Quirino Highway and make a u-turn after 2 kms on the way back.

Runners who only wish to run the 21k route can do so by going back to Commonwealth Avenue after the turn-around at the back of Batasang Pampansa and towards North Avenue. For those who will not be able to run the whole 25-35 km stretch, there are always public jeepneys that will take you back to Philcoa and UP.

Runners should bring their own fuel/hydration belts/ belt bag-pouch/ hand held water bottle/ camel backpack, bars/gels. Grocery and other convinience stores are available along the route.

All runners are invited whether they are running the SIM, QCIM, Milo or any other long distance races.

They can list up at the website, in this link:

So far, the list of runners joining are as follows:

01. Rene
02. Mar
03. Erick
04. DocT
05. McCoy
06. Decipher
07. Betty
08. Mel
09. Tonette
11. James (runma777)
12. rltanmd
13. Marvin Rae
14. Pat…
15. Art
16. Joen
17. Jassel aka Russel (QCIM 5:30 Pacer Group)
18. Prince
19. Bon
20. Bong
21. David
22. Earl – 22km
23. Vicky Ras
24. Edu
25. lauren
26. julie
27. nao
28. Carly
29. Ziggy (will try to join. adjust ko pa kasi sked ko)
30. charles…
We’ll see you all there this Sunday!

The Kenyan Assault of QCIM

QCIM_poster copyI’ve been pestering Webb Delos Reyes, wife of Ron who is the Marketing and Communications Director of the QCIM to give us an update of the Kenyan runners who are running this October’s QCIM. Webb e-mailed us yesterday and gave an update of those invited to participate in the marathon. She stressed however that negotiations with these runners are still being finalized and if their travel plans would be confirmed, she’ll let us all know.

The list includes veteran campaigners of the Southeast Asian Road Racing Circuit. These touring distance runners include:


Daniel Kipkemei Koringo : Champion of the Malakoff 26-K run in Penang, Malaysia, last June 2009, with a time of 1:25:53. He likewise placed fifth in the 2007 Penang Bridge Marathon in Malaysia, posting a time of 2:30:45.

William Songkok: a 25-year-old who has a 2:17:52 best time in the 42-K, and a top 10 finish in the Kuala Lumpur half-marathon last June with a time of 1:12:48.35.

Gilbert Kipkemoi:  Bagged the 22-K Shah Alam-Adidas King of the Road in Malaysia this August with a time of 1:09.  The 27-year old Kipkemoi is said to be capable of a 2:15 in the full 42-K marathon.

Samuel Terus Too:  Copped the 2006 Kuala Lumpur International Marathon in 2:21:01.

Terus (A860) with other Kenyan runners

Terus (A860) with other Kenyan runners


Lydia Jerotich Rutto: Crowned first runner-up in the Army Half Marathon in Singapore just this August with a time of 1:22:04, and second-runner up in the recent Songhla Marathon in Thailand with a 2:45 record.

Lydia Rutto (1287)

Lydia Rutto (1287)

The Kenyans in Kuala Lumpur

The Kenyans in Kuala Lumpur

A total of 14 Kenyan runners were invited who are mostly based in Malaysia. Also slated to participate are some of the top runners of the South East Asian Region who are going to run either the 21k and 42k as tune up for the forthcoming South East Asian Games in Laos this December.

At present, the Filipino male record holder for the full marathon is Eduardo Buenavista with a 2:18:53 which he set during the 2007 Metro Manila Milo Marathon eliminations.  The female record holder is Jho-an Banayag, who posted a 2:48:06 in the 2006 National Milo Marathon Finals.  The fastest marathon run in a Philippine competition stands at 2:14:27 which was set by two-time Olympic champion Waldemar Cierspinski of Germany during the first Manila International Marathon in 1982. With a quality field shaping up in the first QCIM, chances are good that some local marathon records could be eclipsed this October.

(Pics and info from Ron Delos Reyes. Thanks Ron!)

The QCIM Race Pacers

I got this updated Pacers List from Dave De Leon, who is the over-all coordinator of the Pacer Group for QCIM. As of yesterday, a total of 24 Pacers are slated to pace (either as lead or sweeper) the different time groups for the 21k and 42k distances.

Dave De Leon (r) with Bart Yasso, Runners World Magazine Chief Running Officer and inventor of the Yasso 800s at the SF International Marathon Exposition last July 2009

Dave De Leon (r) with Bart Yasso, Runners World Magazine Chief Running Officer and inventor of the Yasso 800s at the SF International Marathon Exposition last July 2009

The list is not final yet as participation, particularly from Team BaldRunner has yet to confirm. There are still 8 to 10 slots to be filled up and those who wish to join can e-mail me or Dave. Details on this link:

I’m going to bring the complimentary race packets for the Pacers this coming Sunday at the RotaRun Race and to those i have already advised, i’ll see you there after the run.


Pace Leader/Team Assignments
as of Sep 13, 2009
Time Goal Pace(mins/km) Team Pace Leader Co-leader Other members
3:45 5.36 Runners Link Jun Corral still available
Fairview Running Club Rogie Ascano still available
3:50 5.48 Bald Runner Elite tba tba
4:00 5.71 Bald Runner Elite tba tba Joms Paras
4:15 6.07 BRHardcore Mari Javier Jerry Karundeng
4:30 6.43 BRHardcore Jonel Mendoza Lester Chuayap Michelle Estuar
4:45 6.79 Alaska Runner Raffy Castaneda Chub de Leon
5:00 7.14 still available still available still available
5:15 7.50 still available still available still available
5:30 7.86 BRHardcore Enrico Tocol Vincent Ocampo Jamir Samson Erick Alabastro still available Rusel Pata
5:45 8.21 Tri-Polar Team Bobby Go still available
6:00 8.57 Dennis Ravanzo Mar Marilag Chris Ng
> 6 > 8:60 still available still available
2:15 6.43
2:30 7.14 Running Diva F. Gabriel Ebong Bautista
2:45 7.86 Neil Barrios Carina Manansala

Pacers Needed For QCIM

The publicity and support group of the 1st Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) are looking for additional volunteers to pace runners for the 42k marathon this coming October 18.


The pacers will lead pace groups for the following marathon time: 3:50, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 hour finish. Each time slot will have 2 or more pacers allocated. The “LEAD” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacers will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.

The objective here is to be able to comfortably run the pace you have volunteered for and to be prepared to offer encouragement and motivate runners in your pack. Pacers shall be equipped with clearly identifiable time markers in a flag or baloon.

In exchange, all pacers will be entitled to the following:

1. A complimentary race packet will all race freebies included (singlet, racing  chips, loot bags, etc.)

2. Complimentary pass to the QCIM Carbo Loading Party, enjoy free food and drinks and hob knob with co-runners, take pictures with well known personalities in sports and entertainment

3. Special mention of his/her running club

4. Names of pacers and their time goal groups will be posted at the QCIM website

5. Acknowledge them before the race starts


All interested parties may contact QCIM Volunteer and Support Head Mr. Dave De Leon through his e-mail at: or my e-mail at:

Here is the full mechanics:


Mechanics and information for pacers:


· Lead runners across the finish line, at the same time achieving their target time goals;

· Lead the group. Pay attention to the overall group goal, not personal/individual goals;

· Look out for the welfare of all;

· Have FUN leading them across the finish line so they remember the QCIM as one great experience.

Important points for the Pacers:

  • Pacing duty is a big responsibility. So pacers must be fit and strong to run and pace a group, should have ran the 42K many times before, and must have a wealth of running experience to lead and pace a group effectively. Running a marathon is hard enough as it is; to run it at a different pace is even harder. And the challenge of pacing is to maintain consistency.
  • A pacer is a leader, coach, cheerleader, psychiatrist, etc. A good sense of humor will greatly help.
  • Ideal set up: pacer and a back up pacer in the same group.

Each time slot should have at least two (2) pacers allocated. The “Lead” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “Sweeper” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacer will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer encouragement to any runners who may be dropping off the pace.

  • Participation in a pace group is free to all participants who will run the full 42k distance. .
    • The Pace Groups are: 3:50, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00.
    • No half marathon pace groups this inaugural year.
    • Pacers should maintain an “even split,” which means that every kilometer will be run at approximately the same pace. A pace guide shall be provided to all pacers, and even the runners. Pacers must maintain their designated pace.
    • Pacers should meet with their group during the carbo party so that an assessment of the group’s individual and collective capabilities and personalities can be done as soon as possible. That way the race day strategy can be drawn up. Pacers are encouraged to communicate their strategy as soon as possible and as clearly as possible.
    • Hydration and water station strategy must also be drawn up. Walking breaks can be encouraged right after the water stops especially for the slower groups (4:30 and up). However the runners must be told that after a walking break, the pace will have to pick up a bit in order to compensate for the walk and so that the time goal can be met. Also pacers should communicate regrouping instructions.
    • The names of the pacers and their time goal groups shall be posted in the QCIM website after confirmation with the pacers.
    • Other/additional/final instructions shall be issued during the carbo loading party.
    • Pacers shall be equipped with clearly identifiable time markers in a flag or balloons.
    • Pacers shall take up corral starting positions arranged with the faster groups in front in front with the slower groups taking up the rear positions. Final instructions will be issued during the carbo loading party.
    • About ten minutes before the start of the race final instructions shall be issued. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions. This shall also include back up and contingency measures. This is another great opportunity for the pacers to encourage questions from the runners they shall be leading.
    • Try to spot as early as possible those who have a difficult time keeping pace. Encourage them to fall back to the next group if they can’t really keep pace, or walk. Please do not risk the safety, health, or condition of the runner.

    Press Launching: QCIM

    It’s interesting but perhaps not unusual to have three (3) full marathons only weeks apart, starting with the Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) on October 18, The SIM in Subic the week after and the Pasig Run For The River after another 2 weeks. After all, it comes at a time when the sport of running is gaining mass popularity, with not one but several races competing for runners each Sunday as more people are gearing towards this sport than ever before. So all those running “halimaws” (addicts) who can’t get enough running one marathon, here’s 3 we can run one after the other!

    Perhaps, among the three marathons mentioned, it seems that QCIM is the most visible in terms of publicity as news articles on its staging have been appearing in the major newspapers and tabloids. And i sincerely wish that all three do succeed in getting the numbers for a strong staging.

    Yesterday morning, the Q.C. government headed by Mayor Sonny Belmonte and the Executive Runners Club of the Philippines (Runnex) hosted the press launching of the QCIM at the Max Restaurant inside the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. About 100 media people representing print, TV and radio attended. I was with a host of bloggers representing the running community as with the race directors from Finishline, Vince and Rio.

    Crowd at the Presscon

    Crowd at the Presscon

    QCIM’s Communications Head, Ron Delos Reyes (Autoreview) started the proceedings by welcoming the guests, giving an update of the race, the invitations he gave to foreign runners through PATAFA and mentioning the corporate sponsors. Rudy Fernandez and Art Disini, Runnex President and Chairman, respectively gave their own short speeches. Rudy cited the marathon’s role in sprucing up the city’s tourism potential and as an emerging global center for business and investment. Art tackled the event’s mission and vision which is to make QCIM as among Asia’s top marathons in the future.

    For his part, Mayor Sonny Belmonte extolled the city’s previous leaders who laid the foundation of what the city is today and that the QCIM would be one of its catalyst.

    Presidential Table

    Presidential Table

    Sen. Pia giving an inspirational talk

    Sen. Pia giving an inspirational talk

    The story of how Senator Pia Cayetano started her sports activities, her running in major marathons and triathlons all over the world has been told several times but never as compelling as she herself narrates her beginnings as a 15 year old who ran at the UP campus. She offers her past to present personal stories on how she got started– as a volleyball player in the Philippine team, running a marathon 3 weeks before her bar exams and competing in triathlons– always pushing herself to the limits. She’s always asked why she runs and would answer them back with the simple question, “Why not?”

    With Art Disini, Runnex Chair, Sen. Pia Cayetano & Mayor Sonny Belmonte

    With Art Disini, Runnex Chair, Sen. Pia Cayetano & Mayor Sonny Belmonte

    Mayor on left with Dr. Doray Delarmente, Rudy Fernandez (Runnex Pres) and Betty Rosario (Runnex Vice Chairman)

    Mayor on left with Dra. Doray Delarmente, Rudy Fernandez (Runnex Pres) and Betty Rosario (Runnex Vice Chairman)

    Bloggers on our table, Sir Jovie (Baldrunner) and Marga (Runradio)

    Bloggers on our table, Sir Jovie ( baldrunner ) and Marga ( The Changeling Child and Run Radio)

    Bloggers Vener (Run Unlimited), Pojie (Forefoot runner) Doc Eric (ebdebelen)

    Bloggers Vener (run unlimited ), Pojie (forefootrunner) Doc Eric (edebelenmd)

    Coach Jojo Macalintal and Vince Mendoza of Finishline

    Coach Jojo Macalintal and Vince Mendoza of Finishline

    Sen Pia with Art Disini, Jun Cayetano, Ofie Templo, some Runnex members and Ron's team

    Sen Pia with Art Disini, Jun Cayetano, Ofie Templo, some Runnex members and Ron's team

    Atty. Romy Mendoza, Meriam and Direk Trinidad

    Atty. Romy Mendoza, Meriam and Direk Ruben Trinidad

    Runnex Pres. Rudy and Vice Chair Betty with the bloggers

    Runnex Pres. Rudy and Vice Chair Betty with the bloggers

    BR having an animated conversation with a friend as Marga watches the proceedings

    BR having an animated conversation with a friend as Marga watches the proceedings

    Vince Mendoza answering a query

    Vince Mendoza answering a query

    Finishline’s Vince Mendoza (Race Director) was fielded questions from time to time, often on previous incidents involving their races liked the recent fiasco on the race packets delivery before the Urbanite race. Lessons were learned and he promised to iron-out all potential problems for the QCIM.

    Many were impressed on the prizes as QCIM has been poised to carve itself as having the richest purse among local races with the champions in both male and female divisions getting P300,000.00 each and P200,000.00 and P100,000.00 each for the 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

    As with the Globe-Run For Home Race and the recent Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run, the QCIM will use the advance electronic timing chips (Champion-chips) in all categories that will record the participants’ performance and provide analysis on their run. Color-coded running singlets will also be used.

    QC I M

    QC_I-M-revision[1] copy

    Quezon City , ranked among the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future by the Financial Times Magazine of the UK and AsiaBIZ Strategy Ltd. of Singapore, reinforces this lofty world standing with the city’s inaugural holding of an international marathon on October 18, 2009.

    For this project, the office of Mayor Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte Jr. is mobilizing the support of the citizenry, socio-civic groups and the many big companies and businesses which have made the city their home these past few years.

    Envisioned to be the culminating activity of the city’s week-long 70th founding anniversary celebration this October, the First Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) will be a multi-event footrace with the 42.195-kilometer full marathon as centerpiece event.  The race will start and finish at the newly spruced-up Quezon Memorial Circle People’s Park, and traverse the whole length of Commonwealth Avenue, parts of the newly-built Ayala Techno Park, the UP Campus and the La Mesa Eco-Park.

    The other race events will cover distances of 21K, 10K and 5 kilometers within this relatively flat course.  Attractive prizes will be up for grabs for top-notch local and international runners.

    Mayor Belmonte has appointed the Executive Runners Club of the Philippines (Runnex) as QCIM race manager with Entraineur/Finish Line as race organizer.  Runnex will be banking on its more than 25 years of race organization in holding the first Quezon City International Marathon. Currently, Runnex is holding a 10-month running clinic at UP Diliman every Sunday in preparation for the October race.

    In addition, the QCIM satellite races especially are expected to be star-studded events. Major broadcast media stations based in Quezon City are invited to participate in the project and field in entries, particularly their showbiz talents.  The country’s top radio-TV stations headquartered in Quezon City include ABS-CBN, GMA 7, ABC5, IBC 13, RPN 9 and PTV 4.

    Plans are likewise afoot to make the QCIM a family-friendly and runner-friendly finishers’ marathon.  Various runner and spectator attractions at the Quezon City Memorial Circle , a traditional runners’ haven, are being organized by the Quezon City Cultural & Tourism Affairs Office (CTAO) to make the QCIM not only a competitive event but also a festive occasion.

    For further inquiries, contact 920-4206, 742-0283 or 742-3091 (telefax) or log on to or