Australia Harvest Oats: Our Everyday Breakfast Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal for breakfast seems to be customary for those who are sticklers with their diets, those who lead healthy lifestyles or those who have been consciously or unconsciously introduced at an early age to these cereals that mommies fed them before going to school.

My introduction to oatmeal was through an old cereal brand, Quaker Oats when my mother wanted to prepare a fast, easy to cook breakfast for us instead of the arroz caldo or champorado (choco rice porridge) which took time to prepare. Lots of oatmeal brands has come out of the market since then, each giving options of providing a healthy source of fiber and whole grains, topped with fruits for a complete nourishing breakfast!

One of the best oatmeal products that have entered the market is Australia Harvest Oats which is grown and harvested from Australia’s best oats-producing region– West Australia, where the best oats in the world are grown. It contains Beta-Glucans which helps in digestion and strengthens the immune system. Having a bowl or a large cup of oatmeal a day reduces the risk of heart disease with some good amount of physical activity and a healthy diet.

No wonder, Australia Harvest Oats is being promoted by no other than our Rugby National Team, the Philippine Volcanoes, 2015 SEA Games Rugby 7’s Gold Medalists!

Go buy them now. Available at leading supermarkets and groceries.

Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team


Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) men’s team sticks to what is healthy, energy-packed, and good for the colon as the national Rugby Football team signs up for another round as Australia Harvest Oatmeal’s endorsers.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal uses the best oats variety from West Australia and packs peak levels of dietary fiber. Zero pollution, haven for growing the best nature-nurtured oats in the world—this is West Australia. Home to nature, the great outbacks, rugby. And Australia Harvest Oatmeal.

“Rugby is one of Australia’s favorite sports; it’s also one of the toughest. In a sport as physical as this, you need to keep your body strong and healthy to win. That’s why our team always starts the day with a bowl of Australia Harvest Oatmeal. It’s made with some of the best oats in the world,” says Team Captain Jake Letts.

It’s Good Down Under

Besides promoting healthy cholesterol levels and better heart health, eating oatmeal daily also promotes stronger body and better colon health due to its richness in fiber. Studies show that having a healthy colon helps us work at our best throughout the day. A clean and healthy large intestine also makes us feel good on the inside plus it reduces the risk of colon cancer.

“It’s packed with energy and keeps us full all day long. Plus, it has all the fiber we need for the day. It keeps us fit and at the top of our game,” Letts remarks.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal Four Aus-some Variants

Australia Harvest Oatmeal comes in four variants. People on the go may simply add water to Australia Harvest Instant Oats, gulp it down, and get fit—anytime, anywhere!

All-time best seller is the Australia Harvest Quick Cooking Oats — chunky and enjoyable oatmeal that cooks fast. Perfect for health buffs who seek a fuller fill and better digestion.

The chunky and chewy variant, Australia Harvest Whole Rolled Oats is the oatmeal expert’s favorite! It has whole grains and full-packed with all of oats’ beneficial fiber and nutrients.

Last but not the least is the super fiber of oats — Australia Harvest Oat Bran. The outer covering of the oat grain Oat Bran contains the highest level of dietary fiber. It is also ideal for diabetics and people with hypertension.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide, and is exclusively imported and distributed by Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory, Inc. Visit and like Australia Harvest Oatmeal’s Facebook page for updates, today.