We Parteyy, When We’re Not Running

If you’ve ever met and talked to Jinoe Gavan, founder of Takbo.ph, then you’ve probably seen him smile. It happens often in the course of his stories on running, the races he has joined and organized, his upcoming training for several races slated in the provinces and when he talks about his “first baby”, the Takbo.ph website.

The website on running has left an indelible mark among runners, and has created a lot of following in its two years of existence. It gave runners a chance to interact with each other on a gut level and has formed a wide, deep friendship that has branched from running into other multi-sports like the Duathlon, Triathlon and Ultra-Marathons.

I’m proud to say that i was part of its initial membership, from a few dozen who interacted at the Forums to the present thousands (and still growing) who have relied on the site for the latest news, schedule of upcoming races, blog stories, latest running gadgets and everything else on running.

Recently, there was a cause to celebrate when Takbo.ph marked its 2nd anniversary by staging the Takbo.ph Runfest 5/10k races which was a rousing success. To top off this celebration, expecting mom, Queenie Gavan (Jinoe’s ex-GF, now wife), organized a Runfest get-together at the Joey Pepperoni Pasta Bar at The Fort last Friday that was well-attended by both the old guards and the newer members of Takbo.ph. It was a merging of old and new faces, a continuing generation that will still grow as long as the running boom continues to flourish.

On a daily basis, Jinoe still finds himself immersed in making the website grow, on top of his regular job and other running projects. His goal still stands, “to promote running” and as long as runners keep motivated and friendships prosper, Jinoe will continue to have that toothy smile.

Here are some pictures from last Friday’s party:

The early birds

Mostly "oldies" (Photo by Carlo S.)

The group at the rear portion

Young bloods at takbo.ph

Party hosts, Rodel and Marga

Rodel with the new bloods

Waiting for their food and drinks!

Great guys!

Super fast runner, Carly (L) and friend, Chang

Marga, Ziggy and Tin


Celebrity Rodel signing on his pic

Not Forgetting Our Condura Carbo-Loading Party

I almost forgot posting our recent Carbo-Loading Party (CLP) we had at Joey Peperroni, The Fort last Thursday, two days before our scheduled Condura Skyway Marathon. The get-together was a record-breaker of sorts, attracting more than 75 runners, mostly from the Takbo.ph website forum.

CLPs are a runners favorite way of getting together, sharing their running stories while loading on their favorite pastas. All the formality of the dining table is broken down, allowing food and conversation to flow naturally in cozy surroundings.

It’s also a great way to ease the tension and a nice respite from the rigors of training before the big day comes. Here are some pictures as we enjoyed the moments and later savored in finishing the marathon:

At our table

Th early birds

Table hopping

Doc Pinky and Kikay Runner (Noelle)

Sid and Rey

Angel and Tina

Drunken L (Cindy) & the Flying B (Carina)

Abby and Gabby

JJ, Ambo K, Angel & Tina

Happy bunch!

Vicky and Doc T

Carmen and Mike, sitting

Kikay Runner

Great smile from Z...

(Thanks to Bong and Doc Marvs for some of the pics!)

Rock Runners

For the second time in two weeks, i had a chance to bond again with my group from the Takbo.ph runners, this time, a post race Carbo-Loading Party (CLP) at The Old Sphagetti House, along Valero Street in Makati where i got to hear more first-hand accounts of their horrific experiences at the SIM; the recent Adidas KOTR race and a potpourri of everything on running.  The biggest issue is still the lack of water or the absence of water stations, whichever you want to put it. If the absence of drinking water was bad enough inside the La Mesa Dam Nature Reserve (how ironic) and beyond during the recent QCIM, the situation at the Subic International Marathon was 5 times worse, among other things, according to those who ran the 42k course.

As one blogger asks time and again, “When Shall We Learn?”. It’s the most crucial issue i think any race organizer have to devote himself to! If he thinks, that water has been adequately addressed and is more than enough to meet the runners needs, he should think twice and not be complacent about it. The race organizer should be able to double or triple the supply and EXAGGERATE the need to have more than what is needed! In my experience of running these recent races, water and water stations have never been enough to satisfy these runners so additional tables should be purchased, marshals manning these water stations should be added and water sponsors should provide piles and piles of these drinking water (and cups, too) to assure a continuous supply!

Back to our CLP. On a lighter (or heavier) note, the inaugural “Biggest Loser Contest (BLC)” was launched at this get together affair. The BLC is a spin off from the famous reality TV contest wherein contestants who sheds off the biggest percentage loss in terms of body weight, wins! The idea, hatched by Rico Villanueva and those who belong to the “heavyset” group are out to redefine that running may not be enough to stimulate weight loss. In this 6-week contest, sheer will, determination and discipline play an important part, as well. Here are the mechanics:

— Any runner male or female can join and has to join a participation fee of P1,000.00 payable until November 8.

— Contest duration is from October 30 (weight-in) until December 13 (final weigh-in)

— Initial weights of candidates and their progress in terms of weight loss/calorie control shall be posted in Blogs/Facebooks/Multiply accounts of participants.

— Total pot money from participation fees are to be split among the sole winner and two runners-up.

Non-participants may bet on who they think will be the biggest loser. Mechanics will be announced within the week after the launch. As of official weigh-in, 16 runners have joined the battle of the bulge. I would have loved to join the contest and at 180 lbs, i would have benefited a lot if i could only lower my weight still. However, i think i already reached a plateau wherein i have been stucked at my minimum of 170-180 lbs. From 217 last year, i had gone down to 170lbs last August of this year and have been steadily increasing up to 180lbs as of last Friday. No way i’ll ever win or be even near the top 10 losers! So, good luck to those entered. May the biggest loser win!


Rico explaining the mechanics of the Biggest Loser contest


The early runners at TOSH


Runners occupying another table


Doc T playing around, as usual


Lovey-dovey pair: Bryan and Doc Erin


Taking a break


Running ladies


Bodies to die for?


Rico gets to win this one


Squeezed-in (Pix by Ace B)


Ryshel, Doc Pinx, James, me (Pix by Ace B)


Ryshel and Pinky


Beer pa?


Some of the participants of the Biggest Loser contest

By some twist of fate, we were transported into a very different environment as MUSIC would be the focus of interest. Doc Topher and a host of others left ahead to catch some concert he said he had tickets to and we just wondered what concert they would be attending. Turns out that they would be watching the annual NU Rock awards at the World Trade Center near MOA and called us to say that he had 19 more complimentary tickets.

So off we went to listen to some Rock music! Not really my cup of tea but i was really interested to see and hear what the new and upcoming Pinoy bands had to offer:

The Itchyworms on stage

The "Itchyworms" on stage


Inside the concert hall


Rakista Runners?


Peace to you too, Pepsi!


Hmm, this is better than listening to rock!


Are we listening yet?

Hitting the wall to early?

Hitting the wall too early?


Marga, at left--my bet for the biggest loser!

In one of the booths inside

In one of the booths inside

While rock music was blaring inside the concert hall, typhoon Santi was beginning to wreck havoc outside, its cold winds and continuous rains alternating with the drum solos and shrieks from fans inside. Had to rush home and put on some Miles Davis and Dave Holland on my CD player to soothe me a bit.

Carbo Loading For…Whatever

The Takbo.ph runners has a knack for organizing get-together events, for reasons being civic, leisure or the endless socials that are almost always related to the sport we love, running.  The get-together sorties after a race is always a ritual, whether it’s held in the small confines of a McDonald’s branch or a nearby watering hole which transforms into one lively party! And there’s always a reason to celebrate.

Nothing connects these runners like a good week night of bonding and talks vary from their recent marathon finish or plans to run another one in the foreseeable future. Last Wednesday evening, the group decided to meet up once again for an early Carbo Loading Party (CLP),  to prepare those who were running the Subic International Marathon,  the North Face 100k relay in Singapore,  the Race for Life at the Fort, the Adidas King of the Road , an upcoming LSD and for whatever reasons.

joeyjpgVenue of the CLP was the Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, located in one isolate corner of the Bonifacio Global City. Aside from Pizza, JPP serves great pasta and for the amount of P150.00, you can have unlimited servings of their Carbonara, Spaghetti Festo or the meat-tomato sauce variety.

After having our tummies filled up with pasta, the group headed off to Pier One for some booze loading that knocked our brains off into oblivion, myself included.

Here are our pictures:

Seats at the Joey Pepperonni easily got crowded

The place got easily filled up

Waiting for our orders

Waiting for their orders

These guys just took a few minutes to down the first servings!

These guys just took a few minutes to down the first servings!

All smiles:-)

All smiles:-)

Preparing for a bigger war ahead

Preparing for a bigger war ahead

Aside from eating, Tim has other interests

Aside from eating, Tim has other interests

We got the first table and the first stab of the food served. Waiting for the 3rd serving.

We got the first table and the first stab of the food served. Waiting for the 3rd serving.

More poses, more smilies

More poses, more smilies

I see red!

I see red!

Doc Art and friend

Doc Art and friend

No Coke, no rice!

No Coke, no rice!

Another round here, please...

Chelly’s request: Another round here, please…

Cute guys, huh?

Cute guys, noh?

Ryshel (L) and friend

Ryshel (L) and friend, Angge

With some of the pretty ladies

With some of the pretty ladies

At the other side of the resto

At the other side of the resto

Doc T, James and Tim

Doc T, James and Tim

james and Cindy, pacing with their drinks

James and Cindy, pacing with their drinks

With Vic and Doc T

With Vic and Doc T

Ryshell and Doc Pinx

Ryshell and Doc Pinx reading the TBR Mag, kuno:-)

A toast to all drinking halimaws!

A toast to all drinking halimaws!

Lau, our official tang-gera!

Lau, our official tang-gera and a look of concern from Pat who would be running half of the 100k relay 3 days later

Drinker's high?

Runner’s high?

Dennis gets ready for his turn

Dennis gets ready for his turn