Booster-C: My Present Energy Drink

I’ve been testing this product lately, tried this in different races and i think i’ve found the right energy booster with my sports drinks to fuel me on my long runs, trail runs and road races. It’s called the Booster-C Energy Shot.

I had been a regular user of  gels and that of the GNC 12-hour Energy Shots and it does help me get that energy boost specially in times when my energy begins to sap during the last half of a race.

I regularly take a gel or two in races of at least 21k (the GU Strawberry-Banana flavor is a favorite) although i find some of the other brand names too tame, not providing enough “kick” that i usually find when i take the GNC Energy Shots. On the move refueling doesn’t get more convenient if you take this with you during races except when bananas are made available along hydration stations which for me is a better alternative for refueling in distances of 21k or more.

The GNC 12-hour Booster shot (P99.00) vs. the Booster-C Shot (P18.00)

However, taking gels can put a strain to your pocket as these costs around P75-P120.00 per pop while the GNC Shot costs P99.00 per vial. Unless you have relatives residing abroad who can supply you with boxes of gels, buying them here really slices part of your budget which may be used to save and buy other essential needs like socks or tops.

Now, here comes the Booster-C Energy Shot. I was very suspicious about this product at first when i saw this being sold at a 7-Eleven Store near home. While the GNC 12-hour Energy was being sold for P99.00, the Booster-C had a price tag of only P18.00 per piece so one would think that this would be as good as taking flavored water. Ugh!

I am in no way affiliated with this product, but found this drink as effective as the GNC Booster Shot and Gels that i had mentioned. At half-way of a 25k run and during half-marathons, i consume just half of the contents and in just a few minutes, feel a fast-acting hit of energy. After a few more kilometers, i consume the other half which can sustain me up to the finish.

I felt no side-effects, no highs, no palpitations, no sudden energy crash that a cup of brewed coffee can give you after taking it before a race.

It’s also available at Mercury Drugstores. Bought a box.

The Booster C is a functional energy beverage with a unique blend of vitamins and potent energy-boosters that is packed in a convenient 60ml energy shot with virtually low sugar, low calorie and zero bloat in the tummy.

The liquid has a refreshing taste that is easy to swallow and designed for easy digestion during long runs and races. It only has 21 calories and packs with an energy blend that gives a long-lasting, crash-free energy felt in minutes.

Per the product’s website, this product is relatively safe, FDA-certified and classified as food. It can, in fact, be taken everyday. All the active ingredients of Booster C comes from components already naturally found in the body and in the foods we eat everyday (B Vitamins, Taurine, Inositol, Caffeine), and natural health foods used by people for generations (Ginseng, Royal Jelly).

And, since Booster C has only 3 grams of sugar per shot versus other energy drinks, taking it regularly is guilt-free.

Of course, you’ll have to try this first on practice runs if this works for you. Some brand gels may cause some gastrointestinal distress and taking this energy shot might cause the same. So far, i have not felt any discomfort taking these, whatsoever.