Fitbar Nutrition Snack Bar

Friend TIN FERRERA, ultra runner, cross-fit enthusiast and blogger (among many other interests) probably has it all covered endorsing a wide array of products related to running and nutrition.

Skimming on posts of her social media accounts, she endorses Simple Hydration and Spider water bottles, Hydro Coco Juice drink, Adidas Body care, Berocca Vitamins, various compression socks, running gears and many other sports products. Maybe the only thing that’s left for her to endorse is a baby stroller– for moms and dads to place their babies while they’re running!


Last week, during our committee planning of the Cordillera Great Traverse expedition, she handed each member several box samples of her latest endorsement, the FITBAR, a nutrition/snack bar. This is a great nutrient-packed snack bar which provides extra fuel that enhance energy levels for the body before, during or after an exercise.

As with energy gels, lots of runners carry them as they stoke up on either chocolates bars and now these health snacks for fuel before a race, chew on them during long trail runs to help sustain their strength and gobble them up afterwards to satisfy hunger fangs and replenish spent stores of energy.

They’re quite similar to the Nature Valley Granola Bars that were a hit among runners a few years ago, but the FITBAR is far tastier, softer and in the form of rice crispies spiked with raisins, crunchy oat clusters, chewy soy nuggets and hoards of vitamins and minerals.

There are two variants to this snack, one of which is the NUTS Fitbar and the other posted here is the FRUITS Fitbar variety which Tin has provided us. I like the taste of this and i know it’s one that runners would definitely agree with me. I’ve had this on trails provided to me by my team mates and it proved to be a satisfying gut saver that gives you just enough of an energy boost to get you through your runs.

Once you’ve tried this, your sure to have found one great snack that’s light on the tummy, tastes good and fuels your muscles for the long run. It’s about P20.00 a pop at your favorite grocery store!