Guerilla Warrior Race

This obstacle race is by no means a walk in the park! Or neither should you scoff at this 5k and 10k obstacle race as it is no fun run. It will be torture at most and will get you thinking why you’ve put yourself into this suffer-fest! You’ll run into big walls, monkey bars, barbwire crawls, carrying loads of heavy weights and you’r just warming up! Then crawl and wade through chest deep of mud for additional fun and you’re not even half-way through these obstacles!

The Guerilla Race motto,  “Finish the race…or die trying” speaks well of the fighting spirit the organizers want all participants to embrace. The ultimate glory is at the finish line!

Simply put, Guerilla Race will be the Philippines’ leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive madness that you’ll never forget!

Here are the details:

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Guerilla Race® Category:
Guerilla Warrior Race® – 10 kms. plus 18 obstacles
Guerilla Sprint Race® – 5 kms. plus 12 obstacles
Guerilla Race for Kids® – 1.5 kms plus 9 obstacles
Venue Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
Date: June 29, 2014
Racer Profile:
  • Kids ages 6-12 years old (participating on the Guerilla Race for Kids)
  • Adults ages 16 and above; fit and fabulous men and women; a good mix of avid runners, extreme sports enthusiasts, duathlon and triathlon athletes, endurance and thrill seekers, hardcore racers, celebrities, media groups and teams comprised of family and friends.

Launch of THE GUERILLA SERIES® 2014.

The first and only obstacle racing series within Philippine territories, Guerilla Race Inc. is proud to announce the success of its launch of the GUERILLA RACE SERIES with its entry level challenge, the GUERILLA SPRINT® last February 23, 2014 at Nuvali Estates, Santa Rosa, Laguna which was attended by almost a thousand runners and nearly 500 expectators who went to witness the said event. Because of this success, we are determined to bring you more exciting races as we continue our series with the next race – THE GUERILLA WARRIOR RACE on June 29, 2014.

The Guerilla Warrior® 2014 marks the second leg of the Guerilla Race Series® which is held annually, with 4 major races per year, in different regions of exciting landscapes and race topography within the Philippines. Finishers will be rewarded with the Heroes’ Welcome – the Finishers’ Party offering a catered meal, a beer bash and live bands to reward their brawn and bravery. The top 3 males and top 3 females of the Guerilla Warrior Race ® qualify for a free entry into the next tier.

-The Guerilla Warrior Race, covers a distance of 10 kms. with 18 obstacles to test our avid racers. As we have promised, this race will be tougher, crazier, but more exciting and we will bring whole lot more fun during race day. But there is more, because for the next race, we will still have the Sprint version for the first time-racers and the debut of our exhilarating Kids Edition of our very own Guerilla Race. The Guerilla Kids Race will be participated by kids ages 6-12 years old in our effort to make our race a whole family affair. So let your kids join the fun for this next race!

-THE GUERILLA SERIES® is also a benefit race. With our guerilla mission to embark on corporate social responsibility, Guerilla Race Inc. supports the HERO Foundation as our permanent partner for the races. So, if you are a like-minded organization, we invite you to be a valuable partner. Most certainly, your sponsorship will help fund worthwhile Guerilla Race Inc. scholarship programs for the children of our brave heroes who have left their families and lost their lives in service.

Guerilla Race® Category Guerilla Warrior Race® – 10 kms. plus 18 obstacles
Guerilla Sprint Race® – 5 kms. plus 12 obstacles
Guerilla Race for Kids® – 1.5 kms plus 9 obstacles

Venue:  Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
Date:  June 29, 2014
Estimated No. of Participants:  About 3,500 Racers
Racer Profile:  Kids ages 6-12 years old (participating on the Guerilla Race for Kids) Adults ages 16 and above; fit and fabulous men and women; a good mix of avid runners, extreme sports enthusiasts, duathlon and triathlon athletes, endurance and thrill seekers, hardcore racers, celebrities, media groups and teams comprised of family and friends.


The First in the Philippines
The Guerilla Race®Series is the first obstacle-driven race series of its kind in the Philippines. Skillfully developed by a Philippine Army Scout Ranger, the Guerilla Race® Series is meant to test the Guerilla Racers’® limits in terms of endurance of body, presence of mind and resilience of spirit.

The Blaze is in the Race
Water, fire, mud, spider nets, barbed wires, high walls, tunnels and other bizarre challenges are leagues beyond the usual fun run trails. The Guerilla Race®Series is all about the very obstacles that emphasize exciting landscapes and various race topographies in different regions of the Philippines.

“Finish the race…or keep on trying”
The Guerilla Race® Series is designed to unleash uncharted territories of one’s physical strength and mental stamina with the battery of obstacles. There is no map to be consulted nor is there any schedule of challenges to be followed. The only known constant lies in the mantra to “Finish the race…or keep on trying.”

Categories in the Guerilla Race® Series

The Guerilla Race®Series offers a progressive race course, with four venues of varying distances and difficulty levels. Each leg of the series is devised with terrain-inspired or venue specific obstacles, all guaranteed to surprise the participants and to ignite their sense for strategy.

The Guerilla Sprint®
This obstacle sprint sets the Guerilla Racer® toward the start of his journey,
covering a 5-kilometer distance. Beginner racers, fun run fanatics, duathlon
and triathlon athletes, adventurers, thrill seekers and marathon mavens
alike will find themselves in a grueling but fun-filled endeavor involving at
least 12 obstacles.

The Guerilla Warrior®
The next obstacle race features a 10-kilometer trail and mud race of 18 or
more obstacles. The top 3 male and top 3 female participants at the Guerilla
Warrior® will qualify for free entry into the succeeding round.

The Guerilla Panther Challenge®
The third tier in the series, the Guerilla Panther Challenge®boasts of a
gruelling 21-kilometer trail with 25 or more obstacles, outclassing any other
trail run, fun run, Olympic run, bike race, or marathon. The top 3 male and top 3 female participants at the Guerilla Panther Challenge® must then brace themselves for the ultimate challenge in the series.

The Ultimate Guerilla Race®
This highest tier of the series, the Ultimate Guerilla Race® is a 24-hour
endurance event with no real known distance or specific challenge count.
The trail covers an undisclosed mix of obstacles, physical challenges, and
mental exercise. Finishers of this final leg of the series will comprise the
elite circle of Guerilla Racers®, ready to take on the next battery of
obstacles on the race course, or even outside and beyond it. The Ultimate
Guerilla Race male and female winner will be sent to compete outside the
country, all expense-paid.

The Guerilla Racer®
The Guerilla Racer®is one of sound mind and body, and an iron will to match. He/she is ready to face any challenge, and to even rise above it. The Guerilla Racer® knows how to have fun, even in the face of a difficult ordeal. The Guerilla Racer®is a leader, an explorer and an achiever of new horizons, yet, a firm believer in ideals such as camaraderie and cooperation. A true team player, The Guerilla Racer®ensures that no one is left behind, not even race rivals or competitors.

The Guerilla Team Challenge®
The Guerilla Race® Series welcomes group entries for each tier, as a unique team-building alternative to a picnic or a walk in the park. The race course is envisioned to be the most adventurous method for any group to develop team dynamics and cooperation, esprit-de-corps, and a collective sense of pride with each and every accomplishment or challenge completed.

Race Category Date of Event
Guerilla Panther Race September 7,2014
Ultimate Guerilla Race December 7, 2014

The top 3 males, females and teams for each leg of the race will receive cash prices and will qualify for a free entry into the next tier. Participants who will finish the race will also receive finisher medals, and finisher t-shirts. And to our loyal race fanatics, we will be giving a special medal, the Guerilla Race Trifecta Medal, which will be awarded to the racers who can finish the three leg of the race (Sprint, Warrior, and Panther races).