Omega Pain Killer Pro Liniment: A New Sports Version

Omega Pro Pain Killer Sports Liniment

I’ve been getting some products for review lately and if it’s related to sports,  it will surely get into the pages of this blog and the above old time, athlete-friendly product is no exception.

Omega Pain Killer Liniment has been well known for many years and i remember too well the original yellow branded bottle that has always been a staple of my grandma’s top table drawer as she uses it to soothe the aches and pains of her foot and lower back.

The old original (regular) Omega Liniment

Back in the 80s when i first started running, the smell of liniment oil was evident at the starting area before a race. One of them was the peculiar aroma of Omega Pain Killer which you could distinctly smell a hundred meters away from the starting line area.  So strong was its scent that whenever i enter the room of Grannie who had just applied Omega Liniment, the scent reeked the whole room as if several bottles were spilled on the floor and it lingered on for several hours, even up to a day or two!

The liniment however is very effective and after rubbing and massaging just a few drops of this starchy liquid into your calves and thighs, it helps soothe aching muscles, specially when experiencing muscle soreness.

There is a newer and improved version of this liniment oil, one that was developed with athletes in mind or those with active lifestyles. It’s called the OMEGA PRO  and it has a more potent cooling effect that quickly relieves sore muscles, its spreadability has been enhanced and it has a new refreshing benign scent, none of the strong mentholated odor that was present in the original version.

I had the chance to try this after my recent Corregidor Marathon and bought a sachet pack (P10.00 each) which was more than enough for my massage therapist to use all over my upper body and legs. It had a penetrating effect, cool and light on the skin and most importantly, without the strong aroma that permeates from similar liniment brands.

Its indications are for back pains, muscle and joint pains, cramps, rheumatism, arthritis and even insect bites.

It’s most ideal when applied before any sporting activity and after cooling down. This topical analgesic is a great alternative over oral analgesics for relaxing the muscles after an intense work-out.

The 60 mL bottle will set you at about P75.00/bottle.