MultiSport Magazine: Running 101

Running has peaked to an all-time high in popularity in the country that has provided former sedentary individuals a sense of achievement as well as an enjoyable and accessible way to get fit and be competitive. All you need basically is a pair of running shoes and conquer the roads, trails or tracks anytime you want.

This special issue of Multisport Magazine delves into the basics of running that provides practical advice including proper nutrition for runners, sound transition to running, preparing for your first race, a guide on prevalent running injuries and how to deal with them,  a primer on barefoot running and my favorite past time, trail running.

There’s also a guide to stepping up on distances, featuring more advance running for races of different distances from 10k and 21k progressing to 32k and the marathon.

A special section also features everybody’s favorite local runner, Pat Concepcion on how he started into running and a nice write-up on the ever popular running group, the Soleus Team!

This special Running 101 issue of Multisport Magazine is available for free in local races and some selected running stores. Get your copy now!

(Thanks to Joy Ramos of Hinge Inquirer Publications for my copy)!


These days, being healthy has become more than sticking to a certain diet. It has to be a combination of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

Running 101 is for those who want to get started on hitting the road, living a healthy life, or even conquering the finish line. It is a 28-page running guide with tips and expert advice from top running coaches, as well as practical information about gear, training, and basically everything runners or aspiring runners need to know as they progress to marathons, ultramarathons, or to pursuing a different running path such as trail running or barefoot running.

Running 101 is a MultiSport Philippines special issue and is the magazine’s first publication dedicated to running and in upping the game of beginner and competitive runners alike.

It is published and distributed by Hinge Inquirer Publications, a member of the Inquirer Group of Companies.