Pinkberry: The Very Best in Frozen Yogurt

Whatever the weather and the occasion, frozen yogurt is one of life’s all-season pleasures! When i say i adore “Froyo” (frozen yogurt), i know i’m not alone.

Having been invited by Public Relations maven Nana Nadal with other bloggers to sample the new frozen yogurt products of top froyo bar, PINKBERRY at SM Megamall, i was delighted to see that people were trickling in and queued patiently to take out their newest offering, like the Pinkberry chocolate chip cookie yogurt and the toppings that goes with it.

Chocolate chip cookie with toppings

Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt bar at the 5th floor of SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall occupies a tiny space, a cross between a 70’s ice-cream kiosk and a quaint coffee shop tucked in a corner almost facing the huge ice-skating rink. You can choose to sit on any of its 3 tables or on some tall chairs in a window bar from where it’s fascinating to watch the skaters whiz by or tumble down the ice-skating rink.

At the entrance of Pinkberry-Megamall Branch

Delectable combinations are a mainstay, and flavors–including the butter pecan with glazed pili nuts and toasted almonds with caramel sauce were expertly balanced! The butter pecan with bananas and light agave was also superb.

The sundaes are reasonably priced, and they’re satisfyingly grand, generous in servings with premium toppings such as fresh fruits, chocolate chips, toasted almonds, nuts and brownie bites.

Mouthwatering folds of fresh, delectable fruit toppings undulate across Pinkberry’s selection bar. If you can settle on just one, you must be very miserable!

More toppings to choose from

New Products:

Warm Apple Pie and Fudge Brownies topped with frozen yogurt!

Just this month, Pinkberry released new desserts: Warm apple pie and fudge brownies topped with your choice of freshly swirled Pinkberry yogurt.

Pinkberry Apple Pie a la mode captures the classic taste of apple pie. The base is made with real baked apples and cinnamon crumble which is then topped with your choice of Original, Vanilla Bean, or Salted Caramel yogurt and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Apple Pie ala mode

Warm Apple Pie with some drizzle of caramel sauce

Pinkberry Brownie a la mode has chocolate chip brownies swimming in decadent warm chocolate fudge syrup topped with your choice of Original, Vanilla Bean, Butter Pecan or Salted Caramel yogurt and sprinkled with almonds and shaved milk chocolate for an added crunch.

Apple Pie and Brownie Ala Mode. The Brownie Ala Mode (right) is made up of warm chocolate fudge topped with a chocolate chip brownie, frozen yogurt and sprinkled with toasted almonds and shaved milk chocolate

New Yogurt Flavors:

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Butter Pecan

Aside from the two new desserts, they have two new yogurt flavors worth checking out.

The Pinkberry chocolate chip cookie yogurt provides an innovative way to enjoy your favorite cookie. This flavor is made with real cookie pieces for a delicious, creamy and sweet taste. No dunking necessary! Chocolate Chip Cookie Pinkberry can be enjoyed on its own or topped with Pinkberry’s premium toppings such as semi-sweet chocolate chips, mini milk chocolate gems, cookie dough, honey almond granola, whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Mix and match them to create a new taste experience each time.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our sampling of the Chocolate Chip Cookie with toppings

Butter Pecan Pinkberry is a smooth maple-noted yogurt with roasted pecans that embodies the indulgent, velvety taste of the classic ice cream. Butter Pecan Pinkberry can be enjoyed on its own. To give it a different dimension, you can top it with caramelized pecans, bananas, toasted almonds, caramel sauce, or light agave.

Butter Pecan

Our sampling of the Butter Pecan

Later, we were asked to make our own Pinkberry concoction and we were impressed by how this was done by the staff. The fruity burst of flavor in a cup of freshly swirled Pinkberry Yogurt, topped with 3 selection of fruits of your choice was the best thing during the taste test! Swirling it out from the machines with our own hands, the original flavor is specially creamy, the fruit bits were fresh and juicy and enhanced with additional left-over almond bits which were lying on our table.

The Kiwi and Mango bits combined had a good kick while the tangy original taste with the strawberry is another blissful union!

Introducing, the “Jazzrunner” Yogurt Special!!

To get a taste of Pinkberry’s Swirly Goodness, visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall, and SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Or log on to or their Facebook page

Our thanks to Mikki S. Montenegro, Marketing Specialist for Pinkberry and to her staff at Megamall. Big thumbs up for their friendly, professional service. Thanks too to Nana Nadal of the nananadal Public Relations & Events Management for providing us the venue for keeping our heads light and our tummy full!

Mikki S. Montenegro (R) and the Pinkberry staff. Thank you!

Mikki and the Jazzrunner

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