Meet Your Pacers for the QCIM2

They’re a mix of seasoned runners, elites, emerging fast runners, many ultra-runners to Galloway specialists, meet these promising batch of pacers who have commited themselves to achieve your target time for this year’s 2nd Quezon City International Marathon.

Handy flags will be used in this year's QCIM

They’ll be holding color-coded flags and guide you up to the finish whether your running a 4-hour or a 6-hour marathon.


4:00:00   Alipio Narciso / Jeff Abenina / Wilnar Iglesia/

4:15:00   Eric Socrates / Michelle Estuar F

4:30:00    Lester Chuayap / John Jeffrey Avellanosa / Russel Pata

4:45:00    Siosan Baysa F / Chinky Tan F

5:00:00    Albert Henson / Francisco Lapira/ Prince Baltazar/ Carly Dizon/ Chris Ng/

5:15:00    Jade Lee F / Ronnie Gabriana/ Mar Marilag/Derek “Gab” Gabriel

5:30:00    Nickko Nolasco / George Dolores/

*Carina Manansala/ *Doc Topher Montaos  *(Galloway Method)

6:00:00    Dwane David / Robert Rosario/ JJ Layug/ Allen Gasper


2:00:00    Jixee Lagunda/Brando Losaria/Nick Geaga

2:15:00    Tin Ferrera/Ricky Gundran/

2:30:00    Running Diva/Roelle Punsalan/Raymund Canta

2:45:00    Neil Barrios/Marvin Opulencia

3:00:00    Erick Alabastro/RJ Bumanglad

Last year's Kenyans

There’ll be pacers for both the 42k and the 21k categories only. Each pacer will be holding a short 2 feet handled flag which is color-coded and the finish times indicated on each banner which corresponds to their target times. Each time slot will have 2 or more pacers allocated, the “LEAD” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacers will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.

The small flags were opted for this year instead of baloons which they did at QCIM1 as it is more handy, it’s unobtrusive and in order not to impede them in their pacing efforts. The color-coding for each pace times will be announced soon.

The 42k runners will be fired-off first so all those running the full marathon should be at the starting line before 4:30am to seek out their pace leaders. The 21k runners will be sent off 30 minutes later at 5:00am.

In a related development, the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA), together with the race course committee have officially measured all race course distances yesterday, November 16 and will be sending their official certification to the race organizers next week.


Hmm..i've seen you somewhere?

Good luck to all runners and hope you achieve your target goals!