MILO R2 APEX Running Clinic Season 8: Starts April 28/29

The Season 8 edition of the MILO Running clinic is going to start very soon and runners of all persuasion are invited to join! The MILO APEX Running School is for anyone planning to participate in future races, from the 5k to the marathon (42k) distance. It accepts all levels of runners — and especially welcomes first time marathoners. At its core activities are 3x a week clinics that starts on April 28 to July 27, 2014.

For a minimum fee of P2,400.00, you get a whooping 36 sessions of different levels of training and is staffed strictly by Sports science trainers, running coaches and physical therapists.

Here’s a run-down of their activities:


On its 5th year, we are bringing you MILO R2 – APEX Running School: SEASON 8 – RUN, RE-FUEL, RECOVER!

The Country’s BIGGEST and FULL PROGRAM Scientific Running Camp covering injury prevention, strength and conditioning workouts, running drills, and now recovery and injury rehabilitation training needs of runners.

Re-Fueled and Re-Energized by MILO R2!

MILO R2 – APEX has produced more than 1000 runners in 4 years. 99% of MILO R2 – APEX runners have beaten their personal record while running less mileage.

Our team is composed of sports science trainers, running coaches, and physical therapist offering full support to your training needs. 

This will happen simultaneously at Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City, Bonifacio Global City, SM Mall of Asia By the Bay where enrolled participants can attend in any of the said locations.


For those who would like to join the ongoing running clinic beginning April 28 to July 27, 2014 and attend in any of the above locations, the fee is two thousand four hundred pesos (P2,400.00).



1.  Quezon City Memorial Circle (April 28 to July 19, 2014)

Monday and Wednesday (6:00-8:00pm)
Saturday (5:30am-7:30am)

2.  SM Mall of Asia, By the Bay (April 28 to July 19, 2014)

Monday and Wednesday (6:30-8:30pm)
Saturday (5:30am-7:30am)

3.  Bonifacio High Street near 7th Avenue (April 29 to July 19, 2014)

Tuesday and Thursday (6:30-8:30pm)
Saturday (5:30am-7:30am)

The Running Clinic has 4 Categories that will fit your running level:

MILO R2 – APEX Running School offers:
1.  Injury prevention. This includes Postural and Physical assessment, Functional movement screening, Bio-mechanical Running Video Assessment, Pre-hab exercises, Recovery, and Sports physical therapy.
2.  Comprehensive 3-months strength and conditioning workouts using a wide-variety of equipments such as medicine ball, kettlebell, foam rollers, battle ropes, suspension training, and more to be added.
3.  Sports medicine and sports science lectures.
4.  Running science
5.  Supervision by top running coaches.
6.  MILO R2 – APEX has produced more than 1000 runners in 4 years. 99%         of MILO R2 – APEX runners have beaten their personal record while                 running less mileage.
7. Training singlets.
8Water / hydration booth.
9. Certificate for the graduates.
10. Elite Milo-APEX Training Program by US Trained Athletic Performance
       Enhancement Specialist and Philippine Olympic Committee / RP
       National Teams Sports Training Consultant Coach Jim Saret.
11. Other Activities: Aqua Training, Trekking, Trail Running

To register, please check out Coach Jim Saret’s website at and their Facebook page at :

frontRUNNER Running Lectures at 100 Miles Cafe

I was pleasantly surprised to see an almost full-packed room of runners attending the start of FrontRunner Magazine’s 2nd series of running lectures last Tuesday at the 100 Miles Cafe at BGC and i was fortunate enough to listen partly on the topic of ultra-running by no less than Ret. MGen. Jovie Narcise, Race Director of the Bataan Death March 102 and 160k ultra races and frontRUNNER Magazine honcho, Jonel Mendoza who both gave a pragmatic talk on what ultra-running is all about.

These talks are actually the second of a series aimed for Advance runners scheduled every Tuesday evening.  The first series had just been concluded and was aimed at newbie runners where the basics of running, proper training, nutrition and even actual drills were demonstrated.

The lectures last Tuesday were straight forward, all based on the speakers actual experiences like the integrity of running an ultra marathon, training, recovery, nutrition/hydration and other aspects of long distance running.

Just by signing up at the entrance, you already get a lot of their give-aways like old FrontRunner Magazines, packs of Milo chocolate powder mix, Pocari sports drinks and the chance to meet some old friends in the running community. But most importantly, these series of lectures are FREE to the public and the resource speakers are well known personalities in their respective fields of expertise, all who have experience in ultras, trail running and other multi-sports.

There’s an upcoming talk on ultra trail-running next Tuesday, October 8 which i’m interested in and scheduled speakers will be no less than Atty. Jonnifer Lacanlale and Koi Grey, both veteran ultra trail-runners here and abroad so watch out for them!

Jonel Mendoza of Frontrunner giving a short introduction to ultra running

Here are the rest of the schedule:

October 8 (Tuesday) : Trail Running/Marathon and Ultramarathon Training

Speakers: Atty. Jonnifer Lacanlale and Koi Grey

October 15 (Tuesday): Long Distance Running

Speakers: Atty. Aldean Philip Lim, Alfred Delos Reyes and Raul Patrick Concepcion

Doors open usually at 5:00 PM, admission is free and everyone is welcome. While waiting for the lecture to start, a special movie on running will be screened while food can also be ordered at the Cafe.

Raffle prizes will be given too!

MILO Apex Running Academy Season 7: Starts On 9-11-13

One of the most enduring and successful running clinics in the country, the MILO Apex Running Academy will start Season 7 of its continuing running program starting next Monday, September 9 until November 30, 2013. The Milo Apex Running clinic has transformed dozens of ordinary week-end joggers into formidable runners who have conquered and PR’ed  in races ranging from 10k up to marathon and even ultra-marathon distances!

The Milo Apex clinic uses concepts that include running form drills, functional core strength, speed work, sports nutrition, dynamic-static stretching, injury prevention and a full blown running and conditioning program to suit every individual needs.

The fun part of this clinic is training with those having the same physical fitness level as yours that encourage you to push and motivate each other for your success.

For more details of the Milo Apex Season 7, you can contact Coach Jackie Gutierrez at 09277398583 or 09297714455. You can also send her an email at


CHANGING THE WAY RUNNERS TRAIN! The Milo-APEX Running Academy is REVOLUTIONIZING the RUNNING CLINICS in the country! Using elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles, you will become STRONGER, FITTER and FASTER RUNNERS!


We’ll help you become better, faster and smarter runners
We’ll provide an educational and inspirational experience for all runners of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

From first time runners to experienced racers who want to improve their PR — All runners will finish the program with better running knowledge, new friends, and an enhanced love for the sport.

Coach Jim Saret with Coach Jackie Gutierrez


Company Overview

MILO + A.P.E.X + the Country’s Top Runners and Coaches = A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH IN THE SCIENCE of RUNNING!

3 camps

Weekly Schedule of Training

  • Bonifacio High Street, BGCTuesdays and Thursdays (6:30 pm-8:30 pm)Saturday LSDs (5:30 am-7:30 am)
  • Quezon City Memorial CircleMondays and Wednesdays (6:00pm-8:00pm)Sunday LSDs (5:30am-7:30 am) at UP Abelardo Hall
  • SM Mall of Asia Bay AreaMondays and Wednesdays (7:00pm-9:00pm)Sunday LSDs (5:30am-7:30am)

Program of Training

  1. Recovery and Rehab (injury prevention)
  2. Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  3. Cardio-Endurance Training
  4. Running Mileage
  5. Speed and Power
  6. Crosstraining
  7. Aqua Training
  8. Yoga and Pilates
  9. Trekking and Adventure Racing
  10. Trail Running
  11. Pre and Post Milo Marathon Race Group Carboloading

Please Contact:

Jackie Gutierrez

09277398583 / 09297714455

or email:

RUNNR To Hold Weekly Group Runs

RUNNR Store is launching weekly group runs for beginners and advance runners called the RUNNR Club.

Slots are running out fast so do check their website at or call 403-1787. Registration Center for UP Diliman participants will be at RUNNR Store-Trinoma. Their UP Diliman sessions starts tomorrow, May 12, 2013  so check it out!


Group runs will start in starting running in these locations on:

  • Bonifacio High Street – 7pm Wednesdays (May 8 – June 26)
  • UP Diliman – 7am Sundays (May 12 – June 30)

To join:

  • Each venue is limited to 50 runners only to be divided into 2 groups: Basic group and Advanced group
  • The 2 groups will vary in pacing and rest intervals
  • Participant’s Commitment Fee: P300

Registered participants will get the following:

  • Free running singlet
  • Free Hydration
  • Free running program for 8 weeks
  • One-time special discount 20% on any RUNNR branded items***
  • One-time special discount 15% on regular-priced Newton running shoes***

**By presenting event receipt

This event is presented by RUNNR and in cooperation with Bonifacio Global City, Gatorade and Newton Running. The RUNNR Club is powered by Toby’s Sports, Fuelbelt, Moving Comfort, Polar, Gu and CW-X.

For inquiries, contact RUNNR at 403-1787 or email them at

To catch the latest updates from RUNNR, add RUNNR on Facebook and Twitter thru http://www.facebook/RUNNRphils and or log on to


Mizuno Run Academy at BHS

While having a break after trying to scramble a series of difficult burpees,  crunches and squats during the early series of the FILFIT Camp with Jim Saret 3 Mondays ago at BHS, i  was able to squeeze myself in at the Mizuno Run Academy which was being held simultaneously on the other end of the sprawling High Street where Coach Patrick Joson was lecturing on the POSE Running method.

Lectures inside the Mizuno Store at BHS

Coach Patrick Joson

The Mizuno Run Academy is actually a beginners course on the science of running called “Discovering the Key to High Endurance” but its main attraction is learning the basics of POSE Running.  I’ve been to lectures of the Chi Running method conducted by Coach Lit Onrubia and i’ve always been intrigued how it compared to the POSE method and found varying similarities and differences within them.

While Coach Lit is a US Certified Chi Running instructor, we’re fortunate enough to also have the first Filipino US Certified Pose Method instructor in Coach Patrick who is also a certified International Triathlon Union Level 2 coach.

Although the basics is geared on the Pose Running method, the Mizuno Run academy also emphasizes on another training method of a low-stress fitness running program which can be tailored based on each individual needs. This is a holistic approach to racing and training and its basis is the aerobic system.  This system is called the Maffetone Training method which improves the aerobic system at using fat for fuel in the most efficient way.

The Maffetone tries to manage your stress, find the ideal nutrition and optimize your potentials by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses for improved performance. Easier said than done but based on the lectures and initial drills conducted by Coach Patrick, the concept here is building a foundation of aerobic fitness via Long Slow Distance runs and build slowly upwards in doing anaerobic and racing while being injury free.

Reminds me a lot of our old running clinic days at Runnex during the 80’s when we were doing the Arthur Lydiard way of training based mostly on controlled phases of running like base building/aerobic training, speed or hill training, sharpening and rest/tapering.

I’m not going into explaining about the differences/similarities of the POSE and Chi methods (there’s a lot of them on-line) but from the first impressions about the POSE, here’s what i surmised:

  • Your strides should be kept short, staccato-like with your leading foot under your body, not ahead or before  it.
  • Using the hamstrings more when raising your ankle straight up positioning underneath your hip.
  • Head, shoulders, hips, and ankles are kept in vertical alignment
  • Pull up, don’t push off the ground
  • With shorter strides, you should land on the ball of your foot and not your heels.
  • Mimic what Coach Patrick does (and ask how he does it, after!)

So there! We’re still on the learning stages of the POSE running method and the Maffetone Training method and i’ll be back again to report more on these after i do more body twisters at the FILFIT Camp! See you!

Running mates at the Academy

Jeff Galloway: “Gallowalking” in Manila

He is probably the world’s leading authority on Running and has authored more than a dozen books about the sport, including his best-selling Book on Running. He also writes a monthly column for Runner’s World magazine.

JEFF GALLOWAY is arriving in Manila and in Cebu to give a series of lectures on training used by elite runners apply to runners of all levels. He explains his secrets for running better, and his revolutionary ideas on the Galloway method of running, “run more-walk some” which i fondly refer to as “Gallowalk”. Jeff tells beginners how to get started sensibly and provides unique training for all run distances.

Jaymie Pizarro (thebullrunner) and the forwardleanrunning team are bringing in Mr. Galloway with schedule as follows:

Manila Talk Schedule:
  • Feb 2, Wednesday, 6 to 9 PM, Colegio de San Agustin Basketball Arena, Dasmarinas Vill., Mkt
  • Feb 5, Saturday, 2 to 5 PM, Colegio de San Agustin Basketball Arena, Dasmarinas Vill., Mkt
Tickets are currently being sold at P500 for the lectures, but they are providing special group discount of 15% OFF for 50 TICKETS should you wish to purchase in bulk for your company/ running group/ club/ clients/ friends/ partners.
For more info, you can check out Jaymie’s blog (here) or e-mail her at:

Rites of Passage: Clinic Participants Finishes 10K

One of the sidelights of last Sunday’s Runnex Executive Race was the 10k graduation run of the participants of the Runnex Discover Running Clinic. After more than 10 weeks of training under the leadership of Coach Jojo Mac, the trainees’ endurance and skills were put into test. Majority of the participants were now going to run their first 10k, while a few who may have missed part of the clinic sessions would run 5k. 

Standing at the starting line after the Corporate Executives runners were fired off 10 minutes earlier, i felt a little concerned about my role for this graduation run but excited for these first time 10k runners i was going to pace. The day earlier, Danny Villavicencio, convener of the running clinic, assigned me to pace these newbies to finish their 10k at the same route where the Executive Run was being held. Aside from myself, the pacing chores will also be shared with Betty and Tonette. 

Although i was regularly promoting this running clinic through this blog, i rarely attended the Sunday clinics as i was either on out-of-town work related activities or was running some races elsewhere. I hardly knew any of the 72 participants although many recognized me through this blog. 

We started at a cautious pace of 8:00/km although Betty and Tonette’s group, who were leading the faster runners forged ahead in a 7:00-7:30/km clip. During my pacing with my group, i was bombarded with questions on running form, nutrition, speed drills and everything that pertained to running. It was a great feel interacting with them on a gut level and listening to their experiences gave a me a greater understanding of their concerns and aspirations. 

We reached the first loop (5k) in 44 minutes which wasn’t bad at all. Those few who had minimal training opted to finish the run, their first 5k race. The majority of us continued as i continuously gave some pep talks and motivation specially when some were taking walking breaks, which was just fine. 

A kilometer at the academic oval, another 2 kilometers at the newly paved rotunda and the slight incline going back, we finally reached back the academic oval. One kilometer to go! The group was now very ecstatic, their pace grew faster as we were near the finish. 

We were cheered wildly as we crossed the finish line as the runners punched the sky with their fists and all of them had smiles big enough to light up Abelardo Hall. Our time was 1:31:00. These newbie runners represented the essence of what drew them all to the starting line last Sunday. The quest for better health and self-esteem. A sense of a fulfillment and direction to achieve their dreams. 

Crossing the finish line with them transported me back when i also was discovering running. I too had this sense of fulfillment and pride when i finished my first 10k. There is pride in achievement but most thoughts and emotions are internal. They have all finished what they came to aspire for and deep inside, they were  all proud of their achievement.

They now plan to continue with their training and pursue a larger purpose, to finish the 42k marathon this December 5. 

Way to go, guys!

Running clinic participants

Doc & Dra. Jun Kagaoan (1073/1072), Race Organizers of the Vigan Run taking a pose with Betty

Trainees in high spirits, ready to tackle their first 10k

My pacing group. Ecstatic with 1 km before the finish!

Pulling them to the finish! (Photo By Blas Tiangco)

Part of the 10k finishers

Doc Pinky Benitez winning the Runnex Executive 10k race (Womens Div) with Christy Roldan coming a close second

Cristy and Pinky holding their trophies with Runnex' Art Disini and Rudy Fernandez

Runnex's (l-r), Ofie, Owens, Rose and Armie

Chi Running With Mr. Lit Onrubia

Difficult–but doable. Trying to change to a new running style when you had for years developed your own individual running form presents a very difficult challenge.

It is frustrating that some of us old-fart runners feel confronted when we get to grips with a new running style if we are not up to the task to run it the correct way. Worse, it causes more problems than it solves because the demands of the style is high and you can never be sure you are doing it right.

I already forgot (or i may no just be applying it) what Coach Jojo Macalintal taught us during one of the Runnex running clinics a few months back about the Kenyan style of running which is efficient, uses less energy and soft on the knees Technically, it has many invaluable advantages and if perfected, you can surely reap the benefits. However, it could take months or years to perfect it and you have to have time and patience to adhere to it.

Last Wednesday night, i had the chance to attend the launch of ChiRunning, a running program that combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a running form and philosophy that purportedly takes the pounding, pain and most injuries out of the sport of running. The clinic, which was held in front of Runnr Store in BHS was conducted by LIT ONRUBIA, the country’s only certified ChiRunning instructor. He provided a lecture and overview of the benefits of ChiRunning, its forms and techniques.

Lit Onrubia starting the seminar

Newton Running Shoes as partners with Chirunning

From the lecture, Mr. Onrubia talked about balance and the bio-mechanics of a good form. The core muscles play a vital part and with volunteers demonstrating, he showed the importance of core strength and how your shoulders, arms and legs should align with your feet that is facing forward. The core and waist should be tucked in a little (he uses his hand to measure part of core) After the proper balance and alignment is made, you slightly lean forward from your core, up– you let your body fall forward.

Friends to demonstrate the proper "Form"

From my point of view, i think you can incorporate all the varying running methods and apply what works best for you. Of course, these methods are mostly theories and in the final analysis, it will only be meaningful if it shows results in the roads.

Right now, i’m back to my old ways, with a little improvement in form, but still logging those miles with no major injuries (thank God!) Of course, there are new things that you do absorb and apply with these running techniques. Those i easily remember are being upright, relaxing your upper body and landing on your feet just below your body.

If you want to join LIT ONRUBIA’S ChiRunning classes, here is the schedule:

PRACTICAL SESSION 1 (12 runners/ batch)

TOPIC: Practical application of Chi RUNNING posture & biomechanics

Batch 1: Jan 21, Thurs, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Batch 2: Jan 21, Thurs, 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Batch 3: Jan 23, Sat, 6:00 – 7:30 AM
Batch 4: Jan 23, Sat, 8:00 – 9:30 AM

PRACTICAL SESSION 2 (12 runners/batch)

TOPIC: Practical application of Chi Running gears, stride length, knee bends, & running cadence

Batch 1: Jan 26, Tues, 6:00-7:30pm
Batch 2: Jan 26, Tues, 8:00-9:30pm
Batch 3: Jan 27, Wed, 6:00-7:30pm
Batch 4: Jan 27, Wed, 8:00-9:30pm

INTERESTED RUNNERS MAY REGISTER @ RUNNR in B3, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City or call Lit Onrubia: 0917-537-6870 or e-mail:

Here are some pictures taken that night:

Toby Claudio of Runnr

With the peeps

Julie, Vic, Sam, Mark and Wilnar at the back

With the guys

With Pio(lo) and Ebong

View from the back

Last night's crowd

Running Clinic Visits The ULTRA

It was a Sunday to remember when the Runnex Running Clinic went to the Utra Track Stadium in Pasig to do interval and other speed training workouts, this time concentrating on developing speed in running. Coach Jojo Macalintal continued the form drills, strength drills and other core exercises before concentrating on the improvement of our strengths, efficiency and speed.

The work-outs were fun yet challenging, tapping the potential of the runners on the specifics of speed and racing in the middle distances like the 5 and the 10ks. It was a fun experience for all oldies and newbies. After the run, the runners proceeded to Betty’s Valle Verde residence for a hearty breakfast. Thanks, Betty!

The Running Clinic is still open for beginners, intermediate and advance runners. Assembly is in front of Abelardo Hall, U.P. Campus, 5:30am-6:00am every Sunday. Just look for Mr. Rudy Fernandez.

Running Clinic is FREE!

Stretching before the run

Panoramic view of stretching exercises before the run

More stretching

More stretching

Coach Jojo supervises the trainees of the running clinic

Coach Jojo supervises the trainees of the running clinic. Doc Pinky in pink shirt

Runners take turns in pacing the ladder guide

Runners led my Mel Severino take turns in pacing the ladder guide

Marsha taking it easy in front

Marsha taking it easy in front

Coach Jojo seems to be demonstrating how to play "patintero"

Coach Jojo seems to be demonstrating how to play "patintero"

"What dance step is that, Betty?"

"What dance step is that, Betty?"

One of several exercises

One of several exercises

Few rounds around the track

Few rounds around the track

Merriam, getting the hang of running the Kenyan way

Merriam, getting the hang of running the Kenyan way

Rudy is hot on her trails

Rudy is hot on her trails

Hmmp...ang bagal nyo kasi, eh!

Hmmp...ang bagal nyo kasi, eh!

Enjoying the faster paced runs

Enjoying the faster paced runs

Norion san, getting ready for the challenge of Mr. Murakami

Norio san, getting ready for the challenge of Mr. Murakami

Listening to Coach Jojo for interval run assignments

Listening to Coach Jojo for interval run assignments

Newbies getting the feel of it

Newbies getting the hang of it

Enjoying it

Enjoying it

The oval was exclusively all for themselves

The oval was exclusively all to themselves

Fat burners

Fat burners

View from afar

View from afar

More stretching

More stretching

After the run, a buffett breakfast was hosted by Betty in her Valle Verde residence for all who joined.

After the run, a buffett breakfast was hosted by Betty in her Valle Verde residence for all who joined.

On Running Form: The Kenyan Method

Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about running form, someone lectures about how the rules have changed. Way back when during the 80s, we were taught that the best foot strike was to land on your heels first then roll your foot forward and take off with your toes. I’ve had my share of injuries while doing this style of foot strike so i abandoned this and just ran on something i would feel comfortable with. Well, it still didn’t make me a faster runner nor did it make my running more efficient so i experimented with various running forms until i found the stride and the form which kept me more relaxed without stressing the muscles too much.

Now, enter Coach Jojo Macalintal. Jojo has been recently hired by Runnex to coach the participants of the Runnex Sunday Running Clinic on proper running technique, fitness, mental technique and devise a training program geared towards the participants in finishing the 42k 1st Quezon City International Marathon this coming October 18. Lecturing what he has learned from the latest on running techniques at the running clinics he attended in Singapore recently, Coach Jojo now preaches the “Kenyan” method of running.

The Kenyan method dictates a straight body to a slight forward lean, a mid-foot landing on a slightly bent knee, a fast turn-over or cadence of about 130 steps per minute, and short strides or the so called “baby steps”. The Kenyan way uses less over-all energy and alleviates the shock in the knees. However, the pain would initially shift to the calves, hamstrings and buttocks once you start this technique for the first time.

The Kenyan technique incorporates long, flowing, seemingly effortless stride.

The Kenyan technique incorporates long, flowing, soft, effortless stride.

But why the ‘baby steps’ as the elite Kenyans are famous for their long, smooth giant strides? Coach Jojo explains that the shorter strides would automatically make your midfoot or forefoot land first thereby avoiding the usual ‘heel-toe’ push of the regular runner.

During our first Sunday with Coach Jojo, we started with stretching and warm-up exercises. He demonstrated the drills we had to do, firstly, the jump rope drill of up and down bouncing, jumping on one leg while the other is stretched sidewards, at the front and at the back then vice-versa. We did short backward runs to emphasize the butt kick. We then ran 3 laps (2.2k per lap) at the academic oval while he critiqued and corrected each runner’s form. He showed us how the arms should go forward and back and avoid the side to side sway in order to help the legs propel straight and the foot to strike underneath the center of gravity. (But we already knew this).

Short strides, fast turnover, stand tall, fall tall is the name of the game

Short strides, fast turnover, stand tall, fall tall is the name of the game

During the run, some of the pacers would shout out the cadence steps of “1-2-3-4/1-2-3-4” like drills in ROTC. It would be repeated intermittently with the reminders of “stand tall, fall tall” and when the slower pacers couldn’t keep up with the fast pace, they would order, “slow down, slow down!”

While looking at the runners in front off the pack, i observed that some of the newbies were adapting and getting the feel of the new method. Coach Jojo informed us that it would take about a month to master this technique.

Getting the feel of it

Getting the feel of it

Smile, the Kenyan way

Smile, the Kenyan way

I was even more surprised to see the grizzly old-timers and marathon veterans in the group like Art, Rudy F., Jun , Obet and the others, including myself  (who were first adamant and skeptic of this new technique) gamely adjust to this new method, like true Kenyans doing their cool-down jog after a grueling 20kms of hill training.

Now, who ever said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?