Socks Matter Too: The ‘Thorlos’

Running socks, that is. We runners experience sweaty feet and the foul odor it emanates after every run but the right socks do play a role in eliminating fungus that leads to foot sweating or athletes foot. More than this, a good running sock will prevent blisters, provide breathability and protection for the feet.

There is one innovating company in Statesville, North Carolina, USA that designs and manufactures sock products for everything from hiking to tennis to running named THORLOS  which was recently introduced here in the country.

THORLOS might be the Rolls Royce of running socks as it is a sock company that pays attention to quality, detail, styling and engineering and yet still carries it all a tad beyond what is necessary.

The 30-year old, USA-made brand preferred by pro and amateur athletes carries over 35 types of socks for everything from running to hiking to tennis to golf and basketball – all characterized by their customized and scientifically structured pads with the ability to adjust to the needs and movements of each sport.

Thorlos®, is the originator of the activity-specific sock, is the first socks line to be granted the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podriatic Medical Association.

Recently, i was able to test run one of their sock models, the Coolmax Thin Cushion on a 15k run. They were very soft with a snug fit and didn’t bunch up and rub when my feet started to feel sweaty.

I particularly like the cushion pads located on the heels and forefoot which feels like cushions that protect those parts of the feet. I didn’t feel any over-heating inside and the ventilation seem to work. These socks really didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a more detailed description of the socks:

Thorlos is the one of the very few global pure socks brands in the Philippines, others are locally produced while other brands offer socks as side products only.

Thorlos is the brand of socks with the widest selection for all the popular sports and lifestyle activities.

Thorlos emphasizes education on the importance of FOOT-SHOE-SOCKS-FIT experience to draw maximum benefits, protection and comfort.

Thorlos is one of the few sports brands backed up by well-explained science and recipient of numerous awards and endorsements by scientific institutions, medical societies and athletic groups.

Thorlos socks cannot be faked and each and every pair was made using patented machines, yarns (particularly THOR-LON) and designs. No outsourcing was done hence all Thorlos socks around the world were made thru the strictest quality control of the company in North Carolina, USA.

Thorlos is the best socks brand in the market and it is a sound investment to own. It is not just for the athletes who demand performance or the upper class who’s willing to spend for quality products but for all those who want to be active while being protected in the activity/sport they choose.

In addition, Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and has been the recipient of Runner’s World (US) Best Gear Award.

Exclusively distributed by Colerosh, Inc. in the Philippines, Thorlos® socks are available at Riovana stores at BGC, Regis Center-Katipunan, and soon at the SM Mall of Asia. They are also available at Rustan’s, ROX, Planet Sports, Tobys, RUNNR and The Athlete’s Foot.

For more details about Thorlos® Socks and foot health, visit and, call Colerosh Inc. at 661-3022 and 640-4326 or email at