Spyder Optics Sports Sunglasses: A Short Review


  • Spyder – “SWELL” Optics Sports Sunglasses
  • Polycarbonate Sunglasses
  • Quickchange frames that lets you switch to lenses of different colors for use in a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • For running, cycling and other outdoor activities

The SPYDER “Swell” Optics Sports Sunglasses

I’m enjoying this pair of sports sunglasses, the Spyder “Swell” model with polycarbonate lenses. I don’t usually wear sunglasses when running early in the morning except in instances when i do long runs that would take me more than a few hours or up to noon time to finish. Every summer, i often have to do long runs on trails, roads or wherever places it takes me under the heat of the sun and having sunglasses eases the eyes as it blocks glare, protects me from harmful UV rays and shields me from the occasional flying debris .

I’ve been using the Spyder Swell for a few weeks now and got it thoroughly tested during last month’s Corregidor International Marathon where we were exposed to the heat until 12:00 noon!

At the Corregidor International Marathon 2015 with Doc Evelyn Ponce

Crossing the finish line!


LENS: The lens is made up of “Resillens” polycarbonate materials which was developed by aerospace designers for use in helmet visors. This material is also found in bulletproof windows, airplane windows and riot police shields. It is ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds resistance requirements by 40 times.

Spyder Resillens™ is lighter and about 20% thinner than standard plastic or glass, which stop them from constantly sliding down the nose. The material is a natural ultraviolet filter, blocking 100% of the sun’s damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coating. This has excellent impact-resistance and very good optical clarity. It’s affordable, lightweight and low-bulk, but less scratch-resistant.

With 2 extra interchangeable lenses

FRAME: A near-indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by its extreme impact resistance. Grilamid TR90 is almost indestructible and supported by an extremely high bending strength. It’s remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.

The durable homopolynamide nylon frame


The polycarbonate lenses were featherlight and together with the light frame, you hardly feel that you were wearing them. There was no slipping and adjusting problems whatsoever and it was only when i had to pour water in my head that i had to take it off during my race at the Corregidor Marathon. It was easy to wipe the water off the lenses and other than that, the frame and lenses never gave any discomfort.

The frames fit snugly on my nose and ears and did not pinch or rub. It is important though to adjust the nose pads before wearing them by flexing them closer together or farther apart to fit on the bridge of the nose. Adjust accordingly as you run the first few hundred meters and it will permanently hold to the position you want!


A few days ago, we had a survey of the trails at the Anvaya Cove Resort in Morong, Bataan, venue of the forthcoming Salomon X-Trail Run where we had to run and walk part of the sea-shore at about 12 noon to 1:00pm under the blazing heat of the sun. It was good to be wearing my Spyder shades and a running cap which greatly prevented us from being sunburned.

After lunch as i was about to take a quick shower on their guests restrooms, i accidentally dropped the sunglasses when i took off my cap. It fell so hard that both lenses were detached from the frame, all scattered on the tiled floor! Surprisingly, the lenses didn’t break and upon checking further, no scratches were seen whatsoever. Neither was the frame. I was able to replace the lenses easily and with a few clicks, it fastened securely.

Running at past noon at the Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan (c) Running Atom

Franc with his Spyder Nomad H and me wearing the Spyder Swell

Apart from their sturdy build, elegant appearance and protection from the sun’s rays, the Spyder Swell comes with two extra set of lenses and are matched according to a wide variety of lighting conditions. Each set enhances visual acuity in a given situation.

With the many sports sunglasses i’ve worn, the Spyder Swell is by far the best in quality and clarity that comes in a very affordable price. They are light, easy to use and crisp clear. The Spyder Swell costs about P1,600.00.

All Spyder sunglasses come with an authentic Spyder hard or semi-hard case, depending on the style.

Available at Spyder Stores and Kiosks, SM Department Store (Men’s Accessories Section) and selected dealers nationwide.

On the middle is Franc wearing his Spyder Nomad H while me and Alfred are donning the Spyder Swell model (Running Atom photo)

With running buddies wearing the Spyder Sunglasses during the Sierra Madre 5-10-50k Race. (L-R) Allan, Alfred and Abet