Tapering And Other Musings Before RUPM

Months ago, i had commited to complete the Runrio Trilogy for this year, just like i did last year (2012)  so i registered for the final race, the Run United Philippine Marathon which is happening in less than 3 weeks time. At this moment, I have now entered the homestretch and the tapering has just started after doing copious distances of 32k+ LSDs on weekends.

The 80-90kms of weekly mileage (a modest sum to more serious marathoners) will now ease to 50-60kms for the next 3 weeks and i really look forward to taking a little breather although a quality 21k run with my running buddies, (Leo, Sylvia, Betty, Tonet, Chito, Majonie and Gemma) will still be in order in the next few days just to keep the legs and lungs sharp.

The last long run last Saturday was a blast! We did a lot of goofy things during our 32k run and we were like kids trying to out-run, out-wit and out-hustle those who were naturally running faster than we were. Leo and i were sneaking out to really make fast bursts of speed from the group to give us an advantage to finish the run ahead of the rest. We did this while they were busy buying from some vendors or were taking a break.

I was laughing out loud when looking at my back, Sylvia and Betty who were the faster runners in the group realized what we were up to and tried to play catch-up. They were trying to bridge the gap with so much effort when i suddenly froze on a pedestrian stop light and waited for about 2 minutes. Sheesh, that 2 minutes translated like about 600 meters of fast running so by the time i was able to cross the road at the junction of Santolan and Katipunan Roads, they were now a few steps away at my back!

So, imagine the ribbing i got from these ladies when they nagged about us trying to pull a stunt on them! Hahah…

After the run, we decided to proceed to Betty’s place and have breakfast, with the customary wine and brandy to go with the food and banter. We were in stitches trying to recall the random madness of trying to outran each other and each one of us had a story to tell. We were so hungry, but thirsty as well and we had these:


Liempo! Thanks to Andok’s outlets

Good ol crispy chicken

In other running news, i had an easy 10k run in pouring rain the following Monday at the Greenhills Shopping Center grounds with trail running buddy Iris who lives nearby. I ran from my house to her place which is about 4 kms away and the rains were really blasting when we both started together.

The run around the Greenhills shopping center was a bit jarring as we had to run on the pedestrian walkway which was tiled and kind of slippery when wet. It’s a 1.1 km loop and we were like running around in circles, trying to dodge joggers and walkers whom we were sharing the pavement with.

Iris is coming back from a hip and itbs injury which was aggravated when she slipped on some wet rocks during a trail run at Miyamit in Porac , Pampanga a month ago. This was going to be her first come-back run after that incident and although her injury hasn’t completely healed, she burned the lanes as if a bird was set free from her cage, setting on for a tempo-like session.

We did a total of just 6 kms and i persuaded her not to push it too far or hard as it might only aggravate her still tender injury which she complained was still bugging her after the run. She plans to run the Miyamit CM42 Half-Marathon Trail race this coming Sunday but have my doubts if she’ll be 100% fit to run this hilly course.

I have still maintained my 80kms/weekly training and this, as i mentioned should come down considerably in the next 3 weeks as i taper. The Run United Marathon looms on October 6 which will be my come-back marathon after that disastrous Milo Marathon 2 months ago where i bonked due to Hyperacidity and diarrhea.

I’m still concerned with my acid-reflux and have been taking meds this last few weeks while training. I am aware of this condition and just hope for the best that it improves come race day. I just need to suck it this last few weeks and see. I’ll be doing a 21-25k run tomorrow with my team hoping to add some finishing touches to the taper. This will be a crucial “simulator” run even if this is only a training run.

See you later…