Ahon GAITERS: Now On Sale

The Ahon Tradvistat Gaiter


Gaiters are trail running shoe accessories that cover a great portion of the shoe’s upper and extends up to the Achilles tendon. Its use is to keep small pebbles, sand or any debris from entering inside your shoe thus, reducing the chance of blistering, rubbing or any irritation that results from it.

Gaiters are usually constructed with thin, breathable, elastic materials that don’t impede the natural movement of the feet. It keeps away dust and absorbs water when wet.

A local version is now out on sale and are called the “Ahon” GAITERS

  • Prevents grit and grime from entering trail shoe
  • Available in 3 different designs
  • Used for trail running shoes, or low-ankle trekking shoes
  • Quality is at par with the leading foreign Gaiter brands
  • Proudly Filipino made

The Baybayin design

The “Kikay” (modern) design

My love for trail running stretches back to several years now and the experiences running or walking over soft dirt, ankle-deep mud, knee-high rivers, half-buried rocks, protruding roots and many other obstacles are part and parcel of the experience in running on trails while trying to avoid mishaps like tripping, bruising or chafing your feet!

Keeping out small pebbles or fine grit inside your shoe poses a major irritation if you have been running with it for a long period of time during a long run or race. The only solution to this is to stop on your tracks, remove your shoe and tap it to flush out all the grime clinging or rolling inside your insoles or socks.

Testing the Tradvistat design

Last week at the DBB Mt. Sembrano Uphill Trail Run Challenge, i had the privilege of test running this new gaiter product coming out in the market, the AHON GAITERS, distrubuted by the AHON Group, composed of running enthusiasts, Ronald and Aldean. I put them through their paces up at Mt. Sembrano where the ground surface is a mix of soft soil, rocks, grass and plenty of sandy pebbles mostly located during the downhill parts of the run.

On a regular 15 km trail run where i get to experience running in these surfaces, including river crossings, i usually stop 2 to 3 times to remove the shoe and dump those tiny pebbles that would dribble and prick alternately between the heel and the arches. However, while wearing these gaiters at Mt. Sembrano, no tiny outside forces were able to breach inside–no pebbles, no twigs, absolutely nothing. It did its job and was very effective indeed!

How To Wear Them:

You must first attach the adhesive velcro strips (comes free with the gaiters) on the back of the shoe, just above the midsole part. Before putting on your shoes, slide the gaiters on your foot with the narrower part first, wear your shoes and after tying down the laces,  clip the hook of the gaiters to the front laces of your shoes and attach firmly the velcro to the adhesive velcro strip which you pasted on the back of your shoes and you’re good to go.

Notice the white velcro strip

These gaiters are paper weight and are made of 4-way stretch of Spandex and Lycra. You’ll hardly notice them and they feel light even if they’re wet. They’re cool and breathable, no heat accumulation, whatsoever. The AHON Gaiters have 3 available designs so far but are planning to have 3 new designs per quarter.

The AHON Gaiters will be available anytime this week via on-line only, although plans are also set to sell them physically in stores! Here are the price listings:

1 pair = 900 Pesos
2 pairs = 1,700 Pesos
3 pairs = 2,500 Pesos
(for bulk orders, pls e-mail them a message)

To purchase:

Step 1
Select any of our three existing designs:
1) Baybayin [not alibata] – our forefathers’ alphabet.
2) Tradvistat [short for Traditional Visayan Tattoo] pattern – Ahon’s hometown heritage. These lines and patterns are just amazing. We just added some colors for them to pop out.
3) Kikay – no Filipino heritage here. Just pure awesomeness.

Step 2
Choose your size
1. Small-Medium (men’s shoe sizes US 5-9)
2. Medium-Large (men’s shoe sizes US 9-13)
Please note that if you are in between sizes, check your ankles. If they are small, choose small-med. If they are huge, choose med-large.

Step 3
Email us at ahon.ph@gmail.com
State which of the designs you are ordering and corresponding size and quantity. We shall reply with the exact amount of your purchase and our bank details.

Step 4
Deposit amount to our BDO account.

Step 5
Write your name and order on the deposit slip. Take a photo of the deposit slip and send it to ahon.ph@gmail.com. Be sure to reply on your previous email thread. Also, indicate your mailing address.

Step 6
Once confirmed, we shall send it to your indicated address via Xend. Cut-off for shipping will be 12 noon of the day you sent your deposit slip.

First batch of AHON Gaiters ready for packing and shipping

Runners testing the Gaiters at the DBB Mt. Sembrano Uphill Trail Challenge last week

See you on the trails! Cheers!