UNO Magazine: The Mocha Girls

I’m a fan of the Mocha Girls! Since when? Umm…just last night when i was thrusted just a few inches away from their shimmering legs, bosoms and all their God-given sexy figures!  Last night’s UNO Men’s Magazine launch of the December-January 2014 issue featuring this all-girls pop group, the Mocha Girls was a blast! So, what else is there to say?

Right now, i’m trying to figure out how this sexy pop group would fit in into this blog about running. Well, like running, pop music is good for you–or so we’re lead to believe. And that’s part of the problem: when six sultry young ladies perform their brand of song and gyrating dance sequences, there will be oohs and ahhs coming from everywhere unlike running when you’ll hear grunts of aches and pains coming from crying muscles and shortness of breath.

So much for the comparison!

Theirs is a pop act that combine hotness with great tunes and naughtiness that is in short supply elsewhere. If, with all this sexiness going on and feel the need to check more of them, then see them live in concert or check them out in the latest issue of UNO Magazine.

It’s one pure visual sexual delight—may be better than running, well… almost!

Mocha Girls

Mocha Uson, founder and leader of the group

Lalabs Mae

Jhane (with Art Mendoza sneaking-in at the back)


Another photo of Franz

Half-Japanese, Seika

Another photo of Seika


Mae and Mocha

Jhane, the rock girl

That guy in yellow couldn’t resist!

Still the most gorgeous of them all, Mocha!


UNO Magazine Releases the Mocha Girls Special

If you think that the Mocha Girls are just a simple girl group that gets TV time by looking pretty and sexy on variety shows, think again. There is more to the Mocha Girls than just skin-deep attraction.

Landing on the cover of UNO, the ultimate guide for men in the Philippines, proves there is more to them than just scintillating looks and come-hither moves. This all-girl pop group has seen its share of beautiful faces come and go. One thing that has remained constant is the founder and the person who lent her name to the group, ringleader Mocha Uson. She is fiery, spirited, and a true leader.

Mocha says what keeps the group going is the drive to reinvent itself. The current members were not there when Mocha Girls started seven years ago. But Mae, Franz, Seika, Georgina, Jhane together with Mocha have found a way to use each other’s strengths and complement them to form a cohesive, well-oiled pop group that thrives on reinvention.

Mae uses her sweet personality to create the group’s choreography; Franz comes across as the anti-thesis to pop with her naughty hip-hop moves; Jhane is both rocker-chic and alluring belly dancer;  Seika provides the J-Pop flavor; Georgina brings the fashionista model to the stage and bringing it all together is Mocha, post-modern feminist and superwoman in one sexy, smart package.

Because of the versatile talent the girls bring to the group, Mocha Girls has earned its share of awards for their pop hits. With every new song they have released they continue to prove they are not a one-hit girl-group wonder. No wonder then that they bagged Best Dance Album in the 2009 PMPC Star Awards for Music for Deliciosa and Best Dance Album in the 2012 PMPC Star Awards for Music for 18+ Restricted.

In this issue of UNO magazine, readers and Mocha Girls fans will be treated to a veritable visual feast of the girls in different titillating poses. With lots of skin bared too. It’s like Christmas all over again. From racy poses to barely there clothing, the girls show that they can manage to capture a guy’s attention while sharing something sensible about themselves in the process.

The sharing by each member is what makes this UNO issue even more special. The informative featurettes on each member of the group provide a rare glimpse into how the girls think, how they feel about things and situations around them…think of it as a one-on-one date with a girl you like.

The girls even let readers in on their recent escapades abroad with an exclusive behind the scenes peek at their Japan and Canada tours.

And the surprise bonus? The issue contains a free calendar inside, featuring, of course, the Mocha Girls.

Go ahead, treat yourself to a dose of Mocha and her girls. It’s gonna be well worth it to find out what gets these six ladies going, moving, and rising up.

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