VELOCI Sports Watch VE 1052Y

VELOCI Watch VE 1052Y

The VELOCI VE1052Y Digital watch is a men/women’s sports watch that combines functionality, accuracy and vivid displays for any sports you’re into whether it be running, swimming, cycling and so on. It’s shock and water-resistant up to 100 meters.

I was able to take hold of this watch during the victory party of our track and field athletes from the recently concluded South East Asian Games 2015 in Singapore with Veloci Watch and L-Time Studio as part sponsors. This is the watch model our Filipino athletes wore, in and out of the track during the games.

The Veloci Sports VE1052Y has a brusque style and purpose in the Veloci line as it’s an all-around everyday-wear watch that is less about being fashionable and more about being reliable and useful. The rugged appearance, the large digital dials, and the lightness of the watch is meant for all sports and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s even elegant enough even to be worn at the office or in meetings with clients.

This timepiece combines a digital module with 12- or 24-hour time display, a dual time function, a chronograph countdown timer, an alarm chime and is constructed of plastic resin but has a stainless steel back and a touch of white stainless steel bezel to give it an added punch.

Veloci’s’s Indiglo night light lets you read the time even in the middle of  darkness. No more of those guessing games and wondering what time it is when you are out trail running at night. It gives you this amazingly powerful, rugged, expensive-looking watch which is not at all expensive as this particular model comes at just P1,700-P1,800 a piece!

The timepiece comes in just the right size for me and is available in different colors. It’s durable, stylish and are feature packed. Buy one now and try it for yourself.

The Veloci Sports Watches (Photo by Enrico Caramay)

Team Philippines to the SEA games 2015 wearing the Veloci Sports Watch


The Italian-Inspired Veloci watch calls on the rad dogs of our generation to live the second.

You only live once, and nobody knows what happens next. What if the world ended tomorrow? Wouldn’t you regret never having dated a supermodel, or skydiving naked from 10,000 feet? What about the fugue you’ve always wanted to try, or your dream supercar drag race in the expressway? Now is the time to get real, man.

We sell watches to stylish, young people who believe that only a few things in the world are as important as looking fashionable – whether it be on facebook and instagram, on a mountain summit, or while partying in a beach. We know that making an effort to look good means loving yourself.

Our watches are customizable and are meant to match your outfits. They are also meant to match your fleeting, spontaneous, and adventurous character. We know that you’ve always dreamed of what it’s like to be a surfer, a pilot, a sky jumper, an artist, or even a chef. So if you’re off to cross something out your bucket list, Veloci has perfect watches for you to do it all in style.

“Veloci aims to be known as a brand that is always evolving—one that keeps up with the fashion trends and offers high quality watches at reasonable prices,” says Managing Director Marnie Chua. Introducing integrated silicone straps, exciting new dial colors, stainless steel and gold cases, elegance and convenience go hand in hand. Combining 100-meter water resistance with the choice to pick colors suitable for any occasion, all Veloci timepieces remain looking current and fresh, adventure after adventure.

Veloci watches are available in L Timesudio boutiques nationwide.


Timepieces are no longer just a means to tell time.

It is a statement – a statement of personality, of lifestyle and of individual style.

Building equity on ever-evolving brand selections to remain always fresh, fashionable, and on-trend since 2002, L TIMESTUDIO remains to be the game-changing concept in the presentation of fashion and sport watches in the Philippines.

More so now, L Timestudio carries a more diverse line of fashion and sport watches to match the Filipino’s ever growing awareness and the need for a more active lifestyle.

L Timestudio boutiques are located at various shopping malls nationwide.


Thanks to Enrico Caramay for the Booth Photos!