Summit Wellness Center: Home To Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

I’ve been doing more than my regular mileage of running lately, averaging from 70 to 90 kms a week, and the training comes continuously with no particular race in mind aimed at. On top of this, i have recently started to cross-train twice a week at Fitness First, doing core and strength exercises so the soreness in my legs have even progressed to my upper body! Lately, i’m feeling the soreness all over from neck to toe!

It came as great timing when i received this invitation from Summit Wellness Center a few days ago to try out their Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy facility at their clinic in Ortigas Center. What a perfect way to knead all those tightness and kinks in my muscles as this clinic aims to help their patients gain back their normal, pain-free movement at the soonest time possible. So i immediately set for a schedule.

I’ve been hanging out a bit lately with trail runner, Iris Torculas, having coffee, light dinners, helping out in her groceries or just talking till late night about her activities and her running as a whole. She has been perennially suffering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) that has been plaguing her due to mis-managed training, among others. 🙂 It hasn’t been treated consistently well and she has been looking for some professional help so i decided to tag her along with me.

The Summit Wellness Physical Therapy Clinic provides treatment for lots of sports injuries, from Plantar Fascitiis, ITBS, and all leg, foot, arm and shoulder pains. Aside from Physical Therapy other services include Cryotherapy, Electro Therapy, Hyrdrotherapy, Massage and Kinesio Taping.

We arrived at the clinic last Wednesday afternoon and the minute i walked inside, i felt well at ease and relaxed. We were met by Ms. Jamie Naval, their Marketing Manager. She was an excellent communicator, touring us on the clinic’s facilities and introducing us to some of the staff. The facilities were welcoming and we were greeted with smiles and the patients coming out of their therapy seem to be revitalized.

From talking and observing some of the Licensed PTs, i can say right off the bat that these are well-trained health givers, take an immense sense of pride and care in their craft and their desire to get to know their clients. This seemed to rub-off on their PT student-trainees as well, who were undergoing hands-on training at the clinic as well. They were efficient and well-mannered.

Getting ready for some deep-tissue massage

I like the concept of having all these different experts available in one roof, a whole bunch of dedicated injury specialists devoted to wellness and well-being. The therapy rooms are clean and uncluttered and i felt relaxed as they asked me to lie on the soft bunk ready for some assessment.

Chief PT Carl Tuason working out on my legs

It was no less than their Chief Physical Therapist Karl Tuason, PTRP who fortunately attended to me and i say his style of collaboration and treatment is one of competence, sensitivity and one who knows his stuff!

Applying pressure on my Iliotibial Band

Well, it wasn’t really that easy working with Karl because once he got to feel the tightness in my plantar and calves, he began to work on it immediately. I felt the soothness of his throbbing at first then he became the “hard-core” experienced PT that he was. The kneading became deep-tissue sports massage that i was sometimes grimacing in pain. Delightful and soothing both at once but is was sometimes way beyond comfort!

PT Assistants stretching the lower limbs

One thing utterly lacking inside the treatment room is music, loud music to cover up my moaning and “crying” while being massaged!

Iris got her share of treatment too, her PTs applying Electro Therapy, stretching and massage on her ITB.

Iris with her PT

Kneading on her hamstrings

After our ordeal, like survivors of typhoon Yolanda!

The Summit Wellness Center is a great place for sports injury treatment. The services they offer and the professionals they employ are one of the best i have experienced so far and it needs to be known. If your sports therapist is even half of what PT Carl was, consider yourself lucky!

Thank you so much to Ms. Jamie Naval and staff for this opportunity!

The Summit Wellness Clinic is located at the  4F West Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center (Tektite), Exchange Road, Ortigas Center.


Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm

Saturday from 9am to 2pm


Tel:                 02) 667-3065 / 661-6327

Mobile:           0927-8656532