100 Miles Cafe: The Blessing!

Except for its small signage, you need to look closely to find it. Tucked in the second floor of a new building (Fort Pointe Bldg) near the sweaty Fitness First Gym and above the aromatic Figaro Coffee Shop, its obscure, unassuming frontage is easy to miss. But 100 Miles Cafe/restaurant at the Bonifacio Global City is well worth finding.

The first thing that strikes you when you walk into the restaurant owned by ultra runner Jael Wenceslao and his family is that it does not feel like a restaurant at all. Rather, it is more like entering a vast bedroom of a hardcore  ultra-runner (presumably Jael’s), complete with running paraphernalia, i.e. local ultra-running race tarpaulins, race posters, books on running, finishers’ medals, framed finishers’ shirts, trophies, race bibs and many more running accouterments.

The only pieces missing here is probably Jael’s battered trail running shoes and muddied socks! But that would probably not be apt to display into this fine eatery except if he decides to display it inside an enclosed glass case which is just fine with me. Hahah..

To celebrate its opening a few weeks ago, the Wenceslaos invited some guests from the media and business community for the blessing and soft opening of this restaurant. I was honored to be invited and got to sample once again the great food being offered here.

This is the kind of place where runners and other athletes meet and so far, some large group events have taken place here, where the ambiance is relaxed and the mood is upbeat.

Here are some pictures taken during its inauguration and blessing:

The main sponsors cutting the ribbon with Jael Wenceslao in long sleeve shirt, Nylah Bautista (white dress) of Ayala Land, Jael’s aunt (left) and Maj General Jovie “Baldrunner” Narcise (Ret) doing the honors.

Jael’s father in striped shirt

The ribbon-cutting ceremony

The blessing. Servers were wearing race bibs and Skechers running shoes!

The staff were ready in their places

Priest pouring holy water inside the kitchen while guests were watching a glimpse of Dean Karnazes’ movie “Ultramarathon Man”.

Ultra Marathon Man

With running friends (L-R) Vanessa Ordinario, Alfred Delos Reyes, Tin Ferrera and yours truly

Shown here:  (L-R) Keshia Fule, Nylah Bautista, Chito Carreon and Rowena Teruel

Inside the extension hall with the group

Jael Wenceslao, welcomes the guests

Sir Jovie

Jael’s dad

Jae’ls aunt, the lucky charm of the Wenceslao business

Triathlete Nylah Bautista of Ayala Land

With Jael’s running mementos

A timer is even displayed on its walls

And the main stars of the restaurant:

100 Miles Salad

Mediterranean Salad

Clam Chowder

Aglio Olio Pasta

100 Miles Pizza

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Pistachio Sansrival

Wishing the 100 Miles Cafe Team every success with their new restaurant!

Soon To Open: 100 Miles Cafe At The BGC

The Bonifacio Global City continues to be a popular venue for road races every Sunday and finding a place to eat could sometimes be a chore, as there are lots of restos to choose from. The fast food joints are still the ones to go for a fast, no frills post-race fare although food options here are quite limited to the usual burgers, pancakes and value meals.

Coming up in a few days is a new restaurant called 100 Miles Cafe which will be located at the 2/f of Fort Pointe Building, just across Fitness First. A brainchild of Ultra runner Jael Wenceslao whose family (the Wesceslaos and Antipordas) are restaurateurs, this cafe will be an unassuming hang-out not only for runners but also for habitues who love good food.

A few weeks ago, i together with ultra runners Tin Ferrera and Alfred Delos Reyes  were invited by Jael to have a sampling of the dishes they will be serving-in at 100 Miles Cafe.

So here we are, sitting at another restaurant that Jael’s family own, the ORIANG, a newly opened eatery just outside the Market! Market! Mall where we are to sample a delectable array of dishes like their Seafood Salad, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini, BBQ Spare Ribs, Fish Fillets and other great eats.

Their menu is extremely wide ranging, catering for everyone from the fuzzy veggie, various pastas for runners right up to the ravenous carnivore and it lives up to its promise.

Now, a word about the food. As a starter, we had the Bouillabaisse Soup which is suitably rich and creamy. Then i go with the Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine which is spicy flavored with only a hint of sauce and is served with bread sticks.  Alfred relishes the Fajita Platter with strands of greens like lettuce and tomatoes while Tin has all the green salad to her liking.

An artist’s perspective of 100 Miles Cafe

I won’t go into the details anymore but i would recommend all the pastas in their menu and what runner doesn’t love pastas, anyway?

The other menu items are detailed below and i will be announcing in this blog when their doors will be open to the public. Bon Appetit!

Bouillabaisse Soup

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Spare Ribs

Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini

Seafood Salad

Your choice of dressings for the salad

Oglio Oglio Marina

Fajita Platter

Fish Fillet with Marsala Sauce

High Protein Noodle Soup

L-R: Jael Wenceslao, Tin Ferrera, Alfred Delos Reyes and moi.