RU3: The Last Of A Series

Greetings to my 4 blog readers…

in Singapore! I have two ardent Singaporean readers who follow this blog without fail and the other two, my daughter and niece who i hope still find my stories a source for their amusement to alleviate their home-sickness! And for today’s amusement, i would like to make a quick summary of my 32k Run United 3 Race last Sunday!

It’s been quite a build-up of my mileage starting with the KOTR 16k race, followed by the Chevy-New Balance’s 25k race, interspersed with some few 21k runs and culminating with last Sunday’s 32k Afroman’s Race, as they called this event in reference to organizer Rio dela Cruz afro-styled hairdo. I went into this run filled with doubts, wondering if i could muster enough strength to finish in one piece but turns out that i was still kicking it at the end, exhausted and all and those walking breaks were a big help.

Buendia Avenue Trail

I’m still trying to figure out how we managed to side-step all the vehicles that were just an arms-length away from us entering Buendia Avenue from Roxas Boulevard. Given the narrow path that runners were given to run, the “trail”, as i’d like to term it was good enough for 2 runners running side by side as you’re forced to step on the gas not wanting to derail the other runners following suit at your back. The road was still pitch dark and suffuse with fumes coming out from vehicles’ exhaust but we managed to get the road back near Bautista Street. That was one surreal experience!

Yes, We have No Bananas… Anymore

Sure, there were some offers of bananas near the Pasong Tamo-Buendia area and i’m still blaming myself for not getting a piece on my way to the turn-around because on the way back when i decided to get one, not a piece was left. The supply seem limited, unlike during the Chevy-New Balance Race where bananas were overflowing. Seems strange too that supply of Powerade was made available only at the first 15 kms of the route and past that, it was all water serve up to the finish.

Great Route, Hot Weather

Amidst the traffic and chaos along Buendia Avenue, the route was still perfect in terms of covering the distance of 32 kms. The choice of running Buendia during the early stage was a calculated one, avoiding an even bigger anarchy had the road been ran on the latter stage of the race. The heat however, was unrelenting as i doused water over my head several times along Roxas Boulevard. This was expected though as running near this part of the sea wall is so humid that you feel your arms and neck burn from the sun.

Great Run and Nice Finish

Going back past CCP with four kms left was such a relief. I was now playing mental games and egging myself to continuously run and maybe finish in under 4 hours. Those last 4 kms were probably the longest 4k i’ve ever run. They ran out of water at the second to the last station but thankfully, they had the last station, 500 meters from the finish still loaded with water and i had 2 full cups before running to the finish. I had the clock on sight and it read 3:58 when i crossed the finish line!

This is a great culmination for the Run United series in Metro Manila. I’ll be looking forward when RU stages their first full marathon in October next year!