Adidas Climachill: Black is Cool, Black is Beautiful!

Romanian Simona Halep, ranked presently as the world’s No. 3 female tennis player in her adidas Climachill outfit

True to its reputation in providing state of the art innovation in sports apparels for athletes, adidas has once again come out with its latest apparel range, the Climachill which contains 3D aluminium-cooling spheres and titanium woven into its sub-zero flat yarn that allow superior cooling performance.

The development of a heat management technology product from the brand was a direct design outcome from consultations with elite athletes like tennis wiz Simona Halep and basketball star Jeremy Lin to provide a more moisture-wicking technology that is also able to cool down the body the fastest way.

The adidas Climachill comes in an very unlikely color—black, which defies its capability in giving this cooling effect. Seeing this innovative advancement from adidas, i won’t be surprised if this would cascade into their other sports apparel and incorporated into their Boost running shoe!

Basketball star Jeremy Lin

adidas Climachill™ delivers maximum cooling technology for improved sports performance

adidas announced the launch of the new Climachill™ apparel range, headlined by a black training t-shirt that features intuitive body heat management technology to cool athletes in hot conditions. Perfect for the warm and humid climate in the Philippines, the adidas ClimachillTM is designed to deliver maximum cooling benefit without compromising comfort or design.

Female track speedster Octavius Freeman

“The body’s core temperature can increase by 3 degree Celsius when we are exercising. To maintain a stable temperature, your body needs to work a lot harder to lose excess heat. This may result in impaired physiological functions, which will ultimately affect performance,” explained Dr Maarten Hupperets, Director of Future Sport Science at adidas. “When it comes to performance, every degree matters. The Climachill™ apparel is the smartest and most advanced sporting product and can provide maximum cooling experience.”

For athletes who desire sophisticated solutions in order to regulate body temperature and remain cool in adverse conditions, the innovative Climachill™ apparel is their answer. In this cross-category collection, adidas has also launched training shirts in the most unconventional colour for athletic apparel – black – to showcase the process of the ClimachillTM technology.

Soccer star Gareth Bale of Real Madrid

Employing industry-first 3D aluminium-cooling spheres, the Climachill™ apparel provides an instant cooling sensation upon contact. In addition to the aluminium dots, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn also contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill™ jersey to deliver more cooling capacity.

Filipino athletes don’t have to be afraid of wearing black for fear of heat and they can now train harder, run longer and compete better.

The Climachill™ product range will be available locally from 1st April 2015 at leading adidas Sports performance stores, adidas online store ( and sports retailers nationwide.

–Press Release