Adidas Climachill: Black is Cool, Black is Beautiful!

Romanian Simona Halep, ranked presently as the world’s No. 3 female tennis player in her adidas Climachill outfit

True to its reputation in providing state of the art innovation in sports apparels for athletes, adidas has once again come out with its latest apparel range, the Climachill which contains 3D aluminium-cooling spheres and titanium woven into its sub-zero flat yarn that allow superior cooling performance.

The development of a heat management technology product from the brand was a direct design outcome from consultations with elite athletes like tennis wiz Simona Halep and basketball star Jeremy Lin to provide a more moisture-wicking technology that is also able to cool down the body the fastest way.

The adidas Climachill comes in an very unlikely color—black, which defies its capability in giving this cooling effect. Seeing this innovative advancement from adidas, i won’t be surprised if this would cascade into their other sports apparel and incorporated into their Boost running shoe!

Basketball star Jeremy Lin

adidas Climachill™ delivers maximum cooling technology for improved sports performance

adidas announced the launch of the new Climachill™ apparel range, headlined by a black training t-shirt that features intuitive body heat management technology to cool athletes in hot conditions. Perfect for the warm and humid climate in the Philippines, the adidas ClimachillTM is designed to deliver maximum cooling benefit without compromising comfort or design.

Female track speedster Octavius Freeman

“The body’s core temperature can increase by 3 degree Celsius when we are exercising. To maintain a stable temperature, your body needs to work a lot harder to lose excess heat. This may result in impaired physiological functions, which will ultimately affect performance,” explained Dr Maarten Hupperets, Director of Future Sport Science at adidas. “When it comes to performance, every degree matters. The Climachill™ apparel is the smartest and most advanced sporting product and can provide maximum cooling experience.”

For athletes who desire sophisticated solutions in order to regulate body temperature and remain cool in adverse conditions, the innovative Climachill™ apparel is their answer. In this cross-category collection, adidas has also launched training shirts in the most unconventional colour for athletic apparel – black – to showcase the process of the ClimachillTM technology.

Soccer star Gareth Bale of Real Madrid

Employing industry-first 3D aluminium-cooling spheres, the Climachill™ apparel provides an instant cooling sensation upon contact. In addition to the aluminium dots, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn also contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill™ jersey to deliver more cooling capacity.

Filipino athletes don’t have to be afraid of wearing black for fear of heat and they can now train harder, run longer and compete better.

The Climachill™ product range will be available locally from 1st April 2015 at leading adidas Sports performance stores, adidas online store ( and sports retailers nationwide.

–Press Release

Quick Race Recap: KOTR 2013 Philippines

I haven’t seen a route so crowded as was in yesterday’s Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2013 race and from my viewpoint, the runners resembled like an end-less MRT train that chugged in their footsteps along the streets of Bonifacio Global City, Kalayaan Flyover then on to Buendia Ave. and back.

To be somewhere in the middle of the pack is a great vantage point of experiencing the enormity of this mega race and for somebody who prefers small, simple but well-organized races like this, a KOTR race is simply hard to pass up.

I was amazed seeing the huge number in a mass start and what should one expect if all the 8,000 + runners, about half which ran the 16.8 distance that started 30 minutes earlier would merge with the 10k runners near the finish line? A mass finish which luckily did not result into chaos, and a flawless finish for all, thanks to the fine race organization of the Proactive race organizers.

The start! KOTR 2013 Philippines

This morning, i would be running with Chito Carreon, who i have been training with for the past several years together with the rest of Team 90% who for some reason have opted to sit this race out. Chito was just going to take it easy, having done a 32k LSD the day before, so he would be practically just keeping step with me being the slower runner that i am.

Chito and i at the start

The first 2 kilometers was more of a dash than i would have expected, as runners were trying to avoid bumping each other, so Chito and i got away as soon as we could and settled into a more relaxed pace. While settling into our groove, we couldn’t help noticing the awesome cheering groups that the organizers have assembled and it was great to see the Fabulous Running Divas in their tutu outfits and the Ponkan Group cheering their lungs out to the appreciation of the runners.

Running up the Kalayaan flyover towards Buendia, i noticed the long line of runners as far as the eyes can see and that seem like an endless line . It was at this point that the leading Kenyan runners were on their way back and saw top Pinoy runner, Vertek Buenavista running in 4th position.

I had placed a bottle of Cobra Energy drink into my water belt but after just a few sips during the early part of the race, i noticed that it was missing when i tried to retrieve it at the 8th kilometer mark along Buendia. It might have slipped out of the small opening at the bottom of the holster’s pocket. Anyways, i still had my Booster Energy Shot as back-up.

With Chito (in blue) on our way back along Buendia Ave.

Now approaching the uphill part of the Kalayaan flyover, we made it up without much ado as we had tackled even more arduous ones during training runs at White Plains in Q.C. I could see a lot of runners now walking at this part probably preserving their strength for the last 3.8 kilometers or those who just ran out of gas.

Took the Booster Energy shot when i reached the crest.

I noticed that Chito was trying to rev up the pace during the last 3 kms and egged me on to do the same so i was like hanging-on to him for dear life and felt relieved every time we slowed down during water station breaks.

At the last 2 kms, we glanced down at our watches and still had a full 20 minutes to clock-in in sub-2 hours time so we made a go for it. We paced at about 6 mins/km and relished reeling-in a lot of runners who were also making their move to finish in under 2 hours.

We crossed together at the finish line in an unofficial time of 1:56 flat! Not a great finish time, but I was just satisfied with the outcome knowing that we could have done better had we not eased our pace somewhere along the 10th to 11th km.

The last kilometer

Hordes of runners about to cross the finish line

Crowd cheering on the runners

A dash to the finish 🙂

We did a high-five at the finish, got medal’d (is there such a word?) and proceeded immediately to the loot bag counters and got some freebies! We lined-up for some bread, hot dogs, ice cream and other goodies which were being offered in the tents!

Wearing the finely-crafted KOTR Finishers Medal

Got to meet some old friends too at the aNR tent and took some pictures with them..

With ultra runner friends

Beside the aNR tent

With Mailyn of Wyeth Phils

Baves, Nikkie, Chris and Cherryl

Fun group!

This is definitely one of the best race for 2013! Organization is tops with lots of ice-cold water, bananas, well-controlled traffic, cheering groups plus the medal was awesome!

T’was a great week-end!


(Thanks to Photo-Ops, John D. Photography and the Running Photographers for my grabbing some of their pictures!)

Adidas KOTR (Philippines) 2013 Now Set: July 7, 2013

EVENT: adidas King of the Road 2013 (Philippines)

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

July 7, 2013 (Sunday)

I’ve been joining this race for the past several years and adidas’ KOTR is one of the most anticipated, very well-attended where we get to see international runners from all over ASIA and parts of the world participate in this truly unique event.

adidas King of the Road (KOTR) is a running championship held across Southeast Asia. Held in five countries across the region, ( Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia and organised in city areas, the adidas KOTR race will culminate in an ultimate championship race that will be held in a different host country each year.

This year’s Asian KOTR will commence in the Philippines on July 7, 2013.

Race Categories and Registration Fees:

10K Relay for Students
Male Students run first 5K, Female Students run second 5K
(All Nationalities, Students only) Php 800

10K Regular
Men’s Regular (All Nationalities)
Women’s Regular (All Nationalities) Php 1,100

Men’s  (Filipino Only)
Women’s  (Filipino Only)
Men’s Open (International)
Women’s Open (International) Php 1,300


10k Relay For Students (All Nationalities) — Php 800.00

  • Each Relay Pair must be made up of one male and one female runner.
  • Runners may be from different schools.
  • Registration can only be done in the offline registration booths. (NOTE: Online registration is not available for the 10K Relay for Students. Students will have to bring a valid student’s ID to offline registration sites to sign up.)
  • Runners must each bring valid school IDs to the registration booths as proof.
  • Runners must be 25 years old or below to sign up in this category.


Online Registration here. Open from May 2-June 23, 2013.

On-Site Registration. Open from May 2-June 30, 2013

Registration inside the stores open Mondays-Sundays; 12nn-8pm

  • adidas Trinoma
  • adidas Megamall
  • adidas Powerplant
  • adidas Greenbelt 3
  • adidas Two Parkade/BGC
  • Runnr Bonifacio High Street
  • adidas Mall of Asia

Group Registration:

Runners who register as groups at the same time & location get the following discounts on the KOTR registration fees:

  • Group of 10 runners = Php100 off each
  • Group of 15 runners = Php150 off each
  • Group of 20 runners = Php 200 off each

NOTE: This discount is only available in offline registration sites.


Cash Prize for 16.8km Male & Female

Position Open Category (Filipino Only) Closed Category (All Nationalities)
1st 25,000 Php 35,000 Php
2nd 12,500 Php 15,000 Php
3rd 8,000 Php 10,000 Php

Cash Prize for 10km Male & Female

Position Open Category (All Nationalities)
1st 15,000 Php
2nd 10,000 Php
3rd 7,500 Php

Cash Prize for 10km Relay for Students 
(Runner #1 Male & Runner #2 Female)

Position Student Relay (All Nationalities, Students only)
1st 10,000 Php
2nd 7,500 Php
3rd 5,000 Php

Overall School Champion for Runner #1 Male and Runner #2 Female win 25,000 Php each for the schools they represent.

Last Year’s KOTR

(Press Release)

All In for the Biggest Race Across Southeast Asia

adidas Philippines Opens Registration for the Annual adidas King of the Road 2013

Runners, it’s time for you to gear up because adidas is now opening the registration for this year’s adidas King of the Road (KOTR), happening this July 7 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The 2013 edition of the adidas KOTR will allow runners to choose between the 16.8K and 10k race categories. The 16.8K-distance will have two sub-categories—Closed, which will be exclusive for Filipinos, and Open category for all nationalities. Male and female runners who will top the race from the Closed category will be crowned as the Philippines’ King and Queen of the Road and will represent the country in the adidas KOTR Southeast Asia Championship in Malaysia later this year.

On the other hand, the 10K-distance will have an added feature this year, the Student’s Relay category. The Students’ Relay category, created to encourage the youth to lead a healthy lifestyle, will be open exclusively to college and university students 25 years old and below. One male and one female student need to partner up and form a relay team, with each running a 5km leg. The winning pair will win cash prizes individually as well as for their respective schools.

The regular 10K race will still be held, which is open to all runners interested to join this distance. Prizes also await runners who will top the said categories.

“The brand’s battle cry is All In, as adidas continues to support and encourage people to be the best they can be in whatever interests they have —be it sports, fashion, or music ” says Jason Gervasio, adidas Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager. “In the case of KOTR, adidas is showcasing its commitment to sports by bringing together and empowering runners from all over the Philippines and Southeast Asia, giving them a chance to engage in their passion for running.”

Southeast Asia Roads Lead to Malaysia

adidas is not only encouraging runners to compete within their countries. As part of its drive to provide the best experiences for its consumers, KOTR will once again be held in different legs across the SEA countries.

To date, the first adidas KOTR SEA Regional Championship held in October 2011 culminated in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, involving participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The success of this multi-country race inspired the brand to make the event a regional annual tradition. Hence, the KOTR SEA Championship Year 2 was organized and held at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore in 2012.

This year, participants of the KOTR SEA Championship will get a chance to run through the streets of Malaysia. The final race will be held in October, where winners from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand will be joined by the KOTR SEA Championship Closed Category participants from the host country itself. Only one winner each from the Male and Female divisions will be crowned as the adidas Southeast Asia King and Queen of the Road.

How to Join KOTR 2013

There are two ways to sign up for this year’s adidas King of the Road Philippines:

  1. Visit and register online by filling up all the required fields (not available for 10KM Relay for Students). Online registration is open from May 2 to June 23, 2013.
  1. Visit any of the seven (7) adidas KOTR 2013 registration sites in the following stores —adidas Greenbelt 3, adidas SM Mall of Asia, adidas SM Megamall, adidas Powerplant, adidas Trinoma, adidas Two Parkade (Bonifacio Global City), or Runnr at Bonifacio High Street. Onsite registration is open from May 2 to June 30, 2013.

Race fees are as follows: P1,300 for the 16.8K race; P1,100 for for the 10K regular race; and P800 for for the 10K students’ race. Runners signing up for the 10K students’ race will have to present vaild student IDs (must be valid until July 7, 2013) at the registration sites.

There is also a discount for runners that sign up in large groups. Participants who register with their friends and family at the same time at the registration site get the following discounts:

  • Group of 10-14 = Php100 off each
  • Group of 15-19 = Php150 off each
  • Group of 20+ = Php200 off each

Supporting this year’s race are the sponsors Summit Water and 100 Plus

For more news, updates, and promos on adidas KOTR 2013, visit or follow the conversation with #kotrph2013.

My KOTR Blues

If you think you can get away with late night drinking sprees with colleagues, staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching videos, not running a step for 7 straight days then expecting at least to run a decent 16.8k race knowing that your 21k race the Sunday before can carry you over this race… man, you got it all screwed up!

This is what i experienced yesterday during the Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 16.8 race at BGC and the feeling was like someone had just hammered the barrel of a baseball bat with one swift swing into my head! Hahah…I had a head-ache and my plantar was throbbing in pain for most part of the run.

When the gun start was fired, i tried to keep up with team-mate Betty who has been a pace-mate for many past races and told her to keep it easy as i hadn’t had any training for the last 7 days. She flew past anyway so i just had to hang on and i knew that i was not up to speed as i was already huffing and puffing for the first 3 kms which was unusual  for many of my past races.

Approaching the 4th km., i knew i couldn’t keep up with the pace which was not exactly a fast one, but i told her to go ahead so i could run a slower pace. She wouldn’t leave me and instead, tried still to encourage me to go on with her. Never thought that a week of sinful pleasures would make its toll and after a few more hundred meters, i insisted that she would have to go on without me so sensing that i was really struggling, she relented and took off  in a wink, like a thief in the night!

I heave a sigh of relief, ably just hanging on to a slow 7:30/km pace and for once, i was able to smile and acknowledge the other runners who were waiving from the other side. The pain on my heel had subsided a little bit while maintaining this pace.

Those runners who i was beating in past races were now slowly over-taking me but that was to be expected. The 100Plus energy drinks weren’t much help but the ample supply of bananas at the hydration stations were a boon to my sagging energy and kept me through the run. Nice to see cheering groups  stationed along the route and the presence of some fastfood mascots high-fiving runners provided some extra entertainment.

Photo by Mit Mercurio

Even Blas (the Titanium Runner) who could very well pass as a human mascot (because of his boundless energy) was cheering us runners!:-) Meanwhile, while i was limping back to the finish line, i saw Sylvia, another team-mate of mine doing her cool-down run along 5th Street, the 16.8 race barely a warm-up for her usual longer and fast training runs . I crossed the finished line in 2:02 and i wanted to drop dead at that very moment as it was one of the worst finish i’ve ever had.

Well those are lessons learned. I’ve learned that if i ever feel even slightly under-trained, my body is telling me that you’ll suffer the consequences of being idle (and a bum) and those long nights surely had an effect on my muscles. Another important lesson is not to rely on your past performances as gauge to what you assume you can do as this can change abruptly once you do something drastic with your lifestyle. Consistency is the name of the game here.  Your body does not always adopt well to what it is not trained to do.

After the race, i got to hang-out with some of the regulars in my group, saw Jeff Paulino of L-Time Studio; Judith Staples of Soleus; Blas, the Titanium Runner, who brought some  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and with the company of my Adidas Adination of Runners, UP Heartbreakers Team.

To sum it up…great organized race, bad performance! Hope to make it up at next year’s edition!

RACE RESULTS are now out! Check it here:

Here are some pictures of the race:

Derek, Mar and June

With Nic2 and Aileen

With the aNR Heartbreakers Team

Team Heartbreakers

Post-KOTR breakfast

Ready For KOTR?

I haven’t ran a step since last Sunday’s Rexona 21k Run and here i am again on stand-by, not sure if i’ll be in shape for tomorrow’s Adidas King of the Road 16.8km run at the BGC. Like many occasions in the past, with late night-outs and parties lately, i feel some form of passivity and laziness after weeks of training and racing that started with the Run United3 32k race two Sundays ago, the Rexona half last Sunday, as mentioned and as many long week-end runs prior to these.

This week of inactivity, may be the signal my body wanted to convey on myself to take it easy and rest so it could re-generate. Problem is, i hate long breaks and it hard to adjust back to your pre-break fitness level as i would have to build up again for a few more days. It’s so easy to get into a rut after exposing yourself with rigorous running, again and again.

Taking these into consideration, i think i’ll just have to take tomorrow’s race at an easy pace, a no-pressure run and enjoy the whole vibe of the race. There will be other races to look forward to and oh…the RU Philippine Marathon is just a month away! Pressure once more…

For now, i’ll just have to content myself with this quote from the great tennis legend, Arthur Ashe:

See you tomorrow!

Shoe Review: Adidas Response Stability 4


Stability Trainer:

  • For runners who need good medial and lateral support and midsole cushioning
  • Great moderate pronation control that can be felt guiding and correcting the foot while in motion.
  • Stable ride with adequate amount of cushioning
  • Weight: 11.5 oz (size 9 1/2)

Adidas already has one of the best stability shoes in the market, the Supernova Sequence and it’s latest incarnation is the Sequence 5. I had some very good experience with their Sequence 3 model which i first tested 2 years ago and i would say that it was of the best stability shoe i ever had and i’m still using it up to this day.

It would be easy to overlook this new RESPONSE STABILITY 4 model because of the more popular Sequence but the Response Stability 4 is just as great! This is the first time i’m testing this series and i’m pretty satisfied with it’s performance so far.

Even though it doesn’t have the flashy upper and the pleasing look of the Sequence, the Response Stability series is still one of the mainstays of the Adidas line because of its hordes of followers.


Construction wise, most of Adida’s newer models don’t deviate much from its predecessors. The designs are simple, but very well constructed and this particular model has a wider 3 stripes design with a thin reflectorized strip that runs across the middle of each stripe.

The upper has synthetic overlays that enhance durability and support. The medial post of the Stability 4 called Pro-Moderator is very visible with its colored (red) lining that runs at the arch of the mid-sole. The Adiprene, Adidas’ elastic inserts located at the forefoot and heel gives the shoe its propulsion and cushioning from impact to toe-off.

This model still uses its ADIWEAR blown-rubber outsole which gives it high-wear durability.


Now for the first time, i found an Adidas model that is wide-bodied than any of their other models i’ve tried. I particularly like the roomy toe-box which an adidas wearer should know is not one of their strong points and i’m now even using thick socks on this pair which posed no cramping and adjusting inside.

It has more than adequate cushioning on the midsole and tongue and similar to the Sequence, the fit is comfortable, snug but not too controlling.


This shoe had its baptism of fire on the hot concrete roads around Mall of Asia to Roxas Blvd and Macapagal Avenue. Cushioning was very adequate running on hard concrete without feeling any soreness right after the 17 km run. Again, at the asphalt jungle of Ortigas Center this time, the shoe felt responsive and during the downhill crest along Julia Vargas Street, the foothold came firm and stable but did not impinge my gait nor foot stride.

I also like the smooth ride of this shoe and the consistent cushioning whether i adjust to heel striking or whenever it goes mid to forefoot strike when i go uphills.

At 11.8 oz, this shoe is by no means very light but that’s counter balanced by the easy flexing smoothness and its ability to rev-up to higher speeds when necessary. Oh yeah, you try to rev-up when you know that your lagging behind your friends! The medial-post did its job well as i didn’t feel any “rock and roll” problems inside the shoe even when running on uneven surface.


The Response Stability 4 gets high marks from me for its support, cushioning and comfort.

I would recommend this for mild to moderate over-pronators, stability- oriented runners who wants a blend of cushioning and stability.

KOTR 2012: September 30 at BGC

At every Adidas King Of The Road race, you can count on two things: One, a great quality KOTR singlet; and, two, the race will be stuffed with local elites trying to vie for a slot to compete in an international race.

As KOTR Philippines enters its 14th year, there are again a number of changes made to try and improve the event for 2012. For this year, there will be no 21k distance anymore and instead will just retain the 16.8k as its longest distance with two categories, the “Closed” (Filipino only) and “Open” (all nationalities).

Winner of the “Closed” category will represent the country in the 2nd KOTR Southeast Asian Championship in Singapore on October 28.

Last week, i was fortunate enough to be invited in the launching of this race at the Aracama, The Fort. Highlights of the event were the introduction of the new race organizers for KOTR, Without Limits, headed by Jay Em.

So whether you are looking for a great race at the end of September; an event to start off your racing schedule; or your final training preparation for several marathons, long trail races or ultra marathons – the KOTR 2012 is the event for you.

For more details, here is the Press Release of the race plus some pictures taken during the launch:


Crowned King and Queen of KOTR to represent the Philippines in the KOTR Southeast Asia Championship in Singapore

Manila, Philippines – Now on its 14th year, adidas invites runners from all over to join this year’s adidas ‘King of the Road’ (KOTR) on September 30 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

This year’s race will have three categories – 5K, 10K and 16.8K.

For the 16.8K distance, there are two sub categories – the ‘Closed’ category for Filipino nationals and the ‘Open’ category for all nationalities. The top male and female winners from the 16.8km Closed category will be hailed as the Philippines’ ‘King and Queen’ of the Road and will qualify for an all-expense paid trip to Singapore on October 28 to compete in the adidas KOTR Southeast Asia Championship.

“The adidas King of the Road is a platform that allows runners to achieve their personal best. As a global leader, adidas continuously provides top of the line products, technology, and events that support runners to be the best they can be,” says Jason Gervasio, adidas Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager.

Demonstrating the brand’s exceptional commitment to the sport, the first adidas KOTR Southeast Asia Championship, held last year, unified runners from all around the region. The event had participants from the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia all competing in a bid to be crowned as the adidas SEA ‘King of the Road’.

The Philippines was chosen as the first country to host the culminating activity of the Southeast Asian championship race in October 2011. Similar to last year’s KOTR, multi-color adidas singlets will display the vibrancy of running as a sport across the region.

Continuing the tradition of pushing people to achieve their personal breakthroughs, the global brand brings the KOTR SEA Championship Year 2 to Singapore.  The race will begin and end in the lion city’s newest iconic landmark – the Gardens by the Bay. Around 12,000 runners are expected to participate as adidas aims to gather the best of the best from five countries to run by Singapore’s newest 100-hectare park.

To join the race:

  • Register online for the adidas King of the Road 2012 from July 25 to September 15 ( or
  • Visit any of the 5 KOTR registration sites from July 25 to September 23: adidas Megamall, adidas Rockwell, adidas SM Mall of Asia, adidas Trinoma, and adidas Greenbelt. Registration sites are open 7 days a week from 12NN to 8PM.

Race fees are as follows: Php 1,050.00 for 5km and 10km; Php 1,300.00 for 16.8km.
For news and updates on KOTR, visit the adidas Philippines Facebook fanpage (

The bubbly Ms. Tessa Valdes (in her “Adidas” outfit) titillates the crowd with her wit and humor.

Yours truly on the big screen

L-R: Jay (KOTR Race Director), Iman, Justine and Pedz (the Running Atom)

The 2012 KOTR singlet designs

With Ms. Tessa Valdes herself

Adidas KOTR 2011: A Late Post

I’ve read the mostly rave reviews written about last Sunday’s Adidas KOTR that i almost forgot to write about it myself. And in all honesty, i didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Not one of those rave races i’m proud of, a case of running in a well-organized race participated in by a bad performer, yours truly!

High on Cobra before the race

Just had a 2 hour sleep the night before and i was yawning all throughout the car ride until we reached BGC at 4:30 am. Not a good sign. So i yanked open a Cobra Energy Drink bottle, the green limey-tasting one which i thought would keep me perked-up. It actually did. It mounted my bladder real quick that i had to go to the john to relieve myself twice before the race  and figured that was the last of it. I figured wrong.

Didn’t have much going for most of the time i was on the race route. I was running like a zombie, if there ever was one. 🙂 I couldn’t concentrate as my mind was wandering off somewhere. My stride and form was far removed and i would only get the jolt whenever someone on the other lane would greet and shout my name. Worst, i felt the extra gas and liquid in my bladder that i had to make two more pit stops, one at the BGC triangle and the other somewhere along Buendia Avenue. I didn’t know what drinking a full bottle of Cobra before a race can do to your sac but was aware that this 16.8 race was going to be a sour run!

The last 200 hundred meters. (Thanks BroJ for the pic)

Timmy (wearing the black singlet) was pacing with me during the last 2 kilometers (Thanks to ARC for the pic)

True, i crossed the finish line in about 2:04 and change, the slowest 16k i had so far. LOL! Except for s slight sore left heel, i didn’t feel any tiredness or other body aches after the race.

It’s been an easy week for me after the race, some easy runs and will visit the gym more often at 360. I had just registered for the Run United 3 this coming November and have aimed to run the 32k in preparation for my 1st marathon for 2012, the Condura Skyway Run.

See you all on the roads!

With the UP Heartbreakers after the race

Breakfast at "Something Fishy"

Celebration at Betty and Rals' pub

UP aNR: Heartbreakers!

We’re still in a frenzy after sweeping 1st place in all events at yesterday’s Adidas Adination of Runners (aNR) 2nd 5th Sunday Run at Eastwood City. And the whole aNR Heartbreakers Team are still basking on the dramatic race finish wherein our last male relay runner, Blackjack boldly nipped the lead runner a few meters from the finish for a grand slam win!

The Team Relay is probably the most exciting and competitive event and after winning first place finishes in the male and female individual 5k race and bagging 1st in the Women’s relay a few minutes after, we were now set to win the last event, the Male 5k relay.

It wasn’t easy at the outset when Anthony, our first runner came only in 3rd or about 15 seconds behind the leading runner from the  BHS group. The same order of runners followed with our 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners now tailing the BHS group by about 30 seconds.

However, Team Heartbreakers was not to be denied as anchor leg Blackjack staged a courageous sprint surging past the BHS runner at the finish winning by a mere second or two.

This is our second over-all championship after winning all categories in last January’s inaugural aNR 5th Sunday run at Resorts World. It was a great day with another set of trophies (and cash) for our team.

1. Gerald de Asis — 1st Place
2. Rey Santos — 4th Place
3. Noel Castillo
4. Romy Doctolero
5. Edwin Reyes
*Reserve: Louie Lopez, Hendy Cheung

1. Janette Lumidao — 1st Place
2. Jomarie Allyson — 3rd Place

1. Anthony Aserdano
2. Charles Reyes
3. Louie Mar Estrella
4. Ronnie Valentin
5. Greg Ebina
*Reserve: Carlo Molod

1. Grace Parcon
2. Jappy Villasanta
3. Marydel Parcon
4. Pinky Roque
5. Mariflor Embuscado

Team Heartbreakers

Posing near the Adidas store

Celebrating our victory!

Our Team Leaders KB, Glo, Nick and myself would like to thank Team Heartbreakers for their full support, unity and for making our group one happy family.

We also congratulate the other aNR groups of BHS, Ortigas, Tiendesitas, Ayala Tri, MOA and Alabang for their camaraderie, friendship and sportsmanship and giving their best for this event.

Till next August in Alabang!

Re-Grouping For The 2nd aNR 5th Sunday Run

We are now just 3 weeks away from the 2nd Adidas 5th Sunday Run on May 29 at Eastwood City. Our Adidas Adination of Runners (aNR) group in U.P. is presently gearing up for this race and we’re all in high spirits. The group is in the midst of their speed session phase and in about a week from now, we’re be having our final line-up of runners for the 5k male and female relay and individual events.

Ronald Salgado (2nd from left) of UP, aNR getiing ready for the relay start during the 1st 5th Sunday Run

During the 1st 5th Sunday Run last January 30, 2011 at the Resorts World in Pasay, our group emerged as Champions in the both men and women relay teams, aside from bagging 1st and 2nd for the individual male 5k run while snatching 1st and 3rd place for the women 5k individual race.

For the May 29 event, there will be some slight changes on our line-up but we still expect it to be a “lean and mean” team that can still give the other aNR groups a run for their money.

The UP aNR group

Also, the UP aNR group will be sporting their new get-up which i hope will be ready before race day. It looks something like this:


We’ll be there in full force cheering and giving encouragement for our team.

Go, heartbreakers!:-)

Co-Team Leader KB Runner recieving his Adidas supply

See you May 29

Runners in Quezon City can still join the UP group by attending its Tuesday sessions, 6:30pm in front of Bahay ng Alumni Building, UP campus.